Most Popular Application Essay Topics

Your dream of getting admission in your favourite college is about to come true! All you have got to do is write a compelling Application Essay and impress the admission counsellors with your writing abilities. But wait! Do you have any intriguing application essay topic in mind? Many times the university or college might provide you with a topic of their own. No matter what the situation is, if you are familiar with some popular application essay topics, writing them will not be an issue. In this blog, you will find the best application essay topics that you can prepare to grab that admission opportunity. 

The purpose of Application Essays 

You might wonder how an essay can decide if you are eligible for a particular course. Well, an application essay plays a small yet important role in your admission. The application essay gives you a voice that will help the admission counsellors to take their decision. With the essay, you will get an opportunity to say what your application has not mentioned about you. 

The college or educational institution gets an opportunity to check a student’s writing skills and creativity. The admission counsellors get an idea about the students’ mindset, what are their preferences in life, what their outlook towards life is, what all they have experienced in life and what are the things that have shaped them as a person. In this way, the counsellors can decide whether a student will be able to connect with the campus communities and how well they will be able to utilize the campus resources. 

Most Popular Application Essay Topics for Students 

  1.   Do you have a hidden talent that can help you get admitted to this course? Share your story. 
  2.   Have you ever faced a setback in life? Talk about the challenges you faced and how you tackled them?
  3.   Have you ever questioned a belief? Explain how and why. 
  4.   Talk about the most important person in your life. Explain why that person is important for you. 
  5.   Discuss any accomplishment that made you feel proud of yourself. 
  6.   Discuss a book you love. 
  7.   Lessons that we learn in our life through the obstacles that we face. 
  8.   Discuss a topic that you are passionate about. 
  9.   Life of a high school student. 
  10.   Discuss your ethnic backgrounds or share a story that has made you what you are today.
  11.   Discuss a turning point in your life. 
  12.   A book that you would recommend everyone to read. 
  13.   What is in your bucket list? 
  14.   What are your goals in life? Discuss in details. 
  15.   Discuss a quote with which you relate the most. 
  16.   Introvert vs Extrovert – in which category would you place yourself. 
  17.   Do you believe in taking risks? Discuss a time when you have taken a risk. What was the outcome?
  18.   Why moral values are important in life?
  19.   What role do good habits play in your life? Describe what habits you have. 
  20.   Why morning rituals are important for every student. Describe your morning routine. 
  21.   What is the role of sports/ music/ theatre/ arts in your life? 
  22.   Discuss a speech or a TED talk that influenced you. 
  23.   How do you manage your anger? What are the things/ situations that make you angry? 
  24.   Discuss your favourite travel destination. 
  25.   Things that you want to accomplish in college. 
  26.   Things that you want to accomplish after college. 
  27.   Advice for a student who has just begun high school. 
  28.   Talk about the best advice that you have ever received. 
  29.   Talk about a movie that you liked the most and why. 
  30.   An experience that changed your life forever. 

Quick Tips on Writing an Application Essay 

  1.   Be Authentic 

You might wonder how you can establish your credibility in an application essay. Well, an application essay becomes authentic if you tell your own story. The admission counsellors have read thousands of essays before yours. So they will easily make out when you are telling truth or just making fake stories. 

  1.   Answer the Question Completely  

If your essay topic requires you to cover more than one aspect, make sure you are covering everything in your essay. You must clearly cover all the points so that the assessors can easily understand your perspective and connect with your story. 

  1.   Do not complicate  

If you think writing compound sentences, including complex vocabulary, will make it easier for you to get admission in your dream college, you are highly mistaken. The simpler you write, the better it will be for the assessors to understand your perspective. After all, intelligence is when you can explain a complex topic in a simple manner. 

Follow these tips and we are sure you will be able to craft an appropriate application essay. Looking for more application essay topics? We, at GoDissertationHelp, can help you write the best one! Connect with our professional essay writers and they will provide you with unique essays on any topic you mention. We also offer dissertation editing and proofreading services for you where you can get your own essays reviewed and enhanced. This isn’t it! Our dissertation writing services can be accessed 24/7 anywhere from the UK. So why delay your admission process? Connect with our writers today!

September 18, 2019

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