An Effective Guide to MBA Dissertation Writing

The successful completion of an MBA degree is marked by an ingenious dissertation. It somewhat stands as a challenge between the students and their dream career. Writing a dissertation demands time, commitment, and continuous efforts from the students. The purpose of MBA dissertation writing is not to scare or overburden the students. It rather allows them to think and find out an exciting niche for them as they will soon enter the business world. Researching gives them an opportunity to explore ideas and increase their knowledge beyond the books and classrooms.

But, do you know how can you write a perfect MBA dissertation? This 5-step guide from our dissertation writers in UK will help you systematize and succeed in your dissertation writing task:

Identify your Area of Interest – Writing the Dissertation Proposal

Find the best dissertation topic that not only sounds interesting to you but to your audience as well. Take plenty of time to brainstorm ideas for MBA dissertation writing. Read other published papers in that niche to refine your selection. Prepare notes regarding the titles that appeal to you. Once you finalize some topics, present them to your supervisor to get their opinions and approval. Prepare a dissertation proposal to include all the necessary information you have gathered about the topic and discuss the same with your supervisors. Choosing an interesting topic is crucial as it keeps your interest alive throughout the dissertation process.

An Outline is Important – Drafting the Dissertation

Before you actually jump into writing the very first chapter of your dissertation, make sure that you have planned where to go next. Creating an outline of your dissertation will give you a clear understanding of how your dissertation would look like after completion. Generally, an MBA dissertation includes the following chapters:

 The Abstract

 The introduction

 Literature review

 Research Methodology

 Result and analysis



List of Dissertation Chapters

With our MBA Dissertation Help, you can seek guidance on each and every aspect of your dissertation and plan your writing process.  Once you have a plan the flow of writing would not get interrupted much. You would know what are the main headings or paragraphs in a chapter. Hence, you’d be able to collect the relevant information, facts, and content accordingly. You can assign proper word limits to the headings. In this way, you would not have to find ways to unnecessarily expand the content.  

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The Art of Dissertation Writing

Everyone can tell you what to include in a dissertation. But a few will suggest how to actually write it. Our dissertation writers from UK always suggest ways to adopt an academic writing style and nail the dissertation writing process. Dissertation writing is not as difficult as the students perceive it. All that is requires is some preparation before you start writing the dissertation.

Moreover, our writers advice the students to proofread the content side by side as doing it all together might be hard. Also, once you start writing you will see how everything we suggest connects together. For example, if you choose a topic of your interest you would definitely comprehend the content well. If you have researched well for the dissertation you would know what words to choose and the quality of your content would automatically enhance.  

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References and Bibliography – an essential part of the Dissertation

Every institution follows a referencing style to present the reference list of the sources that one has referred to while preparing the dissertation. Hence, if you are referring some information or items from any source you must refer it or cite it accordingly. Otherwise, it can be counted as plagiarized content. Also, reference is done to acknowledge the writers whose content or ideas you have borrowed.

References act as evidence that claim your arguments. They show that you have profound knowledge about your niche. Apart from references and citations, you must include a bibliography at the end of your MBA dissertation to list all the materials that you have consulted while writing the dissertation.

Editing – Improve your Writing

Imagine you are a professor and you received a dissertation with no proper formatting, inconsistent headings, mistakes in the diagrams and tables, poor referencing, and spelling mistakes. Would you prefer giving it a glance? You should have an idea what examiners look for, in your dissertation. The presentation matters and so does editing the dissertation. Editing refines your dissertation. You get a chance to check the word limits, typography errors, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, the presentation, logic, and the overall content of the paper.

Read the paragraphs, the headings and references to fix the irregularities. Cross check the facts and figures to guarantee their correctness. Editing is not a one day task. Thus, make sure you have enough time for editing your dissertation so that you do not have to face the consequences of mistakes that you may commit while writing your dissertation.

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Good Luck for Your Exam!

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January 10, 2018

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