Best Presentation Topics for your Next Dissertation

Perhaps the trickiest part of writing a dissertation is not the actual matter but finding a suitable dissertation topic. If you will wait for inspiration to hit you then you might just end up missing the submission date. So the most advisable thing to do is to actually choose something that can do justice to the research paper work you will be putting in. This is one of the important decisions of your academic career and you cannot be flippant about it.

Again choosing a topic that is perfect in every aspect is not all that easy. To make the work simpler for you we have a selected few interesting presentation topics.  We have also given you a few pointers on how one must choose a topic.

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Interesting Presentation Topics

There various fields from which one can select excellent dissertation topics and education ranks high among them. The reason for this being an unlimited range of subjects that one can write about. Here is a few dissertation topics example:

  • What role does homework play in the life of teenagers who are immigrants?
  • Does reality television demoralize students?
  • What is the impact of shocking behavior displayed by teachers to encourage the creative aspect of students?
  • The difficulties that adult graduate face while dealing with new age technology.
  • How does the internet impact the emotional maturity of young students?
  • What role does social network play in the learning process in rural areas?

Another very interesting field that offers countless topics to choose from is law. Here are some samples from the subject that you can write your dissertation on.

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Law Presentation Topics

  • What has been the impact of the war on terror in re-shaping criminal laws?
  • Pick any country and evaluate all their policies on discrimination in detail.
  • Talk of the reforms that homicide laws have undergone in the recent past.
  • How morality impacts the highly talked of euthanasia law and how Canada has set an example on it?

Even computer science that has had a huge impact on the world in the past decade and offers unlimited scope for writing.

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Computer Science Presentation Topics

  • What methods can be implemented to improve open web architecture?
  • How the recent trend of e-publishing has impacted libraries?
  • What are the new methods that have been used for risk management during the process of software development?
  • A case study of new protection systems against terror attacks.
  • A detailed study of a full-text database impact on a search engine.

Psychology has always been a highly interesting subject that offers endless room for research proposals. You can find a plethora of interesting stuff on this subject for your dissertation report.

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Psychology Presentation Topics

  • What relation does impaired social cognition have with emotional disorders like anxiety and panic attack?
  • A study of the contrast between the child brain and an adult brain in terms of their plasticity.
  • How studying human cognitive development can help one know the evolution of the human brain?
  • How nature has an impact on mood?
  • In what way decision making is affected by rational thinking and impulsive response.

Even arts and humanities imbibe a whole range of topics that can be used for writing a dissertation report. Here are a few samples that you can bring into use.

Arts and Humanities Presentation Topics

  • The evolution of design in various periods throughout history? (Ancient, middle and present)
  • A study on the philosophy of design.
  • What role does the suffering of people have in terms of inspiring contemporary art?
  • A case study of artists during the time of war and how it impacted their art.

You can’t choose a topic for your report just because you find it appealing and think you can write on it. There is a lot more than you need to invest in the process. Here are a few things that you have to ponder on before you pick the topic of your dissertation.

  • Be sure that you have a genuine interest in the topic. If you are passionate about something, it will fuel your fire to research on it and write with conviction. Otherwise, you will just be dragging on with work you are not keen on.
  • It is advisable to pick a problem that is either very new or a dimension that has not been approached as yet. This makes the topic all the more interesting and it can be connected to a bigger picture and current scenario.
  • Be sure to have ample sources of research as you also don’t wish t end up with something for which there is scarce material online.

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Dissertation writing can really push a student in terms of the time and energy it consumes. If you face any issue with your lab report then feel free to contact our team of professional dissertation writers. They are highly experienced and can help with dissertation you to choose a topic and write a fabulous report.

February 18, 2019

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