Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

The dissertation topic should be chosen very carefully. A good topic can help you write a high-quality dissertation easily while the most exciting topic may induce a headache because you just can’t find enough material or literature review dissertation on it.

As a Human Resource Management (HRM) student, you should try and choose a topic that can not only win your professors but also impress your future employers.

HR Dissertation Topic – 4 Quick Steps to Choosing the Right One

Here are 4 Steps that you can follow to choose the correct topic for dissertation writing:

 Come up with a Dissertation Topic List

Note down the current and relevant topics related to your field as you come across them. Sometimes, professors may give you a list of topics to choose from. At other times, you may have to design your own list, keeping the terms and conditions or your teacher’s instructions in mind.

You may try to look for topics in your textbooks – in the chapters that you find most interesting.

This list can be exhaustive and may include about 20 to 50 topics.

 Narrow it Down to Top 3 Articles

Start with ticking off the global research disciplines in which you can find information easily. A quick search on Google and a quick glance at the current papers and article can help you identify topics that are current and relevant for your purpose.

Top trade magazines and professional journals (like Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Human Resource Management Journal, Harvard Business Review, and HRM Magazine) are good resources to find articles and papers that have something common with the area of research you have chosen.

Ways to Choose a Mind-Blowing Dissertation Topic

HR dissertation writing help providers often subscribe to these journals or maintain a centralized database where they keep an updated record of the latest research and studies taking place in their fields. You may contact them to seek their dissertation help in choosing a topic that can work best for you.

Google Scholar is also an excellent resource to find research that has already been done on your chosen topics.

Once you’ve decided on the topics that are current but not too common, think of its sub-topic or most important aspect you will like to explore. Frame the research questions for a few topics and come up with Top 3 HRM dissertation topics you now have.

 Invite Critical Evaluation of Your Choice

When you are a Masters or a Ph.D. student, keep your ego and pride aside and start understanding the value of criticism. Show your Top 3 list to your classmates and gauge their response to see if any of these topics excite them or attract them.

Ask for their opinions. It is a preliminary form of ‘Peer Review’ step that you will go through later in your research paper.

Do not forget to ask the opinion of your guide, mentor, and professor. They are the best people to judge whether your topics fit your study goals and the issued instructions and guidelines or not. Listen to them carefully and make the necessary modifications in time.

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It will make your dissertation writing process easier later.

 Plan Ahead

Before you submit your final topic to your professor, decide what type of research you want to do. If you want to compare literature, you should have enough literature available in the field to reach a fruitful conclusion. If you want field research or do experiments or collect data, you’ll have to see if it is feasible for you and whether you have enough funds (and time) for it.

It is also a good idea to choose a HRM dissertation topic that has a commercial angle. It will give you an edge over your peers when you are looking for a job in the Human Resources field.

You may consider seeking the help of the HRM dissertation help experts to come up with the dissertation topics that are easy to research and yet, are unique and impressive in their own right.

FREE HRM Dissertation Topics for You

  1. Work Commitment of Full-Time vs Part-Time Workers in XYZ Company
  2. Negative Impact of Bad HRM Practices in a Company Moving Towards Globalisation
  3. How Online Job Portals and Social Media Networks Have Helped in Making Recruitment Processes More Effective and Efficient?
  4. How are Performance Appraisals linked to Employee Motivation in the UK’s XYZ Company?
  5. Does Training Affect a Business’s Growth at the Time of Economic Crises – An Analysis of British Banks during Recession?
  6. What Should Carry More Weight during Job Interviews – Hard Skills or Soft Skills?
  7. Can a Line Manager Perform HR Functions?
  8. How to Supervise Social Workers in a Wide Performance Management Framework?
  9. What are the Challenges of Overseas Outsourcing from a Human Resource Perspective?
  10. What are the Best Methodologies to Improve Employee Selection Processes?
  11. What are the Legal and Ethical Aspects of Maintaining Workplace Diversity in the UK?
  12. Is the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Checking as Part of the Recruitment Process of an Organisation Violation of the Human Rights of the Candidates?
  13. How effective are the e-HRM practices in the oil and gas companies of Kuwait?
  14. Best HR Strategies to Tackle Moonlighting by Personnel in an Organisation
  15. How to Control and Monitor Employee Correspondence in the Workplace?
  16. What are the Most ‘Fair’ and ‘Just’ HRM Practices Regarding Employee Wages and Number of Hours They Work For?
  17. What Roles Do Employee Unions Play in a Big Organisation, and How Do They Affect the Company’s Management Practices?
  18. A Comparative Study of Japanese and German HRM Practices in the Leading Automotive MNCs
  19. Is Performance-Based Payout to Individuals Inconsistent with Total Quality Management Fundamentals?
  20. Verbal Harassment of Women at the Workplace and How It Affects Their Performance


Business Dissertation Topics

Discuss the topics you like with your guide or mentor, try to understand its scope, and decide on the dissertation methodology you’ll use. It will help you come up with the best HRM dissertation topic that will help you excel in academics and get your degree as well as showcase your skills and talents and help you find a good job in the HR field later.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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May 11, 2018

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