Top 15 Free Law Dissertation Topics

Law Dissertation Topics – How to Choose Easily and Scoring Ones?

One can choose the law dissertation topics related to a number of national and international laws. They may encompass a wide variety of law thesis topics, such as:

 Commercial law dissertation topics

 Company law dissertation topics

 Corporate law dissertation topics

 Criminal law dissertation topics

 Family law dissertation topics

Dissertation writing services can provide you with several law dissertation examples that you can use as a reference to see how to write a law thesis that can earn you good grades. If you opt for dissertation help UK, you may ask the service provider to suggest you with law dissertation titles that suit best to your academic and career goals.

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The dissertation topic you choose should be compelling enough to catch the eyes of the reader.

Law Dissertation Topics – 15 Free Ideas

Here, you can find some easy dissertation examples & topics for law students on which you can write a good dissertation:

  1. Can the Points System in the English Immigration Model enable the creation of a ‘cap’? Analysis of the application issues related to the points system, limitation imposed by the Free Movement of Workers, and the rights of EU nationals.
  2. Critically analyze the UK Government’s decision to allow same-sex couples to have all the rights and responsibilities of a marriage through the civil partnership institution, but do not allow them to marry.
  3. Critically evaluate the racial discrimination laws in developed countries and how it affects the workplace environment.
  4. Critically examine the need for reforming the laws regarding homicide offenses in England and Wales, in the light of recommendations proposes by the Law Commission.
  5. Critically examine the rights of married women over the property.
  6. Discuss how intellectual property rights in the UK have been affected by European law.
  7. Discuss the relevance and the place of the European Union Sale of Goods legislation within the UK in the aftermath of Brexit.
  8. Discuss the success and failure of the anti-corruption legislation in the UK.
  9. Discuss whether media is misusing the freedom of speech and expression to influence public interest arguments and whether there is a need to draw a line between the public interest stories and the stories that highlight the private lives of individuals.
  10. Do we need to reconsider the supremacy of the European Union (EU) law over the sovereignty of Member States?
  11. Does the ‘building block’ model of EU competition law need to replaced by the ‘rule of reason’ model of the US law?
  12. Explore the human rights aspect of holding a mentally ill person in hospital detention without their consent, if they pose a threat to themselves or the public.
  13. How do we need to modify our laws to offer legal redress to male victims of domestic violence?
  14. Should the UN intervene in oppressive regimes on humanitarian grounds? A study of Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria
  15. Should we ratify the CISG (Vienna Convention on the Internet Sale of Goods 1980)? Is it compatible with the English Law?

Once you decide upon the topic you want to write on, it’s time to know the format or structure of the dissertation which will guide your writing.

How to Structure Your Law Dissertation?

A law dissertation can have different formats, depending on the law research questions you have formulated and the university guidelines and teacher’s instructions you have received. However, typically, a law dissertation can be divided into nine sections:

Title Page: showcasing the dissertation title and the author’s name.

Abstract: A 150-300 word summary of what will your dissertation offer.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A 100-200 word short summary of your study objectives, the background of the research, and why it is necessary to conduct the suggested research.

Methodology: Mention in 200-300 words how you plan to do your research.

Literature Review: In this section, you need to present a review of relevant theories and the information that has already been published on the topic.

Evidence: The section contains descriptive text, analysis of your findings, and presents a detailed strategy on what more can be done in the field.

Conclusion: It presents a summary of what has already been covered in the dissertation and what you have concluded from it.

Recommendations: Depending on your conclusion, you can make suggestions on what can be done to make things better, who can do it, and how the steps you suggest are justified (based on your findings).

Law Dissertation Structure (Infographic)

List of Dissertation Chapters

The law research topic you choose should be within the area in which you are an expert. Online dissertation writing services can put you in touch with professional dissertation writers who have years of experience, and who can help you collect relevant information on your topic quickly.

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Remember, a broad law topic is easier to handle as it is easier to find sufficient information on it. You may seek paper help from other law experts in your circle to do comprehensive research. Your topic should also relate to the field in which you are planning to specialize in later. A dissertation topic to your law specialization can help you in your career ahead.

You may discuss your law dissertation titles with us in the Comments section below.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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