7 Dissertation Topic Selection Myths Nobody Tells you About

As a student attempting to write your first dissertation, it can be quite intimidating to choose an ideal topic you want to base your research and argument on. At times, you receive a plethora of dissertation topics to choose from, which only serves to make the task even more confusing for you. You feel lost as you try and formulate research questions and topics.

Well, you are not alone. Many students in the past have stumbled over this primary step of recognising the right topic to write their dissertations and have got entangled in the challenges of researching the one they choose.

Many of them were misguided by the popular myths about how to choose the perfect dissertation topic. Here, we will try to dispel some of these myths so that you can overcome your fears and finish off your dissertation work with confidence.

Myth 1: Your Research Topic should be One-of-a-kind that Dazzles the Approving Committee


Remember one thing, your first and the primary aim is to complete your graduation and get a degree. You need not be worried about changing the world’s perception of your topic. Ensure that you work well within the limits of the instructions set by the university. Anything above that should require careful deliberation on your part as well as a detailed discussion with your professor. Make sure that you choose a topic that you can relate to. You should also be confident that you’ll be able to complete it in the nick of time and will help you get you your graduation degree.

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Myth 2: The Committee Members Scrutinize the Dissertation Topic and its related Arguments in the Strictest Possible Manner


Here is a little secret. Except for the committee chairman, who goes through the topic thoroughly, the rest of the members just skim through the topics. After all, they do not have only one dissertation to investigate and are pressed for time. What the committee is looking for is not the perfection that comes in with the topic, but how closely you have observed the procedure of writing, have you adhered to the writing style template you were suggested to use, and whether your arguments do hold substantial facts.

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Myth 3: The Dissertation Topic I send to the Committee for Approval Must Contain All-inclusive Information


Writing a dissertation is an art that consists of ways to justify your standpoint of choosing the topic. So, you need to take one strong argument from the topic and make it a centrifugal point of your dissertation proposal in which you present your topic. Being well prepared with facts will convince the approval committee to come to a common conclusion about your topic proposal. Yes, the road to get the green flag is tough, but with some determination, you can get the dissertation topic approved.

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Myth 4: The Draft of the Dissertation Topic should be Precise and Flawless


There is no such thing as precise and flawless when it comes to writing a dissertation topic. Rather, it is an evolution. Your topic keeps getting better through updating the arguments as you keep getting better information. The best part about submitting a dissertation draft is that you are invited to rework again on the points the committee suggests. So, it need not be necessary that the topic gets approved on the first attempt.

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Myth 5: Once I Select the Dissertation Topic, I will have to Accomplish it all by Myself


Dissertations can be easier to complete when you take assistance from external sources. Start talking to people who have already completed the dissertations. Speak to your mentor or your guide for valuable insights. If possible, request for some help in writing a part of the dissertation. It is okay to do so. A lot of students to look for assistance from dissertation writing services. The experts from such services can prove extremely beneficial in completing your dissertation. In short, the more you consult and collaborate with other sources, the faster you reach to the goal of completing the dissertation.

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Myth 6: The Committee Members know all About the Topic and they are the True Experts


In a way it is true but it is not the complete fact. One cannot possess all the knowledge on a subject. The committee members are no different. It is important to understand that you should be in control of your work and not let them take that advantage from you. In fact, you do possess an upper hand because you have worked on the project since its inception. This makes your points more valid and justified. The committee’s job is to judge you by playing the devil’s advocate. This does not mean they possess all the knowledge. They might possess the expertise to scrutinise the dissertation, but at the end, it is up to you to justify your stand on the arguments presented.

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Myth 7: The Topic of a Dissertation that Needs to be Selected Should be an Original


Every dissertation that has been written are usually the repeats of what has been published before. That does not mean the research is plagiarised. A student needs to understand that a topic can keep evolving. New inputs can be contributed through referring past dissertation examples. The approving committee does not look for students who will give them one-of-a-kind topic that no one has worked on before. They prefer to investigate existing topics of which they are aware of and want to know new dimension have you added to improve the existing topic. The ulterior motive of the experts is to encourage you to sharpen your research skills. These will prove beneficial to your research career later in life.

You as a student should understand that the dissertation topic should be feasible, novel, interesting, impactful, replicable, ethical, relevant, manageable, appropriate and publishable. All these can be achieved in a systematic and scientific way. Inspect the topic and see whether the majority of these parameters fit in with it. If yes, you are good to go and start working on the topic. Hope that we have been successful in dispelling the rumors of how difficult it is to select a dissertation topic.

In case you feel that it is tough to select a single topic from the various dissertation topics suggested to you, you could consult a good online dissertation help expert. The subject experts can not only help you in selecting the topic but also in accomplishing your goals by writing the dissertation. You could check the quality of their services first by reading the students’ reviews on them and by perusing through the various dissertation samples that they have posted on their websites. This will give you an idea of whom the task can be assigned to and whether the person can guide you correctly or not.

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