How to Write a Precis?

What is Precis?

A Precis, in general, is a summary or an abstract of some text or a speech. It is written in such a way so that the author’s tone, meaning, and the mood from the original text should be reflected in the Precis. A Precis is really helpful in many ways like for choosing a good book to read we can read its Precis to see whether it’s good or not. The skill of writing a precis is also necessary as it is required in many academic careers and it enhances the reading skills of the individual, it also helps in improving vocabulary and Grammar. The length of the Precis can vary; it can be as short as 100–200 words or as long as one-fifth of the text. The length is usually always provided by the teacher or whoever gave you the assignment to write a Precis.

The simplest way to write a Precis is to read the text several times, mark the important part and then condense it. But this is just a rough way to write a Precis. In order to write an effective and remarkable Precis, you need to follow certain steps (mentioned below). You can also take help from Go Dissertation Help. They can help solve any of the problems regarding your assignment. They can even complete the whole assignment for you. The following guidelines will help you write a Precis.

Study the original text 

This is one of the most important and most obvious steps while writing a Precis. You need to study the original text thoroughly so that you can understand the text very well. Make sure that after reading you understand the whole idea behind the text, the author’s mood and tone, and what the author is trying to convey through the text. This needs to be done because these things have to be depicted in your Precis. You should read the original text more than ones in order to get a good grip on the nature of the text. You can also divide the original text into different sections so that you can write summaries of each section and then condense it later to form a good Precis. You can also compose an outline of the original text.

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Structure your Precis well

A good structure and a good design always catch the grader’s eye and the chances of getting good marks increases. The general structure of a Precis is:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph
  • Conclusion

In the introduction, include information about the original text like the author’s name and topic. You can also mention some of the ideas of the original text.

 In the body paragraphs, you can add supporting ideas and write the rest of the summary. Here you can use the outline that you have composed earlier. You can write the summaries of each paragraph of the outline and combine these sentences and create your own paragraphs using them and try to mirror the work.

You can end on a reminding note with a conclusion of a 2-4 line for a long Precis. It usually involves the main idea of the author behind the original text.

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Revise your Precis

The first draft of your work is always messy and not top of the class. You need to edit it, check it, and proofread it to make it close to perfect. Revising of work is always a healthy practice. In the revision of your Precis, compare the Precis with the original text to check whether the tone and the main idea behind the text are depicted correctly into the Precis or not. You can also rework on some of the parts of your Precis that are not good enough for you. Try to make as short as possible, so always keep looking for the unnecessary part of your Precis. Check for the grammatical error, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors in your Precis.

So, while writing your Precis just follow the above guideline, it will make your work easy and effective. Practice writing a Precis a few times and then you can work with them easily. They can be very helpful in your future as well. You can always take help when required for Go Dissertation Help as well. They have groups of specialized people to help you. They are available 24*7 at affordable prices.

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