How to Write a Death Penalty Essay?

“I believe that more people would be alive today if there were a death penalty.” – Nancy Reagan

What is the one common thing that one finds in the authors John Grisham and Jeffrey Archer? To name one common fact is that both of them wrote extensively on Law and lawyers. Those of you who have read a few books written by these authors would be familiar with the term ‘death sentence’. Trust me it is one term that can scare the living daylights out of any living being! This is just the kind of effect the word ‘death’ has on almost everyone. 

Switching the topic of concern for a while, we get to the part of understanding what other aspect scares a student during their school and college life. It is definitely the part of writing an essay on topics which they have no idea about. Worst still is the aspect when a student is told to write an essay on ‘death penalty’. It’s like two of the biggest fears combine and hurl themselves in front of a student. It is anyways a task to write an essay and to top it all up, to write about something as scary and frightening as a death penalty, is a complete nightmare. 

So, what do you do when your teacher hurls this topic at you? Do you just give up and beg for it to be changed? Or do you actually get your act together and finally start writing it? If you are someone who belongs to the latter category, we have some tips for you. Tips to get you started on how to write an essay on the death penalty, so, here we go!

KNOW THE PURPOSE OF THE ESSAY: There are a lot of different types of essay writing styles, and each one comes with a different purpose. Once you get the death penalty topic, don’t start writing blindly. First, understand the purpose of the essay. Are you being told to write an analytical essay or does it be an essay which decides the pros and cons? The entire pattern of your essay will depend on this one answer. Based on the purpose you will have to decide what will be your points of reference. 

WHAT’S THE FOCAL POINT: When you’re given the topic of the death penalty, the first thought will be to write an argumentative essay which talks about whether or not a death penalty should be legal. This is a good take on the given topic, but nonetheless, it is not very concise. Probably what one can try to do it to make it more concise by concentrating on a certain focal point (the crux of the essay).

You can opt for concentrating on one of these ideas given below:

  •   The laws that govern death sentence in different countries
  •   The different forms of executions carried out while giving a death sentence
  •   The process of appealing when a death sentence is announced

The central theme of your essay will make it easier for you to base your argument on. The more you narrow down the central idea, the easier it will be for you to conduct your research and draw the attention of the readers by giving accurate and precise information.

JUST HOW RESOURCEFUL ARE YOU’RE RESOURCES? The one reason why fake news in so destructive is because the source is not validated and accurate. One incorrect point cited by you in your essay can turn a WOW essay into a scam essay! That’s just how important it is to write your essay based on information taken from the correct and relevant source. Make sure when writing about something as delicate as the death sentence it is very crucial that you to sites and books which are administered by regulating bodies which decide the laws of death sentencing. So take extra care of the resources that you are referring to. 

ORGANIZE THE THOUGHT FLOW: You now have the topic, the thesis and the base of that perfect essay. Now, all you have to do is organize all that into a proper essay with a good structure. Once you have all this in place, you can go on to finally wording your essay (phew! It takes a lot of preparation before you actually write it right). Once you have written the essay, spend some time to go through it again and proofread it. Make sure you add all the relevant sources that you have used to write the essay and make sure it is error-free! 

Writing an essay on the death penalty can be tiring and exhausting. What makes it more cumbersome is when you have to write a detailed and extensive dissertation paper on the same gory topic. So, if you as a student are seeking assignment assistance in writing a detailed paper on any topic of law, you might just want to consider contacting GoDissertationHelp. Go Dissertation Help is a platform which provides the students with a pool of dedicated and seasoned dissertation writers to meet all your writing needs!

September 30, 2019

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