Archaeology Dissertation Topics


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The archaeological studies are essential for understanding the past of human civilisation while drilling hopes for potentialities that is open for the future endeavours. Archaeological dissertations idea has attracted attention of researchers world over with president number of researches conducted on archaeological dissertation topics. The hesitation will be initiated within introduction chapter providing for theoretical background and Research aim and purpose. The 2nd chapter will consist of literature review outlining the major concepts and theoretical models and theories propounded by eminent scholars in the respective field of research. The third chapter will focus on research methodology that will be incorporated in the study with data analysis forming the next section of the study. The conclusion will succeed it by a list of recommendations by valid results derived from the data analysis.

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 1:

The African Burial Ground - an archaeological and cultural rejoinder

Topic Description: African burial ground in lower Manhattan considered to be a site of mass burial lacked credentials backing to prove it so. The dissertation focuses on the impact of a visitor centre that can be opened and role of archaeology plays an integral part in reclaiming the history of Afro-American New York community. Research methodology will be meticulously selected from the availability of primary and secondary sources. The dissertation team comprising of group of experts are well versed with handling critical archaeological topics providing well researched and structured study to understand importance of African burial ground as an essential piece of Afro American history.

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 2:

Sutton Hoo revisited - a comparative study with Swedish burial grounds.

Topic Description: The Sutton Hoo which was one of the richest historical sites for burial in England is an important archaeological site which provides a glimpse of society prevalent in the times of Raedwald. The dissertation will make a comparative analysis of finding at Sutton Hoo to that of Vendel and Vasgard, Sweden. The study will take into consideration International views to understand patterns of sea trading existing and 6 and seven century. The team of expert are well qualified to bring forward and extensively researched study relating to comprehensive archaeological studies about Sutton Hoo.

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 3:

Archaeological digs at Norwich Cathedral 1987-88 and 2001-2007: A review.

Topic Description: Norwich is one of the important mediaeval cities in England boosting of Cathedral and many churches. The archaeological findings from the site in and around the cathedral in Norwich are one of the important discoveries, and the review of techniques will provide crucial historical information regarding England's most magnificent cathedrals. The study will incorporate primary findings and interviews incorporating people involved in the excavation process. The expert team is well capable of conducting thorough, comprehensive research bringing out a well-structured dissertation regarding essential excavation discoveries relating to Norwich Cathedrals.

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 4:

Canal archaeology: A modern-day archaeological gem waiting to be discovered.

Topic Description: The emergence of canal and inland waterways as holiday destinations has gained prominence in England and Wales. The dissertation will work towards providing an opportunity that can be used by the archaeologist for embarking upon programs of restoration by Cotswold canal trust. The dissertation will incorporate secondary sources and primary sources for understanding the perspective relating to contemporary workers related to Canal system. The expert team is well apt to undertake studies regarding Canal archaeology and bring forward a well formulated and research topic serving academic purposes.


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Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 5:

How much can we infer about the lives of an ancient civilisation based on their burial sites?

Topic Description: The burial site proves to be critical archaeological sites which provide a comprehensive glimpse of lives in ancient civilisation. The dissertation study proposes to undertake secondary methodology to understand significance of burial site in providing insight into lives of people living in the past. The dissertation team comprises of Writers who ponder deep into the subject to bring interlinking the significance of burial sites in providing inside view related to life of people in ancient civilisation. The resultant outcome of the efforts from writer will be a well Research and structured dissertation which will set an exemplary work on the related topic.

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 6:

Do archaeological finds reveal huge differences in societal behaviours when compared to modern civilisations?

Topic Description: The archaeological findings can serve the purpose of producing a comparative analysis regarding changes in the social behaviour in the modern civilisation. The dissertation will undertake secondary research methods 2 make a thorough, comprehensive analysis regarding the paradigm changes that has been what about in the modern social behaviour through archaeological findings. The expert team is capable of producing well documented comparative analysis which will help in revealing the distinctions prevalent in the social behaviour in modern Civilization throughout archaeological findings.

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 7:

Design an effective method for preserving dig sites in unstable areas and areas with poor weather conditions.

Topic Description: The reservation of archaeological sites is essential especially when excavations are done in unstable area or areas facing extreme or poor weather conditions. The definition will focus upon secondary and primary devising and effective method that can be utilised for preserving excavation sites from potential damages the study will present recommendations from data analysis which can be used as a guideline for future studies in the related field. The expert writers will help in providing well-researched dissertation which will be presenting an impressive study outlining the effective methods that can be implied for preserving excavation sites.

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 8:

Between freeze drying and dehydration, show which method is best for preserving sites containing perishable items such as body matter and plant materials.

Topic Description: It is essential to understand important Paradigms of archaeological preservations such as freeze-drying and dehydration which can be applied to body matter and plant materials for preserving. The dissertation will undertake extensive study of secondary sources to understand movable method of preservation that can be used for preservation of body metals and plant materials. The writers will provide an in-depth analysis of bringing forth a comparative analysis that will help in understanding the best method of preserving sites which consist of items like body matter and plant materials

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 9:

Of Agrarian Landscapes and Capitalist Transitions: Historical Archaeology and the Political Economy of a Nineteenth-Century Farmstead

Topic Description: The study of historical archaeology provides important outcomes related to transition from agriculture to capitalism and industrialisation. The dissertation study will evaluate secondary sources available on historical perspective which provides view of change in the historical archaeology and political economy. The writers are well experienced in handling topics on historical archaeology which will fulfil all the requirements of the study 2 bring a brief analysis about changes from agrarian society to a capitalist society in Farmstead in the 19th century.

Example Archaeology Dissertation Topic 10:

The Urban Landscape of Health, Hygiene, and Social control: The Development of Urban Services Battle Creek, Michigan.

Topic Description: The archaeology provides an Insight into understanding urban landscape and progress of urban services in Battle Creek, Michigan. Archaeological development and urban services can be a useful source of information which can be utilised for preparing a dissertation interlinking the impact of urban landscape on health, hygiene and social control. The study will present recommendations based on the data analysis derived from the study of secondary resources. The team of expert writers will help in providing a well-structured and research study relating to urban initiation services and interlink it with findings Battle Creek Michigan and its impact on health, hygiene and social control.

The archaeological dissertation topics are one of the most research topics as it provides a deep insight into study of ancient civilisations and also helps in understanding transitions to modern civilisation. The archaeological dissertation titles vary from understanding viable methods of preservation of excavation sites true understanding transitions of ancient agrarian society to modern capitalist society. The expert writer will provide well analysed and evaluated study which will help in achieving academic purposes as outlined by the University. The dissertation will serve to fulfil the requirements of master’s level work and help the student to score good credentials.

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