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Bio-Medical Model of Health Essay Introduction

Biomedical model can be regarded as the measures that are taken on the part of doctors to identify the reason behind any disease. Here the focus is mainly over the biological reasons to understand the illness in a much better light. Doctors do not prefer to use any other methods like psychological and sociological. Under biomedical model the doctors consider the ill person to be a body that needs to be treated or examined. The illness or disease is basically treated through external measures independently. Treatment should take place in an environment where the doctors can use medical technology in a better way.

Bio-Medical Model of Health Essay SWOT Analysis


  • Sole focus of Biomedical Model of Health is over biological reasons that are responsible behind the respective illness
  • It focuses over adopting research rather than assuming that nothing can be done in respect to the illness
  • In the long run identifying the causes can be beneficial in terms of battling illness
  • This model research has provided the world with X-ray, anaesthetics and antibiotics (Ali and Gittelman, 2016)
  • Research have enabled to manage chronic conditions with medication successfully


  • It completely ignores other aspects namely, psychological and sociological
  • The model completely focuses on treatment only instead of concentrating over the preventive methods of illness (Yan et al. 2016)
  • Under this model, medical professionals are provided with too much power of operations
  • Involvement of professional health care personal along with technology makes it a costly model
  • The model encourages quick fix solutions related to health issues and are therefore, not suitable for long-term cure of diseases


  • The model can introduce much more advances in terms of technology and research in the health care sector
  • It can be regarded as the most effective method in the treatment of common problems


  • It is not essential that involvement of technology and professionals would always result in good health
  • Technology required for treatment like MRI machines and robotic surgery costs millions of dollars
  • The model cannot treat every health condition, especially when it comes to treating cancer

Biomedical model of health has enabled the medical facility to develop in the direction where the treatment of many diseases has evolved. Different technology has developed following this model namely X-ray machine, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and robotic surgery. History of these treatments can be considered as revolutionary in the medical field however, these technologies are too expensive to afford in terms of availment. According to Gyöngyösi et al. (2017), a limited number of people can access these kinds of treatments as these are expensive. The model's sole focus is on studying the biological reasons responsible for the treatment of any disease. On the other hand, the model completely negates involvement of sociological and psychological aspects that can be responsible or cause of illness.

However, at times these elements can be the reason behind illness of individual (Devlin et al. 2015). The model regards the individual as a body that is in urgent need of treatment and is treated accordingly. Prevention is not given any importance only treatment is the sole focus of the biomedical model. Treatment of chronic pain is now possible through medication as a result of research conducted by the medical professionals. The treatment of cancer is now possible still in many cases there is no cure. Research is still going on in terms of finding remedy to manage the pain among cancer patients.

Bio-Medical Model of Health Essay PESTLE Analysis


  • Government expenditure on healthcare in the year 2017 amounted £155.6 billion ( 2017)
  • The healthcare sector is mostly affected through change in tax legislation and insurance in UK
  • Healthcare is mostly provided to residents and non-residents through The National Health Service (NHS)


  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated almost 12.9 million of lack of healthcare workers by 2035
  • Increase in unemployment will result in people not able to pay for medical devices to the manufacturing companies


  • The healthcare industry completely rely over the changes due to demographics and public values
  • The medical professional need to focus more on the trending technologies and should be adaptive to any kind of changes in the healthcare sector


  • Healthcare service providers are opting for clinical collaboration solutions like in-room mobile technology
  • The modern healthcare IT infrastructure has made effective utilisation of point-of-care technology


  • The statutory instruments have been affecting the healthcare industry in the UK in general since 1987
  • Consumer Protection Act 1987 is mandate in UK which provides the right to consumers to claim for compensation, in case services offered are not up to the mark (, 2019)


  • The Climate Change Act 2008 has focused on the issue of sustainability for reducing the carbon footprint
  • On the basis of this, the UK Government has aimed at reducing carbon emission by 80% by 2050

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In context to political factors, it can be added that the amount that the Government of UK has spent on the health care sector is 79% of total healthcare expenditure. In context to technological advancements in the UK healthcare sector, it can be added that the in-room mobile technology enabled connection in between remote clinicians (Vayena et al. 2018). It is also estimated that by the year 2035, there will be almost 12.9 million lacks of healthcare personnel in the healthcare sector of UK ( 2017). This means there will reduce level of healthcare in the time to come.

Clinical collaboration solutions are providing better social and healthcare facilities to the public. Though advancement in the technology has enhanced the overall experience of the public still unemployment can be considered as a barrier in the entire process. In context to Consumer Protection Act 1987, it can be added that this legal consideration is a mandate even for the healthcare sector in UK. This is because this legislation enables a consumer or care seeker to claim for damage. However, Torchia et al. (2015) argued that in order for a person to claim for compensation, it is required by the service provider to operate under a brand name.


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