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Communication is an essential part of everyone’s life. It helps in building relationships, making new friends or interacting with someone. When two or more people communicate they influence the beliefs, attitudes, and ideas of each other. Good communication skills are mandatory as it helps in day to day life to express more.


The communication takes place with the help of language; it can be through words, signs, gestures, expressions or symbols.

Every person while expressing his thoughts uses various features of a language.

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What is Language Features?

The feature of language means to analyze the language. It helps to convey a message in an appropriate way.
Some Language Features List to improve your communication skills!


-Alliteration is a process in which words starting with the same sound is used again in a sentence. For example, Alliteration tongue twister- “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked”


– The repetition of the vowel sound in a sentence is known as Assonance. For example, “Don’t try to light the fire”

Colloquial language

– When an informal language or common expressions is used in a sentence, it’s known as Colloquial language. For example, “Don’t take the stress, just chill-out”.


– The version of the language spoken by people of a particular region. It is a pattern of speech used in a particular area of a country. There are roughly 6,500 languages spoken so you can only imagine the number of dialects that we have.


: Dialogue represents a conversation between two people. This feature of language is usually used while narrating a story. It can bring a sense of drama or humor in a story.
For example, He- You like watching movies?
She- Yes, I love watching movies, especially horror.


– This feature of language is used to over-exaggerate a point in a sentence. It helps to put more emphasis. For example, “The skin on her arms was as thin as the skin of onion”.


– The method of writing a sentence in a way that helps the reader to imagine the situation is known as imagery. This can be done with the help of similes and metaphors. For example, “His hand is as strong as iron”.


– Words and ideas are used humorously and sarcastically to state something opposite. For example, “The irony of a comfort zone is, it can be tiring sometimes”.
Metaphor- In this feature of the language, the sentence does not imply a literal meaning. For example, “John flew into the room”.


– Monologues are performed by actors or celebrities in a way to bring their thoughts in front of a crowd. This can be in the form of speech that can be presented aloud to make the point impactful.


– This feature is used to imply the sound in a situation. They are written in a way that can sound like the noise it describes. For example, words like boom, bang, splash, hiss, etc.


– When two words which are not associated with each other are used together is known as an Oxymoron. For example, “Bitter Sweet”.


– When you try to convey a sad or sorrowful message, it is known as pathos. Pathos can be used in poems or in some tragic story. Writers usually use them instead of facts, when they want to connect with the emotions of the readers.


– When a human quality is shifted to a thing it is Personification. It is written in a way that non-human things also act like humans. For example, “The Mountains are calling me to feel natural”.


– The establishment of similarity between two things. The simile is used to compare two things in a way to bring more impact to a situation. For example “As cold as ice”.


-The tone is used to generate a mood of the text. For example, sadness, happiness, joyful, etc.


– With the help of an adjective, the quality of a noun can be described. For example, “Oliver is mad” in this sentence, mad is an adjective describing Oliver.


– This language feature is a punctuation mark and indicates possession. The apostrophe is attached to a noun. For example, “Jack’s hat”

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