Unknown Facts of Plagiarism. How to Check it?

According to Google, the meaning of Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. With such a clear definition, you can easily understand that Plagiarism is not an appropriate thing.  Students or professionals from all over the world have to complete tasks and assignments on a regular basis. Therefore, it becomes a burden for them to create new ideas and complete the assignments which are not plagiarized as it can easily destroy the reputation of the student. Here, we have a list of must-known facts about plagiarism that you should definitely know: 

Plagiarism is a form of cyber-cheating:

If you are copying someone’s content or any textual material and claiming it to be yours, it can be considered as cyber-cheating. According to Kakkonen and Mozgovoy (2012), cyber-plagiarism can be defined as “a type of academic dishonesty that consists of reusing whole electronic documents or parts of them, composed by another author without proper acknowledgement of the original source”

Write someone’s idea in a unique form: Generating new ideas on a common topic can be a tough job. So what to do in such situations? Well, if you research on a topic and understand it appropriately then you can write the idea in your own words. The content should be fresh, and the reader should understand it. This way, you can save your content from getting plagiarized. 

Give credit if copying something:

Some of the universal facts and quotes cannot be changed and must be written as it is. So, when you are writing someone’s quote or a piece of fact, always give credit to the author. This way you are telling the readers that the particular textual piece is not yours and there will be no chance of plagiarism. 

Plagiarism is a common term now:

According to a source, Plagiarism is rising at an alarming rate. Principals at universities have stated that in the last 10 years they have seen massive cases of plagiarism. Students copy assignments from the web or other sources and when they are caught they feel guilty about the same. 

Virtual knowledge is one of the culprits behind plagiarism:

As the technology is increasing rapidly and students have easy access to the internet, the teachers and principals of various universities believe that students are dependent on numerous sources rather than using their own creativity and knowledge. 

Lack of time and energy raise plagiarism:

Students have to go through a lot of mental exercises on a daily basis. Especially at the time of exams or when they have to submit assignments. They lack energy and have tremendous stress. So, creating unique ideas can be a hectic task at that moment. Therefore, they opt for copying and find accessible sources to complete their task.  

When a student copies a textual material, he doesn’t have any wrong intention or to hurt the sentiments of the original writer. The only reason a student goes for plagiarism is to reduce his burden. There are various ways to check if the textual material is copied or not. Some of the most famous ways are: 

Online websites:

There are numerous websites where you can check that the content is plagiarized or not. These websites can provide services for free or may charge a nominal amount. You just need to visit the website, copy the textual material and paste it there. It will provide you with the result within seconds.  For example, here are a few websites which can help you check plagiarized content: 

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Teachers know their students:

A teacher who knows his students can definitely know if his student has copied the assignment. For example, if you are not a very bright student and your teacher is paying special attention to you in every class. Therefore, while seeing your assignment he will definitely know if you have copied the content. 

A person with good experience in writing:

An experienced writer will quickly catch on if the content is copied. He will go through the words and lines and maybe he would have already read the content somewhere. There are high chances to be caught in such a situation. 

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September 13, 2019

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