Aussie Pooch Mobile Marketing Case Study


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Aussie Pooch Mobile Marketing Case Study

Company Name

Aussie Pooch Mobile

Type of Industry

Mobile dog-wash and grooming service


Queensland, Australia


‎$3million annual turnover

Area Served


Number of Stores

Operates mainly through franchisees


Jim's Dogwash and Hydrodog


Innovative, quality, and mobile services

Target Group

People who could afford the amount of 15$ – 30$ of money for their pet dog-care and grooming


Services like dog-washing, grooming etc.


Aussie Pooch Mobile Marketing Introduction

Australia’s most trusted dog washing expert, Aussie Pooch Mobile has emerged as a sustainable dog washing company across Australia. Every week the Company provides dog wash and grooming services to about thousands of dog in a passionate and dedicated way through experienced operators. A SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the Company is essential to strengthen the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study and to ascertain how Aussie Pooch is operating within a given business environment adapting to overcoming several different business challenges. It is in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategies of Aussie Pooch Mobile that the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study has become essential quite explicitly.

Aussie Pooch Mobile Marketing SWOT Analysis

The Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study should begin with a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of HSBC. This initiation is needed to ensure a logical flow in the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study.


The Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study reveals that the primary strength of the Company is its mobile service that caters to the needs of the customers at the convenience of their home setting. It has also been observed that keeping a price of service lower than its competitors is yet another strength of Aussie Pooch’s business. The Company provides additional services like aromatherapy and blow-drying, and this also adds to its strength. It should also be taken into account that Aussie Pooch Mobile has also added to the strength of its business operation by providing customers with additional information on dietary, skin care, grooming etc. Moreover, a friendly working environment should be considered as an added internal strength to the Company’s business. Also, it should be noted that a flat organizational structure has provided opportunities to Aussie Pooch Mobile to indulge in a flexible decision-making process, and this flexibility has added to the Company’s strength.


Aussie Pooch Mobile (APM), as revealed through the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study, suffers from certain weaknesses that seem quite inherent. APM has been struggling for long with its recruitment policies and processes, and this has rendered the Company some specific human resource management (HRM) related weaknesses. Moreover, the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study also reveals that till date the Company has been struggling with some specific franchise problems. In this respect it should be noted that franchise problems have given rise to some controlling problems and adding to these problems, the limited capacity of the Company’s trailers has made the situation graver.


Despite suffering from certain weaknesses, APM has got some specific opportunities to expand and develop its business. The Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study reveals that the overall growth experienced by the service industry on a global basis allows APM to expand its business both nationally and internationally. Moreover, it has also been observed that the growing demand of dog washing services particularly in Australia should also be considered as a business growth and expansion opportunity for APM. Furthermore, the changing household model, in which two or more people are working (having lesser time to spend on dog-care and grooming), also provides ample opportunity to APM for growth in the Australian market. 


Growing competition within the industry should be considered a great threat to APM. Moreover, being a domestic market-oriented Company, APM has shown lack of knowledge of the potential international market. This lack of knowledge should be considered a threat to the growth and prosperity of APM’s business. Also, the English trend of infrequent dog washing, that has a potential to intrude the Australian socio-cultural sphere, should also be considered a threat to APM’s business. Regulatory steps taken by the Australian government for creating bottleneck effects on the franchising sector in Australia can also pose serious threat to APM in the long-run.

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Aussie Pooch Mobile Marketing PESTLE Analysis

An effective completion of the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study asks for a thorough analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments in which APM operates. Assessing the aforesaid factors against the backdrop of some specific environmental factors will provide a deeper insight into APM’s business position in the Australian domestic market.

Political Environment

Political environment plays a decisive role in determining the fate of a business in a certain country or region. This truth is quite applicable to the business process of APM. It must be noted that certain franchise-related regulations and laws prevailing in Australia has been pointed out to be hindrances to the domestic business processes of APM. In both the short- and long-run the top management at APM must strive for formulating and implementing strategies to either cope with such changes in the political scenario or to overcome the offered hindrances. Moreover, it should also be noted that a stable political system and a stable government has provided opportunities to new market entrants in the realm of the concerned service sector and this can also be threat to business prosperity of APM.

Economic Environment

The economic environment of a country plays a crucial role in either adding to the prosperity of a business or to its woes. The emerging economic of Australia and the rise in the rate of disposable income within the Australian society has paved the way for APM to expand its domestic business in a thorough and rigorous manner. Such favorable economic condition has ensured sustainable revenue earning for APM. Moreover, from the economic perspective it can be said that APM has succeeded in blending the concepts of product, price, place and promotion in the right proportion and this has provided it with opportunities to expand into the extended service market (Saif, 2015). 

Social/Socio-Cultural Environment

The Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study reveals that the Company has succeeded in aligning with the socio-cultural needs of the targeted Australian customers. In this respect it should be noted that Australians, socially and culturally, believes in quality more than quantity, and as the motto of APM is to offer quality service to a limited number of customers; its appeal to the socio-cultural mindset of the targeted customer is quite thorough and pronounced. Moreover, providing animal care itself is a social responsible service, and this has also added to APM’s image as an ethical and empathetic business entity, catering to the needs of the animals.

Technological Environment

The availability of advanced technology to enhance the service sector in Australia has added to the business growth advantage for APM. In this respect it should be noted that the mobility that APM has attained in its service process has been an outcome of incorporation of advanced service technologies, and this incorporation has made it easier for APM to attract more potential customers in the long-run.

Legal Environment

APM operates its business in a legally compliant manner. This has added to the Company’s market reputation in a thorough manner. In this respect it should be noted that APM has been compliant with all the rules and regulations prescribed by the Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA) (Saif, 2015), and this has made its services more sustainable and legal.

Environmental Factors

The environmental factors have been playing a crucial role in helping APM spread its business across Australia. In this respect the Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study reveals the fact that the Australian government has identified the pet care service industry to be environment-friendly and this has added to the benefits of APM.


The Aussie Pooch Mobile marketing case study reveals has revealed that the Company has been rendering efforts to sustain its market reputation through investing in social, legal, and environment needs. Both the SWOT and PESTLE analyses conveyed the fact that APM is continuing to emerge as a leader within its industry, promoting itself as a Company indulging in sustainable business practices.


Saif, S. (2015). Aussie-Pooch Mobile. Retrieved August 8, 2019, from

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