40 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Have you ever compared two things before? For instance, comparing the food of two different restaurants or comparing the way two football teams play. You might have started with analyzing the dissimilarities between them or what things are common between them. In a similar way, you can prepare a compare and contrast essay. This blog will give you some good insights about the comparative essay topics.

What are Compare and Contrast Essays?

As a student, you will be getting hundreds of essay writing tasks throughout your academic career. You might already be aware of the different types of essays that are given to students like argumentative, narrative etc. Each type of essay has its own writing requirements. A compare and contrast essay as the name suggests explaining the ways in which two things are similar or dissimilar to each other. Such type of essays enables the readers to consider the pros and cons of two things so that they can choose one out of them. It can also give them information about the advantages and disadvantages of any two entities.

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Finding the right Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

1. Pick a Category

There can be so many objects, topics, and subjects to compare and contrast. The best way to filter out the best topics is to pick your genre. For instance, see if you are comfortable in writing an essay on Science, Literature, Social Media, Arts or Sports. There are numerous genres to choose from. So pick your category wisely.

2. Brainstorm the Right Topic

Since now you have decided a category, it is time to take note of the variety of subjects, objects, entities, theories etc on which you can prepare your comparative essay. The best way to do this is to make a list of the things that interest you. For instance, if you have chosen the Category of Sports the possible topics could be about – a sport or game, a sportsperson, sports team, sports records, importance of sports, history of sports etc. Just pick a topic from the list and convert it into an eye-catching title.

3. Make sure that the title is relevant

The objects that you choose to compare and contrast must be comparable. This means they must have certain similarities or dissimilarities. If the topics do not overlap there is no point of choosing that topic. Make sure you have enough points to write about in the essay and then only begin with essay writing. Many times students just pick a topic because it sounds interesting but are unable to research well regarding the same. As a result, they fail to compare the objects.

4. Importance of an Interesting Topic

If you have chosen a topic that does not interest you, it will be very difficult for you to write on that topic. For instance, if you have no interest in Basketball, why pick a topic in which you have to write about basketball? If you chose a topic that sounds interesting to you, the essay writing process will become much more interesting.

40 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Comparative Essay Topics for Natural Science

1. Air Pollution or Water Pollution: Which is more harmful?
2. How are Tornadoes different from Cyclones?
3. Difference between Zoology and Botany
4. How Sun and Moon are different?
5. What causes more harm: Earthquakes or Volcanic eruptions?

Comparative Essay Topics for Sports

1. How Tennis is Different from Badminton
2. Compare and Contrast American Soccer and Basketball
3. Why Outdoor Games are better than Indoor Games
4. Compare and contrast two soccer players
5. Football or Basketball – which one you prefer and why?

Comparative Essay Topics for Literature

1. Compare two poems of Shakespeare
2. Compare and contrast Two of your Favorite books
3. Is Education mandatory for success?
4. Paperback vs Ebooks – what do you prefer and why?
5. Fictional vs Non-fictional Books

Comparative Essay Topics for IT and Social Media

1. Letters vs Emails
2. Online Learning and Offline Learning – Which one is better?
3. What’s the difference between a Blog and a Website?
4. Windows or IOS?
5. Tablets or Personal Computers – What do you prefer?

Comparative Essay Topics for Philosophy

1. Health vs Wealth
2. Evil vs Good
3. Spirituality vs Religion
4. Music vs Song – What’s the difference?
5. Watching movies in Theatre vs Watching Movies at Home

General Comparative Essay Topics

1. Celebrity vs Common Man
2. Coffee or Tea – What would you choose?
3. Instagram vs Twitter
4. Long Hair or Short Hair
5. What would you pet – Cat or Dog?

Comparative Essay Topics for Beginners

1. Are Angels Real?
2. Winter vs Summer – what’s your favourite season
3. Android vs IOS
4. What would you choose – Money or Happiness
5. Christmas holidays vs Summer holidays

Comparative Essay Topics for Education

1. Should Education be Free for All?
2. Higher Studies vs Job – what to choose?
3. Should exams be Graded?
4. Essay Writing vs Research Writing?
5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Schooling

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