How to Write an Analytical Essay? Best Topics, Example, and Ideas

Analytical Essay

According to the Cambridge Dictionary the word analytical means “involving the careful and systematic study of something”. Standing true this very definition comes the meaning of the word analytical essay. An analytical essay requires the writer to present and write some type of argument. The same argument becomes the thesis, on which a writer needs to present their views and claims.

If one is to explain this is a more concise and simple manner, an analytical essay is an essay in which the writer examines or deciphers things like a certain event, book, movie or any other form of art. During most of a student’s school and later college life, many analytical assignments are given to judge the student’s calibre to form argumentative essays. Since this particular type of writing requires a student to present their arguments logically and reasonably, a student must know exactly how to write an analytical essay.

There are various phases involved while writing an analytical essay. Let us take a closer look at some of the stages before which one gets the actual format and structure for that perfect analytical essay!

UNDERSTANDING IS THE KEY: As we mentioned above that an analytical essay is one in the writer needs to present their argument or judgment regarding something. Therefore, it is very important for a student to first understand the topic given and possibly break it down further to get a proper flow and method of presenting an argument for or against it. This stage is known as the mise-en-place or the prewriting phase of your essay. Once you get this initial step right, it will become very easy for you to format and streamline the entire flow of your essay.

WRITING THE WHAT IS NECESSARY: Most of the times the topic to base your analytical essay will be given by the teacher, however, in the case when you are not provided with that, you will have to come up with your topic. Whatever topic you decide to go ahead with, just remember to keep in mind the outcome you seek and what you wish to give to the readers reading it. The W question what is most important while dealing with this phase of analytical essay writing.

STORM THAT BRAIN WITH SOME BRAINSTORMING: Since writing an analytical essay involves careful reasoning and analysis, it is very important to make sure that once you get your topic, you take some time to mull over the thesis statement of your topic. It is ok to take some time to ponder over what your thesis will include even after you have finalized or gotten a topic. The best thing to do is to brainstorm and think about the topic from every angle possible. Don’t eliminate any point of view for the given topic and write all of them down. If nothing else, jotting down these pointers will give a strong and evident base for the final draft.

WHAT’S YOUR THESISThe whole crux of writing an analytical essay is to conclude with a thesis. The thesis is nothing but a sentence or two which summarizes your claim that you will be submitting at the end of your analytical essay. This gives your readers a gist of what your essay is all about. Your thesis should be crisp and accurate and one that gives a complete idea to the reader in the most impactful way.

REFERENCE ALL YOU’RE SUPPORTING: When you write an analytical essay you need to support it with plenty of references and other primary texts from where you have taken referencing points. The writer should take care of all the referencing to give a base to the reader about the sources and thus giving them an insight on the level of authenticity which has been used to prove a certain point.

CONCLUDE THE CONCLUSION: Conclusion is the part of your essay where you reiterate and remind your readers of how you supported your argument. It depends on the individual writer on how detailed or short they want to keep the conclusion. The one thing to keep in mind is never to include some new point while concluding, as this will confuse the readers about the sole purpose of your analytical essay.

Now that you are aware of the how’s of writing an analytical essay, why don’t we take a look at some of the best topics which can help hone your analytical writing skills?


  • Do you think the uniform should be made noncompulsory in schools?
  • Modern people cannot survive without technology
  • Is it ethical for the government to spend more on war than on the welfare of a country?
  • What if there were no rules to be obeyed?


  • Changing gender roles? Do you believe in it and why are they changing so much?
  • The positive influence of music and art on health.
  • Is it easy to strive that balance between work and home?


  • Evaluate a movie that is based on a book
  • What makes a perfect horror movie?

It indeed is not that easy to write an analytical essay. After all, you are trying to convince a set of readers to agree to your point of view and judgment and that too based on your writing skills purely. If you are a student who seeks guidance and needs essay help in writing an analytical essay, get in touch with GoDissertationHelp today! Our essay writers will make sure they take care of all the points that need to be kept in mind so that the result is a perfectly written analytical essay.

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January 20, 2020

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