An Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive” – Dalai Lama.

“Millions of people displaced from their place of origin”

“A large percentage of coral reefs and wild animals will soon be extinct!”

If you browse through the newspaper on a daily basis, these are the headlines that you may come across. But, what’s more, disturbing than reading these headlines is the mere fact that more and more people have grown indifferent towards the apathy faced by the others. Be it the coming generation of youngsters or the rest of society, on the whole, the one thing that has increased is the level of uncompassionate and indifferent behaviour.

This fact applies to the general public these days. Now, if we switch to a more concise group of people, let us look at the other half of people who make up leading organizations and companies. Most of the consumers are aware of the damage that businesses are inflicting upon the environment as well as a certain percentage of the public and environment. In the wake of these revelations, more and more people are demanding a more transparent and caring approach towards the rising social, cultural and environmental issues.

Based on these growing demands of the internal (employees) and external (customers) consumers, most of the leading organizations today have taken up various Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

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Why do we study, and why do we work? The simple answer is to survive and make a living. But, if you closely look at the world around us, you will observe that it has become a world chasing the question “What’s in it for ME?”(WIIFM) instead of asking the question “What’s in it for the US?” (WIIFU). Confused with this statement? Well, let us gain a little more perspective about this, shall we?

When was the last time you did something for someone without expecting anything in return? Or for that matter when did you last donate anything to people who are needier? A majority of people are living life to the fullest at the expense of the other half of people along with the animals and the environment. It is this very behaviour which has given rise to the sorry state of HUMANITY on the whole. Probably its time people change their approach of WIIFM and adopt that of WIIFU because once the people change their mindset, the society will be a better place to live in. After all, it’s never about you me or him it is always about the US.

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A little bit of sweetness is always a welcome surprise, especially at a time when it is the least expected. The way for any business to become successful rides on the profits, however, that is not the only deciding factor. These days when a company operates in an ethical way keeping in mind their responsibility towards human rights, the community, the environment and the society – it is termed as Corporate Social Responsibility.

There is no rocket science involved in understanding this concept. These days all organizations are it large or small organize CSR activities in a very serious way. Leading company Coca Cola and Visa have taken a pledge to employ more women in developing countries to help them improve their condition and living. Similarly, even the small-time B2 companies are incorporating CSR right from the helm. Millennials who are part of growing industries want to be socially more liable and demand to be a part of a team which has high CSR values.

One of the biggest advantages of carrying out CSR activities is that the employees will remain engaged. As per surveys conducted by Deloitte found out that 70% millennials acknowledge the organization’s commitment towards social responsibilities. Now is the right time to work on the product and profit, along with concentrating on the Tender Love and Care!

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CSR Not a fad!

Businesses may stay and businesses may go, but the society will stay forever. Those workplaces that want to stay relevant for longer need to embrace the concept of CSR activities. More than that they need to carry them out not just like another tick mark activity, but do it with complete dedication. Wake up and smell the coffee, because CSR is not just a trend that will fade, it is a habit which will soon run in the bloodline of every upcoming business through their very people.

February 5, 2020

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