Economics, Marketing and Database Dissertation Topics

The first step in the dissertation writing process is to choose a good dissertation title. Sometimes, your professor advises you with a list of prescribed titles, and at other times, he or she might allow you to choose whatever you like. It is where students look to dissertation writing services that can help them choose a perfect topic without much ado.

Whether you are working on a dissertation related to Economics, Marketing, and Database, there are a few points you always need to keep in mind:

  • Does your topic match your interests? It takes six to eight months (or more) to write a dissertation. If you don’t like the title you choose, it will become difficult for you to work on it for so long.
  • Broadly, all dissertation topics can be categorised into three major categories;
    • Essay-based topics, such as Literature Review and Comparative Analyses.
    • Theory or Mathematics based topics, such as Model-based and Manipulation-based titles.
    • Empirical Topics that use a lot of Statistics.
  • Choose the one that suits you best.
  • There have been scholars who have won Nobel Prize for their groundbreaking research works. However, at undergraduate or even postgraduate levels, you might find it easier to write on a topic on which a large body of work is already available. Just find the angle that can fill up a gap in the subject, and you are good to go.
  • Tracking data can be frustrating. If you choose a dissertation topic that requires a particular type of data, you must brainstorm on where you will find the data or how you will collect it.
  • Dissertation help can make your life much easier as a busy college student. It is always best to track down subject specialists who can help you learn more about your specific topic by pointing out to the right resources or introducing you to the right contacts readily.


Here, is a list of some of the readymade Economics, Marketing, and Database dissertation examples that fit well in today’s context:

Economics Dissertation Topics

Dissertation writing requires a lot of patience, perseverance, research, and effective time management. Economics is generally seen as a technical subject with a lot of equations and diagrams but when it comes to writing essays and dissertations in Economics, you’ll need to invoke your essay writing skills once again. Choosing a good dissertation topic is crucial to writing one that helps you achieve the marks you desire.

As a social science, Economics is considered an ‘imperial discipline’. It means that it now colonises investigations on topics that were not considered economics-oriented a few years ago. Let’s take a look at the titles that economics dissertation help providers suggest:

  • How do ‘Made In’ labels help national economies build the social reputation and beat the business competition, with a focus on ‘Made in China’ labels in the UK market?
  • How are immigrants impacting the UK’s economy? Comparative analysis of the economic impacts of the EU and the non-EU migration.
  • Comparative Study of differences between habits and routines of American and British people and their productivity levels. The study will also cover how it impacts the development of the food industry in the US and the UK.
  • Is oligopoly in the UK supermarkets good or bad for British consumers?
  • Explore the relationship between the UK and the EU interest rates after Brexit.

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Marketing Dissertation Topics

Many undergraduate and postgraduate programmes around the world require students to write a dissertation as part of their evaluation process. However, students fumble right on the first step when they struggle in choosing marketing dissertation topics that they might want to work on.

One good place to find the marketing areas with research gaps quickly is to look at the research priorities published by various marketing research marketing bodies and top-ranked journals in the field. Dissertation Literature reviews and research syntheses published in marketing journals can also serve as good inspiration material.

You may also talk to your professors and find out if you have a common research interest with any of them. Taking your supervisor into confidence can go a long way in preparing a perfect dissertation which can fetch you good marks.

Here is a small glimpse of the kind of marketing dissertation database that our online tutors prepare for you:

  • How do automated interactions in service firms impact consumer experience?
  • Decoding the Prime model and understanding how the company uses its various products and services to charge a premium price.
  • Can companies use their brand image to promote their products in a different sector? The study will focus on the UK case study of Virgin Cola.
  • How can loyalty schemes be used a direct marketing technique to sell directly to customers? Case Studies of Tesco and Body Shop
  • How does culture affect marketing communications? Case Study of Coca-Cola in India

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Database Dissertation Topics

Technologies related to data and information management constitute a very important and active research field. The selection of a database dissertation topic provides you with an excellent opportunity to explore emerging fields and gain favour with the potential employers.

Choose a topic that promotes collaboration and allows you to step into the frontiers of database research. Here are a few titles our database dissertation help providers suggest to you:

  • How does automatic tuning of system parameters such as cache sizes and RAID levels affect the changes in the workload and overall performance of the system?
  • How to conduct advanced analysis and data mining over fast and large data streams that are the lifelines of the online analysis of the UK stock markets – and how can they be used to figure out the trends, patterns, and exceptions in real-time?
  • How to identify and link duplicate records with variations in representations – effectively and efficiently?
  • How to visualise complex hierarchal structures in computing?
  • Mobile computing often uses spatiotemporal database (STDB) where applications record the geographical locations of objects at various timestamps and predict their future behaviours. We will study all the STDB-related theories and find which solutions work best.

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