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If you want to become a profound artist your dissertation can make you stand out from the rest. It should be something fresh through which you can represent your ability to conduct an original and independent study in the field of arts. Your art dissertation title, therefore, plays a crucial role in setting your path to success. It should be able to reflect your ideas and innovations in your field of study whether it be visual arts, music, drama, paintings, designs or fine arts. Below are 10 intriguing art dissertation topics that can help you in narrowing down your research scope.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 1:

The transition from symbols to images of Buddha in early Indian art.

Topic Description: This dissertation is an exploratory study on the evolution of the Buddha image from the symbols that were originally used to represent it. The nature of the symbols such as the footprints, tree, wheel and the Stupa that originally indicated his magnificent presence is examined and compared to that of the images such as the Gandharan and the Mathura. Also, how these early changes are recognised today and what were the reasons behind these evolutionary changes are also observed. The facts and data for this dissertation are collected by performing extensive research of the available literature about the early periods of India.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 2:

Perceptions of Pop Art: The view and American septuagenarians.

Topic Description: The origin of American pop art can be traced from the 1950’s. But, it was until the early 1960’s that it got recognition as ‘pop’ art. The American pop art was significantly a lot more different than the British pop art in terms of tone and subject matter. This dissertation explores the perspectives of American septuagenarians on pop art in terms of how they identify it. The data for the dissertation is collected from interviewing 20 American septuagenarians since they were in their twenties at the time when American pop art gained momentum and saw the rise of great pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 3:

The legacy of art philanthropy: a case study of John Davan Sainsbury, Baron of Preston Candover.

Topic Description: This dissertation provides a deep insight into the philanthropist efforts in the art by the Sainsbury family. Over the last three decades, 18 members of the family have set up 19 trusts, a benchmark for Britain philanthropy. The Sainsbury family had made a lot of contributions in order to restore and conserve art. Whether it is the British Museum or the National Gallery, Lord Sainsbury has made remarkable donations which are examined in this paper. Also, the many factors that inspire such philanthropic acts such as tax advantages, self-glorification or a desire to support social progress are also addressed in this paper. Accordingly, the Sainsbury family’s approach to philanthropy is highlighted.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 4:

Balletic influence in the posing of Jean Antoine Watteau's figures.

Topic Description: Artworks by Jean Antoine Watteau represent a profound influence of the theatre, opera, ballet and music. This dissertation explores the extent up to which his paintings demonstrate ballet poses. It has been observed that his paintings display momentary images representing several aspects of opera such as dance, costumes, decorations and singing. This dissertation identifies his attempts of honouring the different genres such as poetry, music, dance, ballet and painting by transposing one form of art to another. Additionally, the paper also analyses the arrangements of lifeless objects such as trees in his famous artworks.


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Example Art Dissertation Topic 5:

Is the transition to digital films affecting the cinematic art adversely? Are they really wiping out the pleasure of watching movies?

Topic Description: The cinematic industry today has completely changed with the emergence of digital media technology. This dissertation examines the emerging digital videos, HDTV, satellite-streaming and new technologies of distribution and storage of media. Not only this, the filmmaking process of visualization, dramatization and editing has also gone to significant changes. On this background, an analysis on the enhancement of artistic expressions is carried out and its impact on the viewers is explored in this paper. Data for the same has been collected through surveys conducted among people of varied age groups and their perception of the changing media industry are recorded.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 6:

Can video games be considered a fine art?

Topic Description: ‘Are video games art?’ This has been a significant topic of debate among the art critics for over years. At a place where some consider video games as a primary source of information as well as an artistic medium other groups of critics comments that video games lack an authorial vision and hence they should not be considered as art. This dissertation gathers evidence for both sides of the argument in order to provide an insightful picture of it and examines video games on the basis of aesthetic, historical, representational institutional and expressive theories of art. Finally, it presents a critical analysis of the results.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 7:

Counteractions: Resisting and Embracing Globalization in Contemporary Public Art.

Topic Description: Globalisation has influenced various aspects of all societies such as politics, economy, academics and even art. Although the economic aspect of globalisation is mostly in the limelight its significant influence on public art is often ignored. This paper is an investigative study performed to address the impact of globalisation on contemporary public art in terms of its production, distribution and consumption using the case studies of public art projects globally. Also, the dissertation highlights the potential benefits due to such an impact on the public art in terms of change in meaning, content and purpose.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 8:

Depictions of Cute Young Women in Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture

Topic Description: This dissertation examines the change in contemporary Japanese art. There were times when the contemporary art depicted the Pacific War and the trauma caused due to it. For instance, the artworks of Takashi Murakami often depicted the feelings of anxiety. They highlighted the customs and culture of Japan with no representation of otaku culture and female domain. But the recent artworks of contemporary Japanese artists include depictions of cute young women who are regarded as the role models of the modern world with no feelings of anxiety and fear. In fact, kawaii is chosen by the artists to portray empowerment of both male and female characters.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 9:

The Spiritual Couple in Art: A Comparative Study of Three Artworks Using Examples from India, Europe, and America

Topic Description: The Spiritual dimension of life is noticeable everywhere and so in art. This dissertation investigates the emergence and role of spirituality in the art by examining the artworks from India, America and Europe. The changes in spirituality in the art are thus highlighted and the issues that are leading to such changes are described in the paper. The spiritual sides of the paintings and sculptures are explored through various book reviews, reflections and other pieces of literature in this area giving dimensions to the phenomena of spirituality in art.

Example Art Dissertation Topic 10:

Art in the business of saving the environment.

Topic Description: This study is conducted to find an answer to the following hypothesis - can artists save the world? Sustainable development is a major concern of today's society and it has been observed that over the course of last 5 years artists, writers, architects, actors and musicians all over the world are becoming a part of it. Eco-awareness has taken a huge momentum through artists. This paper examines the initiatives undertaken by various artists in different parts of the world and provides with an understanding to what extent their contributions can highlight the issues of climate change, global warming and sustainable development in the world.

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