21 Types of Referencing Styles: Complete Guide

An essential segment of dissertation writing is to provide citations and references that can direct the readers to the original source of information. While we conduct our research, we collect sources from different locations such as books, journals, websites, research papers etc., but these sources do not belong to the author or the scholar. Obviously, he is referring to someone else’s work to develop his paper. One must acknowledge others work, ideas, and thoughts in a proper way using a typical citation style in your dissertation writing.

Referencing styles are established manuals and protocols. There are numerous of referencing and citation styles that you can use in your dissertation. Depending on your field of study, and the one that is widely used in your stream, you can choose a specific referencing style from the vast list.

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Read further to learn about the 21 referencing styles, practiced across the globe, to produce any kind of academic writing.

  1. AAA Style (American Anthropological Association)
    This documentation style is very much similar to the Chicago Manual of Style and is used by an anthropologist in the renowned American journals.
  2. ACS Style (American Chemical Society)
    The ACS style guide is an establishes a resource for those who study and teach chemistry. It is mainly to write, edit, review, and submit scientific scripts. The professional dissertation writers prefer using this format only for their dissertation writing.
  3. AIP Style (American Institute of Physics)
    The AIP style guide is mainly practised in Physics journals and scholarly papers. It is a numbered style where the references are numbered in hierarchal orders as appearing in the paper.
  4. American Antiquity Style-Society for American Archaeology
    The journals American Antiquity and Latin American Antiquity is written in the American Antiquity Citation Style, which was designed by the Society for American Anthropology
  5. AMS Style (American Mathematical Society)
    A mathematical citation style formulated by the American Mathematician Society that uses the # symbol in brackets to represent the sequence in which the citation is done in the paper.
  6. AP Style (Associated Press Style)
    The AP style manual is the basic guidelines used by the news agencies and other editorials in America. It is generally for the newspapers and other press releases.
    There are many online dissertation writing services that will give you a better understanding of this particular citation style.
  7. APA Style (American Psychological Association)
    It the most common citation style used by dissertation experts in the majority of the social sciences and natural sciences journals and documents.
  8. APSA Style (American Political Science Association)
    Used by a maximum of Political Science intellectuals, this referencing style can be seen in all the APSA journals.
  9. ASA Style (American Sociological Association)
    This citation manual is used by sociologists and dissertation writers in their journals and other academic papers.
  10. ASABE Citation Style (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers)
    This style can be used by professional dissertation writers and research scholars pursuing agriculture, biochemistry, and biosystems engineering. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers gave this style.
  11. ASME Citation Style (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
    Established by theby American Society of Mechanical Engineers, this referencing style is used by
    the scholars or dissertation writers of mechanical engineering in any kind of submissions, journals, conferences, or projects.
  12. Chicago Style
    The Chicago manual is one of the most important style guides created and maintained by the University of Chicago. Highly used by historians and dissertation experts in the field of arts and humanities, this manual is a must know.
  13. GSA (Geological Society of America) Style
    The GSA citation style is for those scholars who want to publish their papers in GSA journals. You can take the online dissertation help to write your geological submissions
  14. Hart’s Rules (Oxford Style)
    This Oxford’s referencing style also known as the documentary-note style is a note referencing system. It has two elements: Footnote Citation and Reference List. If you have to write your academic papers in this very citation style, you can seek online dissertation help in the UK.
  15. Harvard Style
    Also known as the parenthetical referencing, in this style, partial citations are enclosed within parenthesis and incorporated in the sentences either before or after it. You can approach dissertation writing services to resolve any query that you might have about this style guide.
  16. IEEE Style (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
    This style manual is particularly for technical subjects especially computer science and is practised on a larger scale. In this style, the references are numbered and the citation numbers are embedded in the texts in square brackets and not as subscripts. The bibliography is included in the last of the document, next to the citation numbers containing the complete list of references.
  17. MHRA Style (Modern Humanities Research Association)
    The MHRA citation style is widely practised by scholars, publishers, students, and editors in publication and submission mainly written in English. It is created by the Modern Humanities Research Association
  18. MLA Style (Modern Language Association)
    The MLA style is a literature favourite and is strictly followed in various language and literature papers. Dissertation experts also use this citation style in different other subjects of humanities.
  19. NLM Style (National Library of Medicine)
    NLM is an active participant of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO).  This style is used for the Library’s Medicine or PubMed database for all standard publications.
  20. Turabian Style
    The Turabian Style is accepted in all the papers of social sciences and humanities. It also has the possibility of using the author-date system along with specific notes and parenthetical references. The bibliography is written at the end of the dissertation paper, alphabetically.
  21. Vancouver Style
    Also known as the ‘author-number’ system it is used to give citations in academic dissertation writings. This style is practised by most biomedical and scientific journals.


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I believe, we have shared with you a complete guide of the different referencing styles that you can use in your relevant field of study and get started.

September 4, 2018

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