Top 15 Best Accounting Dissertation Topics for FREE

Choosing Accounting Dissertation Topics can be a tough job. The topic you choose needs to be related to the fundamentals of accounting and can either be challenged or corroborated. It should also have scope for further research at present.

There are many topics and sub-topics in accounting that can serve as good dissertation topics for college students – as long as the students have a broad idea of the scope of their research, and the learning objectives of their study level. It means that if you are an undergrad, your accounting dissertation titles will likely be different from the ones you should choose at the Masters level or the doctoral level.

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FREE Accounting Dissertation Topics List for you

1 A Comparative Evaluation Of The Success Of ‘Green’ Accounting Policy Within The Finance Departments Of Two Major Uk Universities
2 A Comparison Of Payback, Irr And Roi As Effective Capital Budgeting Techniques
3 A Comparison Of The Role Of Management Accounting Versus Financial Accounting In A Textile Factory Unit.
4 A Critical Audit Of The Financial Performance And Business Of Tui Travel Plc.
5 A Discussion On The Asset Liability Management In The Australian Banking Sector.
6 A Systematic Review Of The Financial Accounting Tools For Monitoring Liquidity Levels
7 An Analysis Of The Extent To Which Intellectual Capital Is A Hidden Value In Company Financial Statements With Reference To Nokia, Samsung And Microsoft
8 An Analysis Of The Value Relevance Of Accounting Information Within The Uk After The Adoption Of International Financial Reporting Standards
9 An Evaluation Of The Role And Effectiveness Of Audit Committees In India And Saudi Arabia: A Comparative Study
10 An Exploration Of Capital Budgeting Under Restraint In Developing Economies.
11 Capital Structure Determinants Of SMEs- The Case Of The Nigerian SME Sector.
12 How Is Risk-Based Auditing Different From Traditional Auditing?
13 Methods In International Accounting: A Comparison
14 Non-Profit Accounting: Financial Reporting Requirements – A Review
15 Valuation For Mergers And Acquisitions- The Major Determinants

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You can use directly propose these accounting research topics for the dissertation to your professor, or use them for reference purposes.

The accounting dissertation help experts suggest that you should pick up a topic that is familiar to you. Since you already know something about the topic, it will be easier for you to research on it and collect the relevant information for your writing.

A powerful dissertation topic is of current interest but not much written about in the recent past. You should also be able to find relevant literature easily. Accounting thesis can be written about international accounting standards, accounting regulations, the relationship between finance and accounting, and several other fields.

Accounting Dissertation Topics 

Some of the popular accounting fields in which students write dissertation are:

  • Management Accounting
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Auditing
  • Tax Accounting
  • Bookkeeping (including Electronic Bookkeeping)
  • E-Accounting or Online Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Ethics In Accounting

Accounting Dissertation Topics ideas

Pay attention to the dissertation requirements. Do you need to prepare a case study or a comparison? Do you need to come up with accounting dissertation ideas that are related to a specific country or a specific field? Will you need to conduct primary or secondary research for it?

You’ll need to a preliminary search on the accounting topics you have in mind, and check if you can:

  • Form 2-3 research questions on the topic,
  • Identify key literature resources for it,
  • Come up with an explanation for why you chose the topic, and
  • Devise a suitable methodology for it including how to obtain the raw sample and what will be it size, and the data collection method you will employ.

You can also choose a topic from amongst the free accounting dissertation topics mentioned above. Read through a few dissertation samples to get an idea on how your topic may pan out. Our dissertation help experts can offer you a free consultation on what kind of dissertation help you might need.

Now you are all set to submit your project.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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April 20, 2018

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