21 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics with a Writing guide

So you have been asked to write an argumentative essay and are clueless about picking a topic. Well, you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about it as there are various interesting things that you can write upon. Debating is the essence of many conversations that we have and is basically the presentation of various opinions

It is that skill which is brought into use while writing an argumentative essay. In case you are perplexed over suitable argumentative essay topics then we have a list compiled for your discretion.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is the death penalty an acceptable form of punishment?

Does the authority really have the right to take life and how it can put dread in a criminal’s heart or killing someone is simply unacceptable and has no impact on the crime rate?

  • Do school uniforms serve a purpose?

Are uniforms absolutely unnecessary and just a forced upon a rule or do they serve the purpose of equitability among students.

  • Is our tax system fair?

Does the government have no claim over the hard earned money of citizens or is the tax money crucial for the development of the state?

  • Can cell phones be dangerous for us?

Are cell phones the root cause of various health issues and causing mental stress or the issue does not lie in the phone but its usage.

  • Is the human race becoming too dependent on technology?

Has technology became a curse and made humans lazy and incompetent or has it enhanced our way of life and helped us do things quickly and more efficiently.  

  • Should there be a ban on smoking cigarettes?

Is it right for the government to encroach on someone’s personal preference to smoke or since tobacco is a dangerous substance, it needs to be officially banned.

  • Would call the present generation a more self-aware one?

Has the current generation progressed in terms of analyzing themselves and addressing issues that really matter in the society or are they lost and easily form opinions about things that they don’t have an understanding about?

  • Do youngsters really need curfew time?

Does curfew time actually regulate young people and prevent them from getting in trouble or is this a way just an unfair means to restrict their freedom.

  • Should sex education be made mandatory?

Will giving essential knowledge on the subject be useful for young adults and help them be safe or they are too young and not mature to be imparted this sort of information.  

  • Must there be a retirement age for politicians as well?

Is the current lot of politician the ideal choice to run the country as they have experience and understand governance well or do we need a younger brigade of politicians who are youthful and have better connections to the present scenario of the country.

  • Should creationism be a part of the academic curriculum?

Creationism being a debatable topic has both sides to the argument. While some believe that it has to be an accepted norm and taught to kids to root out ignorance, others don’t completely agree to it and have different theories related to creation.

  • Do beauty pageants give girls unrealistic standards?

You can speak against the notion saying should beauty pageants be only seen as an event or against it stating how they sow the seeds of a certain kind of beauty in young girls.

  • Is the legal drinking age fair?

If young adults are allowed to vote and elect who can govern them and even get married at a young age then why must the drinking age be higher or it is better than these folks abstain from such addictive things at a tender age.

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Best Argumentative Essay Topics

There are a lot of current issues that make for a great argumentative essay topic. Some of the selected ones that you can use for your essay are the following:  

  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Is our educational system in dire need of change?
  • Should our government provide citizens with free healthcare?
  • Is religion a root cause of war?
  • Are colleges way to expensive?
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Should exams be abolished till a certain grade?
  • Should gun control be implemented?

There is an ample amount of material that you can collect on these essays or dissertation topics to favor both sides of the argument. It also helps you see two different sides to the same issue, though often it’s not easier to write for them. Often students find it difficult to pen their thoughts advocating a notion. In such a scenario, instead of creating a forced essay, take expert dissertation help to resolve the issue. You can get in touch with our dissertation writers who are well versed with writing such argumentative essays.

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