How to Write a Hypothesis?

What is Hypothesis?

In general terms, a Hypothesis is a proposed explanation or supposition for something made on the basis of limited research in order to proceed forward for further investigation. It serves as a starting point. The definitions of a Hypothesis changes with changing field but the main or the basic idea is contained in the above definition. In our daily lives, we make a lot of Hypothesis for example when we look at a person we create a certain image of that person that he might be kind or something about his character and values, but this is just our prediction, it might be wrong or right. So, when you talk to this person you start with keeping in mind what you thought just after seeing that person. This can be said as a Hypothesis. You begin with that thinking and later test it whether your Hypothesis is right or wrong. Some more examples of a Hypothesis are:

“If I give water to plants they will grow healthy and leafy.”

“If I squeeze lemon in water it will become sour.”

While writing a Hypothesis you need to keep something in mind but overall, it is a simple process and you can get hold of it quite easily. Just keep in mind that Hypothesis is not just a simple guess rather it is a calculated guess. You need to calibrate a few things here and there in your mind and then make a guess which simply means that keep the basics and simple things in mind about the subject and then write your Hypothesis. You can also do some basic research about your subject before writing your Hypothesis. After writing your Hypothesis you can perform experiments and intensive research on that subject to prove/disprove your Hypothesis.

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How do I write an effective Hypothesis?

The following steps will help you in writing your Hypothesis:

  • Identify the Question first
  • Do some Background Research
  • Write your Hypothesis

Identify the Question first

First, you are required to look for the question that you are interested in, the question whose answer you are looking for. Your Hypothesis will be based on this question so first identify the question and then move forward. For example, in the above case of looking a person, identify that in which thing you are interested in- To find what is nature is or any other particular skill.

Do some Background Research

Once you have identified a question you need to do a little bit of research before making your educated guess. Without the research, it will just be a shot in the air so do proper background research before writing your Hypothesis.

Write your Hypothesis

After identifying the question of interest and doing background research on that you can write your Hypothesis. Generally, the Hypothesis is the answer to the question of interest that you have identified in the first step. So the basic thing is after doing research, you make a calculated guess about the answer to the question and that will be your Hypothesis.

Now there are some things that you need to keep in mind while writing your Hypothesis. These things will be the key difference between a good hypothesis and a bad one.

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Things to keep in mind while Writing a Hypothesis

To make a good Hypothesis make sure that it is testable. Because you need to perform further experiments and either prove it or disprove it on the basis of the experiment. So, a non-testable Hypothesis is of no further use and instead of a starting point, it will serve as a lonely statement on which nothing can be done.

Your Hypothesis should be a thesis statement and not a question. Usually, it is the answer to the question in interest as explained above. It should also be clearly written and make sure that it is not too complex, just make it simple and clear so that anyone can understand it as it will serve as the starting point of your study.

You can write a great Hypothesis by following the above guidelines. They are easy to follow and after a few times of writing Hypothesis, you will get a good hold of it. You can also take help from Go Dissertation Help they will make it simpler and easier for you. They have a team of dissertation writers that can easily explain you or can do your work. They provide great quality of dissertation writing service and are available 24*7*365 at pocket-friendly prices.

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