A1 Steak Sauce Case Study


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A1 Steak Sauce Case Study

Company Name

A1 Steak Sauce

Type of Industry

Food Processing





Area Served


Number of Stores



Heinz 57, Lawry’s



Target Group

Meat lovers





A1 Steak Sauce Introduction

A brand of steak sauce produced by Kraft Foods, A1 Steak Sauce has gained popularity not only in the United Kingdom but in North America too, in a thorough manner. The effective marketing strategy of Kraft Foods has allowed the growth and expansion of A1 Steak Sauce globally. A SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the A1 Steak Sauce is essential to strengthen the A1 Steak Sauce case study and to determine how the product is operating within a given business environment, adapting to different business challenges. It is in order to assess the effectiveness of the business position of A1 Steak Sauce that the A1 Steak Sauce case study has become essential.

A1 Steak Sauce Swot Analysis

The A1 Steak Sauce case study should be started with a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of A1 Steak Sauce. This beginning is needed to make certain a logical flow in the A1 Steak Sauce case study.


The primary strength of A1 Steak Sauce, as the A1 Steak Sauce case study reveals, is the brand image of the product. Being a high quality product, A1 Steak Sauce has been able to sustain its market reputation on a global basis. It should be noted that the lack of considerable competition in the market (which is only limited to competitors like Heninz 67, Lawry etc) has also added to the strength of A1 Steak Sauce in terms of gaining market hold in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Moreover, owing to the fact that the product enjoys the largest percentage of market share in the steak sauce industry, the strength of the product has increased gradually. It should also be noted that A1 Steak Sauce has gained the attention of global customers in terms of relating the product to barbeque foods like steak, and this attention has contributed to the growing strength of A1 Steak Sauce.


The limitation of the association and utility of A1 Steak Sauce should be considered its primary weakness. In this respect the A1 Steak Sauce case study reveals that as the product is only associated with steak and other barbeque foods; its utility is often undermined by the global consumer sections. Such confinement has added to the weakness of A1 Steak Sauce and such weakness, in turn, has made it difficult for the product to indulge in brand extension. Moreover, infrequent consumption of the product also adds to its weakness. In this respect it should be noted that as the A1 Steak Sauce is only associated with hamburger, steak and other related foods; its overall consumption is quite limited. Furthermore, the small serving size of bottle of A1 Steak Sauce is also one of its weaknesses.


A1 Steak Sauce has the opportunity to strategically place itself in the Asia Pacific market with emerging economies. Moreover, the A1 Steak Sauce case study reveals that the product has the opportunity to expand its global brand image through associating with television programs on cooking. It should also be noted that there is ample opportunities for A1 Steak Sauce to sponsor food cooking shows on the television and on the web.


The stiff competition from Lawry’s should be considered as a threat to A1 Steak Sauce’s global business. Moreover, it should be noted that the pricing strategy of major competitors should also be considered a threat to A1 Steak Sauce’s business. Besides, as the A1 Steak Sauce case study reveals, the rise in the price of beef also poses a serious threat to the business of A1 Steak Sauce.

A1 Steak Sauce Pestel Analysis

To ensure that the completion of the A1 Steak Sauce case study is done efficiently, it becomes essential to conduct a thorough analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments in which A1 Steak Sauce operates. Evaluation of the aforesaid factors against the backdrop of some precise environmental factors will provide a deeper insight into A1 Steak Sauce’s global business position.

Political Environment

Political environment plays a crucial role in determining the fate of a business and its products. This holds true for A1 Steak Sauce. The A1 Steak Sauce case study reveals that the stable political conditions in the United Kingdom and in the United States (characterized by government stability) add to the advantage of A1 Steak Sauce, and this allows the product to sustain its popularity in the concerned countries.

Economic Environment

The economic environment plays a vital role in product promotion on a global or regional basis. It should be noted that factors like currency stability and degree of government interference in the free market contribute largely to the process of determining the fate of a business or product. In this respect one must take into account the fact that relative stability in the US Dollar has boosted the business of A1 Steak Sauce across the United States. But on the other hand, the economic volatility triggered by BREXIT has impacted negatively on the business of A1 Steak Sauce in the United Kingdom.

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Social/Socio-Cultural Environment

Appeasing the socio-cultural demands of the consumers, A1 Steak Sauce has succeeded in maintaining its quality throughout. It should be noted that that British and American culture demands for foods like steak and other barbeque styled items. This cultural demand has allowed A1 Steak Sauce to reach to more customers and to thereby experience expansion in the business. Also, it should be noted that the demographic factor has also played a vital role in expanding the business avenue for A1 Steak Sauce.

Technological Environment

The investment made by Kraft Foods in the sphere of research and development (R&D) has allowed A1 Steak Sauce to go through different phases of technological advancements. Such process of product development has ensured the quality of A1 Steak Sauce and has paved the way for the expansion in the business of the product in a thorough manner. Moreover, it has also been observed that the gradual evolution of the product from a steak oriented to other food focused product should also be considered as an outcome of the technological advancements experienced by the food industry in recent years.

Legal Environment

Strong compliance with laws ensuring transparency in supply chain and labor practices has made A1 Steak Sauce a quality product for ages. This has also contributed to the rise in its business on a global basis. Moreover, strong government oversight has also made A1 Steak Sauce more legally compliant and quality conscious.

Environmental Factors

The initiatives on the part of the parent company to promote food safety have made A1 Steak Sauce an eco-friendly product. Moreover, sustainable business practices promoted by Kraft Foods have also impacted positively on the brand image of A1 Steak Sauce in a thorough manner (Kraft Heinz, 2018).


The A1 Steak Sauce case study has revealed that the product has been able to establish its market reputation through investing in social, legal, and environment needs. Both the SWOT and PESTLE analyses suggested the fact that A1 Steak Sauce is continuing to emerge as a leader within its industry, promoting itself as a customer-oriented, environmental-friendly, and quality-conscious food product.


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