The Spook-tacular Spirit of Halloween

Pumpkins glowing in the moonlight, children dressed in spooky costumes hailing trick-or-treat at your door, Halloween is finally here! For those who do not know when is Halloween, this festival is celebrated on 31st October every year. Not only children but adults also seem excited about this scary festival. In fact, the Halloween expenditure has been rising in Britain all over these years and was found to be 419 billion British pounds in the year 2018. Well, we are hoping that Halloween 2019 will be bigger and scarier! 

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween finds its origins from Ireland, where Samhain festival was celebrated by the Celtic people. All this began 2000 years back! The festival Samhain marked the ending of the beautiful summer season and the beginning of the cold and dark winters. The Celtic people believed that at this time the ‘gap’ between the living and the dead world becomes too ‘thin’ and the dead would visit the living world. So, the Celtic celebrated and lit their house with a bonfire to keep the ghosts away. Since then, many traditions, beliefs and stories connected with the festival and Halloween became one of the most-awaited festivals for all! 

Today, Halloween has many traditions that are very dear to children. They dress us as scary characters, play games, tell ghost stories and celebrate their time with candies. We all know that it is time for ‘trick-or-treat’ when sweet voices knock at our doors. Children also carve faces over vegetables like pumpkins, turnips and swedes.

Scare People with Traditional Halloween Decorations 

Are you planning to welcome your guests by scaring them out? Then, you must not forget the traditional Halloween decorations. By the 20th century, Halloween has become a time for massive celebrations, parties and parades. People decorate their houses in the spirit of this festival. 


One of the most popular Halloween decorations is Jack-o-Lantern which is made by hollowing a pumpkin and carving a scary face on it. Then, a bulb or candle is placed into it which makes the pumpkin glow and it seems fearsome at night. Some other traditional Halloween decorations are ghosts, skeletons, broomsticks, witch hats, bats and spiders. Orange and black are the spooky colours of this festival but many prefer red too. Just put these on and we are sure you will be able to scare people off! You will find amazing Halloween DIY decoration ideas on Pinterest.

Treat the Kids with Halloween Cupcakes

The tradition of trick-or-treating is believed to route from the Celtic people who gave tasty food to the roaming spirits so that they would become happy and spare their farms and lands. This tradition turned into the distribution of ‘Soul Cakes’ later. A church started the soul cake tradition where pastries were offered to the poor people at the time of Halloween. Then, children took up this tradition and made it their time-to-have-some-candy! Today, children dress up as scary creatures and move door to door asking for candy and people love offering them the little drops of heaven.  


So if you are planning to keep the ghosts away from your house and keep up with the spirit of Halloween, treat your guests and ghosts with some tasty cupcakes. The internet is flooding with tasty recipes of owl Halloween cupcakes, spider nest cakes and monster muffins. 

The Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin Designs

Do you know the reason behind this pumpkin tradition on Halloween? Well, Halloween pumpkin designs are a recent tradition. In ancient times, turnips were hollowed and carved by people and used as lanterns. People used to carry these turnip lanterns door to door asking for food. It was believed that these scary lanterns would keep off the ghosts. Then, in 1800s pumpkins were used instead of turnips as they were easy to hollow and carve-out. Moreover, they were easily available too! 


Do you know who carried the Jack-o-Lantern? Stingy Jack! He is a mythical character that has many scary stories associated with him. Some say that he freed the devil, some say he invited the devil to have a drink with him. Some say that he roams on the earth carrying his Jack-o-Lantern with him and his favourite vegetable, turnip. Spooky, isn’t it? 

Tell Scary Stories in Halloween Costumes

Some people celebrate Halloween to honour the dead and some celebrate it to protect the living from the dead. No matter what their reason is, they all love putting on their Halloween costumes. We have all seen kids dressing up as witches and ghosts, with spooky makeup on. You might have kept a Halloween party theme this year, waiting for people to come dressed up alike. 

But why do people wear Halloween costumes? Well, it is believed that the Celtic people dressed up as scary creatures or ghosts, wearing animal skins on Samhain to seem like the people from the dead world. They believed that this way the ghosts won’t harm them as they won’t be able to recognise them. 



Now you can find children and adults dressed up as clowns, Dracula and even Disney characters. All this is done to enhance the spirit of the festival. You can find Halloween costume ideas on the internet and DIY them too!

How are you going to celebrate Halloween 2019? Festivals like these have hundreds of hidden stories, superstitions and traditions. When we keep up with them, we enlighten our ethnic roots and traditions. In fact, we have added our own beliefs into this festival too which has made it more fun. So carve out the pumpkins, pick up your costumes and celebrate this day in a thrilling spirit! Let’s get a little spooky. It’s Halloween!!

October 30, 2019

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