3M United Kingdom Case Study


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3M United Kingdom Case Study

Company Name 3M United Kingdom
Type of Industry Technology
Headquarters 3M Centre, Cain Rd, Bracknell RG12 8HT, United Kingdom
Sales/Revenue $24.5 billion
Area Served Worldwide
Number of Stores NA
Competition amazon.com, allheart.com, ekohealth.com, ashanging.com
USP Diversified product range
Target Group Individuals and corporations
Products Various technological and innovative products like PELTOR Tactical earplugs, Aura disposable respirators, Nose indicator etc.
Website www.3m.co.uk

3M United Kingdom Introduction

The British science-based technology giant, 3M United Kingdom has been able to expand its business on a global basis reaching out to different customer segments and catering to the needs of its stakeholders. The primary mission of the Company is to improve the lives of its stakeholders (including customers) and this mission has enhanced the reputation of the Company as a socially responsible business entity. A SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the Company is essential to strengthen the 3M United Kingdom case study and to determine how the Company is operating within a given business environment adapting to different business challenges. It is in order to appraise the efficacy of the business position of 3M United Kingdom that the 3M United Kingdom case study has become an imperative.

3M United Kingdom SWOT Analysis

The primary strength of 3M United Kingdom, as revealed by the 3M United Kingdom case study, is its wide business expansion. The Company, as a conglomerate, operates in different fields, including electronics, security, office, health care, transport, manufacturing etc, and this diversification has added to the business growth and development of the Company in a thorough manner. The huge size of the organization is also a strength that should be thoroughly considered. Moreover, implementation of innovation is yet another strength of 3M United Kingdom. The Company’s significant global reach coupled with a sound supply chain should also be considered a primary strength of the Company. Furthermore, brand equity is something that should be considered as one of the primary strengths of 3M United Kingdom. It should also be noted that the establishment of strong distribution channels globally has added to the strength of the Company in a thorough manner.


Though diversity is a strength for 3M United Kingdom, the same is also a weakness of the Company. This is pivotally because diversity compels the Company to compete in different sectors and such competitions always pose serious threats to the Company’s business on a global basis. Moreover, as the 3M United Kingdom case study reveals, diversification has also paved the way for emergence of multiple competitors for 3M United Kingdom and such competition has the potential to weaken the modes of operation of the Company explicitly. Besides, lack of focus on core business owing to diversification is yet another weakness of 3M United Kingdom.


The natural growth in the market provides opportunities to 3M United Kingdom to desire for business growth and development on a global basis. Penetration into different industries has provided ample opportunities to the Company to gain profit and sustain profitability amidst volatile economies. The spree of new product development has also provided opportunities to the Company to diversity its business in a thorough manner. Moreover, the 3M United Kingdom case study reveals that there are opportunities for the Company to expand to other countries apart from the countries of operation and penetrate into new markets, exploring profitability in a thorough manner.


One of the primary threats to the business of 3M United Kingdom is the emergence of multiple competitors on a global basis. Another serious threat to the Company is political issues. In this respect it should be noted, as revealed by the 3M United Kingdom case study, that the diversified political conditions in the countries of operation can eventually render negative impact on the Company’s business. Political instabilities also pose a serious threat to the Company’s global business. Currency fluctuation is yet another threat to the Company’s business as it operates in multiple countries worldwide and it has a diversified product portfolio in different countries.

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3M United Kingdom PESTLE Analysis

To make sure that the completion of the 3M United Kingdom case study is done effectively, it becomes an imperative to conduct a thorough analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments in which 3M United Kingdom operates. Evaluation of the aforesaid factors against the backdrop of some precise environmental factors will provide a deeper insight into 3M United Kingdom’s global business position.

Political Environment

The political environment impacts largely on the business of 3M United Kingdom. In this respect it should be noted, as revealed by the 3M United Kingdom case study, that owing to operating in multiple countries, the Company is always at risk of facing problems cropping from changing political attitudes of the respective countries. Moreover, it has been observed that political reforms in different countries of operation in both the short- and long-run can eventually pose serious threat to the stability of 3M United Kingdom’s global business.

Economic Environment

Economic environment plays a crucial role in determining the fate of 3M United Kingdom’s business in different countries. Currency fluctuations, for instance, as revealed by the 3M United Kingdom case study, may impact negatively on the business of 3M United Kingdom as such fluctuations in the long-run can cause downturn in the Company’s global business. Moreover, currency fluctuation is an economic issue that can also disrupt the stable supply chain arrangement of the Company on a global basis. Besides, lack of opportunity of monopolizing its business in a particular country should also be considered as a serious economic issue that has the potential to impact on the revue earning process of the Company in a negative manner.

Social/Socio-Cultural Environment

It should be noted that the demographics of the population which is served by 3M United Kingdom (on a global basis) impact upon the business of the Company in a thorough manner. Because of the fact that the Company operates in multiple sectors, it can often become challenging to cater to the specific needs of specific demographic segments, and this can add to the weakness of the Company in the long-run, and this has been thoroughly revealed by the 3M United Kingdom case study. But it should be noted that keeping in mind the need of impacting the society positively, 3M United Kingdom has strived for establishing itself as a socially responsible Company. In this respect it should be noted that through investing in programs protecting human rights and through encouraging sustainability governance, the Company has been able to contribute to the process of social development in a thorough manner (3M, 2019).

Technological Environment

Technological advancements achieved by the competitors have forced 3M United Kingdom to develop a strategy of becoming more innovative in terms of product design and distribution. Moreover, as the 3M United Kingdom case study reveals, opportunities provided by low cost of technology diffusion on a global basis should be grabbed by the Company to gain the competitive advantage in the long-run.

Legal Environment

The presence of intellectual property laws and other data protection laws has helped the Company to expand its business on global basis without much worry. Moreover, through complying with anti-discrimination laws of countries of operation, 3M United Kingdom has been able to establish itself as an impartial and fair employer.

Environmental Factors

To ensure a greener economy, 3M United Kingdom has strived for establishing its business operations on the basis of the philosophy of environment protection. In this regard the Company’s sustainability and corporate governance efforts deserve special mention. The very purpose of the Company’s business, improving lives of each and every stakeholder (3M, 2019), in itself a factor that contributes to the agility of the Company to strive for sustaining customer-orientation through ensuring eco-friendly business practices.


The 3M United Kingdom case study has revealed that the Company has been able to establish its market reputation through investing in social and environment needs. Both the SWOT and PESTLE analyses did suggest that 3M United Kingdom is continuing to emerge as a leader within its industry, promoting itself as a customer-oriented, environmental-friendly, and legally correct business entity.


3M (2019). 3M Sustainability. Retrieved August 12, 2019, from https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/sustainability-us/annual-report/

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