7 Ways to Write a Smooth Dissertation Literature Review

There are many aspects of writing a dissertation. But today’s topic is specifically focused on how you as a student should strive to write a captivating dissertation literature review. Most of you studying in the final year are aware of the challenges of writing a good dissertation. But despite the challenges, you as a student should not be deterred to write a literature review.

Firstly, let us understand the placement of a literature review. A literature review is usually placed at the commencement of a dissertation. It is an integral part of your introductory phase of a dissertation. It comprises of a summary of the current topic you wish to pursue your research on. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a reader to read the entire thesis. To save the reader some effort, a summary of the topic presents a quick glimpse of what the research material has to offer. The summary is short but offers a comprehensive idea of what the research is about.

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Students writing a dissertation are often confused as to how to structure a literature review, what is its scope, what should be its ideal length etc. All these doubts make it tricky for them to compile a good literature review. Ideally, a literature review constitutes one-fourth portion of your entire dissertation. It should be concise and should not deviate from the topic. If you see a dearth of literature on a topic, re-frame the questions (related to the topic) in a manner to make them more comprehensive.

The following paragraphs offer a glimpse of how you can write a stronger and better dissertation literature review:

 Forming Appropriate Questions

Be steadfast in your thought process. Understand what you want to write about and what are the questions that arise when you select the topic of interest. Please ensure that you do not begin analysing before you bring clarity to your thought process. By merely constructing problems aimlessly, you will be wasting genuine productivity time. Hence know and consider the issues beforehand and then delve into deciphering the topic.

 Explore the Topic

To create one of a kind literature that wields out words that are crystal clear in understanding and generates interest in a reader, you must learn to explore. Improve your skills for research by continually looking out for material that is relevant to your topic. Keeping on proliferating various sources to acquire knowledge. Utilize the library facilities of your university and make notes from the books available. The more you research, the better it is for you to form concise literature.

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 Categorizing the Arguments

Providing themes is a key factor for providing a natural flowing literature review. Categorizing arguments help to stay organised as to what you wish to write as per the order of relevance. The categorization of different segments will include research questions, academic position, chronology so on and so forth. Ensure that you classify the material for and against when presenting the arguments in the literature. It will give a clear picture to the reader and will not let you lose the flow of the matter. Popular dissertation writing services do follow this fundamental rule to establish a solid argument while preparing a one-of-a-kind literature review.

 Authenticate Sources

When the material starts developing in literature, everything that you claim under the sun needs to be validated. It too involves constant research and refinement in your search techniques. For some findings, they do hold the test of time, and their authenticity cannot be doubted. But in the current cutting-edge scientific technology, your sources should be genuine, and you should avoid citing any obsolete data. For students who feel it is quite tedious to undergo this process can always seek online dissertation help from professionals.

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 The Inclusion of Relevant Material

As a literature review is a summary of the whole dissertation put together, it can be quite complicated to decide as to what parameters can be included in the comprehensive yet brief paragraphs. Careful consideration needs to be made to ensure whether the following topics are necessary to be included or excluded:

 Credibility: What are the credible sources for your debate, and which of them are convincing?

 Neutrality: Is your perspective just, biased or hypocritic?

 Worth: Do your conclusions add value and align with the thought of the reader?

 Qualifications: What are your credentials to make the judgments you have endorsed?

 Inquisitive Attitude

Never add anything to your literature review that has not been scrutinised, reviewed, questioned and dissected time and again. Posing these doubts in your mind time and again will help you create a more refined script for the dissertation literature review writing.

 Evolution of Theory

No doubt, the literature review was written by you will have and involve a considerable theoretical sustaining of any and every source researched by you. You work assumptions, form specific aims, and grapple with various other theoretical challenges. Be explicit in articulating these parameters and align it to your beliefs based on facts and steady proofs.

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Apart from these key points, you could also investigate aspects such as trying to solve the balance of opinions concerning some controversies that associate with the researchable topic. Also, suggest some innovative ideas to what you believe might be the emerging future trends.

Taking these guide points into account to draft a great literature review that will generate a high interest in your thesis in the readers. Make sure that you believe in your idea and make that idea convincing to others too. Also make sure that your ideas, supported by facts, maintain the integrity of the topic you wish to elaborate.

Once you use the points we have mentioned above, it will become easy for you to draft an A-grade literature review for your dissertation.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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April 25, 2018

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