Best 5 Ways to Compose an Introduction for Dissertation

An Introduction is the premier attraction for the reader in any form of writing, including the Dissertation. It is the Introduction that makes sure whether your reader will go through the rest of the content or not. It means if an introduction fails to capture the reader’s attention and ignite his or her curiosity about what comes next, all your hard work will go to waste.

In a dissertation, the first thing that a reader sees is its introduction. If it fails to convince the reader that the study is an important one and must be read, you lost your battle already.

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It is easier said than done. A lot of students find it cumbersome to express their thoughts in words. Playing with words is not their forte. In this article, we will focus on the art of writing a good introduction for a dissertation.

We do not want an introduction that will not leave your guide bewildered and lost as to what are you trying to get across. Our aim should be to devise a concise and crisp introduction that is worthy of the honour to be the first section of your dissertation thesis.

A thorough dissertation introduction writing will comprise of the following elements:

 Introducing the Introduction

To introduce the topic, you will first need to decide what all you’ll want to share about the topic in your Introduction. Ideally, the first 2-3 paragraphs should acquaint the readers with the topic. Ensure that when the paragraph ends, it smoothly transitions into another para which offers some more details about the topic.

 Setting up a Context

With the initial paragraphs of introducing a topic in place, the student should try and concentrate energies towards getting the backdrop of the topic highlighted. It should be a short but healthy review of what has happened till now and offers a preview of what is there to follow in the succeeding chapters.

 Iteration of the Problem

This statement should follow immediately after a deep thought in the context of the topic. This paragraph should again stress the introductory paragraph that we have already written. But this time, the statement problem should have more resonance and depth.

It will create a lasting impact on the reader while perusing through the following content. This trick will go a long way in making the reader understand the importance of writing the dissertation in the first place.

 Specifying the Aim and Objective

So, the problem has now been reiterated, and the reader is now engrossed in the flow of your thought process. Now is the time that you specify the aim of writing this thesis and what are the objectives that can be achieved with this thesis. It will prove an additional boost to the content and opens a clear path of understanding as to what you as a student are trying to achieve from the dissertation.

 Words that Convince

As we come to the closure of the dissertation introduction, you as a student should smartly wrap it up quickly. It should assure the reader that reading the successive material will open a collection of interesting matter and arguments that will engross the reader to go right up to completing the book.

These are some of the tested techniques that will enable students to outline their introduction professionally. Using these tricks will help the student evolve their method of writing. In fact, all these key points are very well be used by experts who provide dissertation writing services to students on a regular basis.

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There is a particular pattern that needs to be kept in mind keeping the flow and structure in place. A clear introduction always has the following parts:


How did you arrive to write on a specific topic? What are the steps for research methodology that will be undertaken by you? These are some of the points that will immediately attract the attention of the reader.

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Once you have cleared the methodology, you need to describe the scope of the topic. Ensure that you remain straight and clear when you define the topic of research.


You must convince the reader as to why research on the topic should be of importance. Make the reader understand the practicality of your approach to the research undertaken. Ensure that you stress the importance of its application.

 Countering problem statement

It is important to understand the challenges that a topic may bring forth, and use them as devices to describe the prime objective of your study. A reader should be made aware of the problems, and why the study is so critical to solving them.

 Making aware of the research design

One of the parts of the introduction will encompass the research design. Research designing will consist of how, who, when and where the research will be conducted. You as a writer should bring in the clarity to your guide who is reading to get an understanding as to how the research will be undertaken.

 Outline your dissertation

The outline is a quick overview of how your dissertation is structured. Summarizing each chapter in one whole paragraph should be the primary aim. Avoid repeating any phrases to instil uniqueness.

You may seek dissertation help from the professional dissertation writers who can help you draft a proper outline, and also edit and proofread your dissertation draft to make it look impeccable language-wise.

 Discuss the action plan

It is often seen that a good dissertation introduction writing process always includes a good action plan. It keeps the framework of the research intact and will also keep the reader aligned with your thought process – as you have already paved and shown a path to your readers as to how the research will be executed.

Ensuring the integrity of the introduction should be the focus to get the thought process of the reader to align with your reading. Introductory paragraphs are your make-or-break deal to keep the reader interested in delving further into the succeeding chapters. By following the above tips, you should be able to write a persuasive introductory paragraph that will help you clinch the readers’ interest and will also help you score that coveted grade that you so require to achieve academic success.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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April 30, 2018

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