How to Write a Book Review?

Writing a review for a book is not about summarizing; it is a chance for you to show the vital aspects of the book. How to write a review? From the perspective of a reviewer, one should blend an analytical review and accurate reading at the same time with a strong and personal touch. An excellent review depicts the book, how it achieved its purpose and at the same time expresses reactions and parameters from a distinct perspective.

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How to write a review?

  • Preparation before writing the review

  • First read the book thoroughly and take notes. If needed, read it multiple times. Write down notes or record your thoughts using a voice recorder. The idea is to have a clear understanding of any impression you have of the particular book.
  • Now think about the book’s genre and field. Use outside resources to learn about the book’s genre and field.
  • You must determine what the major themes are. The theme is usually an overall message conveyed to readers between lines. To determine the core theme, summarize the whole book into one word.
  • Now consider the author’s style of writing. Check if the style is suitable to book’s intended readers. A style is a manner to express a subject.
  • Think about the book’s uniqueness. Is it able to add some new data to a genre?

The author may have tried to expand the usual rules of a genre. Consider how the book is unique and how this affects the intended audience.

  • Now consider how successful the author was to carry out the purpose of the book. Are you satisfied with the book’s ending? Are going to recommend this book to other readers?

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  • Create the first draft of your review

  • Start the review with a heading. You can add bibliographic information about the book or you can start using a standard heading: title, author, publisher, date of publishing, number of pages.
  • Write an introduction. A good introduction will help to grab the reader’s attention to make them interested to read the whole review. Contain your introduction with relevant details.
  • Try to summarize the book. Write a summary. Once you’re done with the heading and introduction, you can head to the summary of the book. Write about the book’s theme and the primary points. Also, try avoiding plagiarism.
  • After finishing the summary move to the main themes and aspects. Shift the discussion into critical analysis. You should be clear and direct as this the heart of the whole content.
  • A conclusion is very important. Wrap up the review with a paragraph or a few sentences. Do not introduce new facts in the conclusion. Focus on the strength and weaknesses of the book and would you recommend the book to others or not. You can give the book a score if you want or rating.

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  • Polish the Review

  • Read the review again and again. Your first attempt of the book review may not be perfect, so revise and adjust the draft. Always check the spells and grammar mistakes. Double check the quotes and references you’ve used. Sometimes we can’t catch the mistakes even if it’s there, to avoid this leave the review work aside for some days and then again come visit this with a fresh mind.
  • Get feedback about the review. Get your family, friends or any other extra set of eyes to go through your review. It is always difficult to criticize one’s own work, so it is always better to ask someone else like a family member to read it and tell you about how they felt after reading the introduction and about the critical discussion. Whether it was consistent or not throughout the review.
  • Submit the best work. Make sure that you have integrated your revisions and any feedback to produce the best review draft at the final stage. An excellent review will be a treat to eyes from the introduction till to the conclusion. It will deliver an interesting angle to analyze the book and will also be free from any flaws or errors. It will be easy to read.

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