How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Stating evidence and convincing someone of an idea is a skill that every college student needs to possess. You must have had to write countless essays where you are encouraged to place your opinion along with doing in-depth research. Argumentative essays further enhance your ability to write such a paper.

Unlike other writings, here you are required to think and put your own thoughts with a lot of conviction. This is a very interesting task to perform but can often be a very hard one as well. So, in case you are pondering over how to write an argumentative essay? Then let’s make things easier for you with the help of this blog that gives you specific pointers. Using them you can give shape to your paper.

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What is an argumentative essay?

So the first thing that comes to mind is what exactly an argumentative essay is and how is it different from other papers. This essay is one where the dissertation writer states his or her ideas and opinions on a topic in a way that the other person who holds an opposing view is convinced on it. It is like a written debate where you specifically state why you think a certain way on a dissertation topic and also back it by proof. This kind of paper is carefully structured as you cannot just cluster all your opinion. They have to break down and carefully presented in support of your dissertation problem statement.

It is essential that the proof that you present here has to be part of scientific studies or other strong credible resources. Generally, such topics have an opposing viewpoint as well, which the writer has to consider. This is also a useful exercise to be able to successfully invalidate the other opinion backed by strong evidence. A certain power of conviction that students develop doing this helps them in their career.

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Tips on how to write an argumentative essay?

A good point of view

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is pick a really good topic. Pick a subject that is interesting and generates strong views that can be used to support it. Also, make sure that the topic has conflicting views. Most importantly, if you have to pick a topic then go with one that sparks your interest. You will find it easier to write for something that you feel passionately about.

Make valid points

After you have done the job of picking a topic then make a list of points. Make sure that when you compile this list, it has to be in support of both the sides of the topic. This is a good way to counter anything that is against the issue with a reasonable argument. While looking for valid and logical points, you will strengthen your opinion and won’t have to hunt for reasons to consolidate them.

Gather evidence

Your view about a topic is not simply subjected to your belief. When a lawyer defends a case in the court, they do it laden with logical evidence. An argumentative essay works on similar lines and here too there is a need for strong proof. So, make sure you have an ample amount of evidence gathered in support of your viewpoint. Look for statistically collected data and other such strong references.

The essay

After the background works the real task of actually writing the essay begins. Your paper will be divided into three important parts which are introduction, body and the conclusion respectively. The introduction should effectively set the stage and introduce your topic to the reader. It also contains what is called the thesis statement where you state what your take on the given topic is.

Then is the actual body which will contain all the details about the two aspects of the topic. There you put the strongest counterpoint to your view and after that present your own point. Back your opinion with all the evidence collected. In the end, comes the conclusion which has to be really powerful in this essay. This is where you state why your stance makes sense.


After writing the essay, make sure to go through it a few times. Proofreading is best done after a few hours or the next day. When you will read your work with a fresh mind, it will give a clearer view of its flow and any mistakes that were accidentally made will stand out easily.

An argumentative essay is time-consuming and you have to really churn your brains to frame a quality paper. One can always avail dissertation help in order to craft this essay. We have a team of experienced writers who can help shape an excellent piece of dissertation writing service for you.

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