Top 15 Nursing Dissertation Topics You Can Use

A dissertation is like a long essay – based on the research you have done on your own. It is challenging and exciting, and exhausting and time-consuming at the same time. As a nursing student, when you set out to write a dissertation, your first step is to come up with a few nursing dissertation topic ideas which allow you do research quickly and within your budget, and can impress your professors and peers.

You might want to seek nursing dissertation help from the professional dissertation writers or read through a few nursing dissertation examples to come up with a list of dissertation topics in nursing that can use.

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Once you have your list ready, you can tick off good nursing dissertation titles you may use later keeping in mind:

     Availability of Literature and Resources on the topic: Do you have enough literature review it and reach a logical conclusion?

     Feasibility of the Idea: Are you going to conduct primary research or secondary research? In primary research, you may require more money and more time. You will need subjects too who can participate in your surveys or whom you can interview. In secondary research, you will find readymade data, but you will not be able to control the quality of data you find. You might have to modify your research paper question based on the data you find.

     The Time you have in hand: As a student, you always have to keep the dissertation submission deadlines in mind. If you have just a week to write your dissertation, you should not pick up a research topic that will require comprehensive research.

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List of Free Nursing Dissertation Topics

Here are 15 free Nursing Dissertation topics you may use directly (or with a little bit of tweaking to avoid any plagiarism issues and to suit your purpose):

  1. Administrative challenges Adult Nursing Staff in London’s face
  2. Analysis of Nursing Care requirement for a child with autism
  3. Attitude and behavior of nurses and other healthcare providers towards HIV-positive patients: The factor of sexual orientation
  4. Clinical management of patients with cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure in a hospital environment
  5. Critical Care Nursing: Studying patient safety protocols in the USA and Australia.
  6. Diabetes is an epidemic now, and lifestyle interventions to stem it
  7. Impact of Laughter Therapy on Depression
  8. The literature review about how poor housing conditions can negatively impact those with existing mental health issues
  9. Pediatric Care norms in the United States: Comparing nursing practices in NHS-backed hospitals and private institutions.
  10. The practice of breastfeeding among cancer women in UK/US: Personal, social and legal challenges.
  11. The psychological impact of providing nursing care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  12. Review opinions of Public Health Nurses on environmental hazards and its effects
  13. Risk of at home management of vascular dementia: Role of nurses in improving awareness among caregivers.
  14. Role of Spiritual Awareness in Palliative Care
  15. The role of midwives in providing medical services to a pregnant woman in African regions.

Many students wonder how to write a nursing dissertation proposal. According to subject dissertation help experts, all dissertations have the same basic structure – an abstract, an introduction, dissertation methodology & discussions, conclusion, and references & citations. You’ll need to look at your university guidelines and teachers’ instructions to find out about other things you might have to keep in mind for fulfilling your nursing dissertation writing requirements.

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Best Nursing Dissertation Topics – How to Use It?

To use the nursing dissertation topics list given above, tick on the ones that seem interesting to you – and then, research on them a bit. Do preliminary research and look for all the information on the topics you have chosen.

Besides surfing the World Wide Web, it is always a good idea to visit your university library where you can find a variety of resources such as reputed academic nursing journals and magazines. While researching online, make sure you pick data and information from authentic and reliable sources only – such as university websites, highly renowned journals, and government websites.

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Go for a dry run and see which topics provide you with the best scope to write good research in the field of nursing quickly.

You may also want to pick up a topic that relates to the nursing specialization you may want to go for later, or the type of nursing jobs you would like to apply for later. For example, if you’re going to provide nursing care to children, choose a topic related to pediatric nursing, and if you want to work with the elderly, you might want to select a topic that connects to the care they need.

A nursing dissertation topic should be in sync with your future academic and career plans. You can discuss the topics with us in the Comments section below.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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