How to Write the Perfect Abstract for your Dissertation?

Have you ever watched a movie trailer? Well, of course, you would have! Have you ever thought what’s so special about a movie trailer? It attracts the audience towards the movie. Giving a short glimpse of what the movie is about, it makes the audience curious about it. It might have had happened a number of times that you decided to watch a movie just by watching its trailer. That’s the beauty of trailers. In a similar way, the abstract of your dissertation is a trailer of what your dissertation is all about. Want to know how to write the perfect abstract for your dissertation? Let us begin! 

What is an Abstract for a Dissertation?

In general, an abstract is a summary of any substantial work like a research paper or a dissertation. The abstract of a dissertation will provide the readers with an opportunity to identify what the dissertation is all about. Hence the abstract acts as a deciding factor whether a dissertation is worth reading or not. It is written in a clear, concise yet powerful manner to persuade the readers. Here are 4 essential components of an abstract – 

  • The topic of the dissertation, its aims and purpose of writing the dissertation 

This can be regarded as the first section of the abstract in which you will provide the relevant information related to the scope of your paper. Start with writing the problem statement of the dissertation. Then present the objective of the research. You can also mention the research question here so that the readers will get an idea of what you wanted to research and why. End this section by mentioning a thesis statement or a claim on which you want to argue in the rest of your dissertation.   

Remember – Always write this part of the abstract in the present or simple past tense. Do not mention anything in the future tense.  

  • Description of the Research Methodology 

So by now, you have explained to the reader what the dissertation is all about. It is time to provide them with a little preview of what methods did you use to achieve those objectives. You can mention about the secondary or primary data sources that you considered. 

Remember – You do not have to mention why you have chosen a particular method for research here. You only need to provide a glimpse of your research approaches.  

  • A quick glimpse of the findings of the research 

In the next section of your abstract, you can provide a summary of the results that you have found. You cannot include all the results here. Just mention the main points that you think that the reader must know about your research findings. 

Remember – Mention the main points that would help the readers in understanding your conclusion.   

  • A preview of the conclusions and future recommendations

At last, you can complete your abstract by mentioning the conclusions that you have devised. This is simply an answer to the problem statement that you mentioned at the beginning of the abstract, Can you see how every component of the abstract is interlinked? 

Remember – Mention the limitations of your research in the abstract itself if you want to establish certain credibility among the readers. This will also help the readers in assessing how accurate your research could be. 

Quick Tips on How to Write an Abstract for your Dissertation

  1.   Always write the abstract in last 

From the format of writing an Abstract, you might have understood that it includes some information from almost every section of your dissertation. Moreover, it is a summary and summary can only be written once the main content is written. So if you want your abstract to be ‘Perfect’, prepare the entire dissertation first and then write the abstract. 

  1.   Mention what you are providing in the dissertation 

Have you ever seen a movie trailer that talks about something else than the movie? No, Right? In a similar way, how can your abstract talk about something else than your dissertation? Make sure that your abstract adds nothing new to your dissertation but is only a summary of what is mentioned in the dissertation. 

  1.   Stick to your Research

There is no need to mention the complete background details of the dissertation topic. You can mention in a sentence or two about the previous findings but there is no need to devote a full paragraph for the same. Just mention your research, findings, recommendations and conclusions.    

  1.   Make it Clear and Concise 

Just like a movie trailer, your abstract has to be impactful. Hence it should be written in a clear and concise form. Each sentence should be written in a crisp manner so that readers do not have to put much effort into understanding your perspective. Do not use complex vocabulary here.

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November 15, 2019

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