How to write a Business Report? Explained using Example

Business Report Examples

Business requires reports that have to be written based on facts and are required for a variety of purpose. Students often panic at the very thought of writing such a paper. As intimating as they look, such reports are not all that impossible to write. All you need is a good amount of data and you can easily compose a good business report. In case you are flustered overwriting a business report for your college assignment then read this blog to gain clarity.

What is a Business Report?

So the first question that comes to mind is what exactly a business report is. It is nothing but a written piece of document that contains valuable information and also thoroughly analysis a business. It is an important tool in making informed business-related decisions. The main objective that it serves is to generate data that is crucial to the company. This data comprises of efficiency, competition, and even procedures. This report has to be written in a manner that it is easily understandable to the readers. In this blog, we explain to you the details of this paper along with proper business report example.

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Parts of a Business Report

A business report has to be divided into sections for better and effective distribution of the data it contains. Readers find it easier when information is categorized under the relevant heading. This report is also divided into further sub-sections.  Now, let’s take an example that a student has to write a business report on best practices to teach French.

  • Executive summary

The student will first start with an executive summary where all the main points are summarized. This is where one will put the report topic, data accumulated and the method implemented to analyze it. The length of this data can range from one paragraph to even a few pages. This part is written in the very end and comes at the very beginning of the report. For a topic like best practice to teach French, one can easily write a short summary so the professor can gain a good idea from it.

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  • Table of contents

Now, in case the report here is lengthy and on is looking to find specific information pertaining to French teaching practices, then a table of content will be prepared. It will contain a list of all the main topics and related pages that have information on those topics.

  • Introduction

All reports come with an introduction that pretty much prepares the groundwork for all the research and data collected. It points out all the major topics that the report contains and the purpose for which data was collected. A student can give a clear glimpse of what the report contains in the introduction. Like in the case of French, one can state that the report talks of the current teaching practices and why there is a need to change the current teaching technique.

  • Body

The body of the report contains the main substance that talks about the problem at hand, the data that has been accumulated and methods used to obtain it. The body will also contain all the findings and can be divided into a subsection. For the purpose of French, one can use headings like ‘How does one acquire language’ or ‘current strategies for teaching vs. new methods”

  • Conclusion

Every good report needs an equally impactful conclusion. It is the short interpretation of all the data that has been put in the body of the report. It points towards how to improve the current format of business and also often hint towards further research work. Based on the example, one can talk of better ways to impart the language such as being provided notes instead of jotting them down which can hinder in the learning process.  

  • Reference

As the name suggests, this section of the report contains a list of all the resources that were used to obtain the data.  

  • Appendix

At the very end comes the appendix which is optional and contains all the extra technical information related to the report. This is mainly to put in all the additional research which is important to the topic but not mentioned in the main body.

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May 23, 2019

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