What is the Right Structure for Dissertation Writing?

After you have conducted elaborate research on the chosen topic, searched for an ample of relevant resources, and have planned the methodologies to be used in the paper, you begin working on the main taskWriting your dissertation. Be prepared to work hard since dissertation writing is a tedious process.  I have seen many students get overwhelmed when it comes to writing a dissertation.

Remember, you already have a pool of sources and references, and you just need to organize them neatly. You were brilliant in doing the research and going forward also you will do a great job. The only strategy to follow here is consistent planning.

9 Tips on How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Now the question is what is the correct structure of writing a dissertation proposal? You have many dissertation examples available on the internet to refer to. However, the basic outline of a dissertation is very important to propose your ideas and thoughts clearly.

Dissertation Outline

You have already made your dissertation proposal that is the initial outline of your project. A dissertation proposal has to be convincing and it should include these very points: Dissertation Title, Objectives, Literature, Research, Methodology, Potential Outcomes, and References.

The bigger task is to write the final projectthe main paper.

First, make an overall outline listing each point that you have to include in your dissertation.

Every organization advances its own dissertation structure based on the subject. There are many online dissertation help services in the UK that you can approach to understand the requirements of your topic. However, the basic structure is almost the same for all kinds of dissertation writing.

Here are the key headings that will make your dissertation writing convenient.

Title Page

The Title page has to be sober yet illustrative to catch attention. It is the first page of the dissertation that will have the heading, subheading, your name, your educational program, and student registration number.

Information Page

The information page is more detailed than the title page where you again write the title and subtitle, give information about your mentor and yourself (name, e-mail, and registration number) and state your program of study. At the bottom of the page, write down the date of your dissertation submission.

 21 Types of Referencing Styles


You use this space to give the readers a background of your dissertation. Scholars also utilize this page to express their gratitude to everyone who provided dissertation writing services and guidance to them.

If you have a long list of people to thanks, the acknowledgment page can be a separate addition. Else, a preface can serve this personal purpose.


An abstract is the summary of your paper. It should be precisely written so that the readers can find the reasons to continue with your dissertation. You can in short answer the typical questions in the abstract such as:

  • What is the agenda or the problem?
  • How is it done?
  • What was the research about?
  • What were the results?


This serves to be an overview of your dissertation covering every dissertation topic along with their respective page numbers. This enables the readers to easily access a particular chapter. You can create an index table using word or excel.

List of Figures and Tables

This section will include the list of all the diagrams, flowcharts, and tables that you are going to use in your dissertation paper. An automatically generated list will occur when you click on the insert tab in MS Word.


I will recommend you to place a list of abbreviations, containing the expansion of the abbreviated terms used in your paper, in the beginning only rather than putting it in the end. This will enable the readers to decode the terms easily while going through the dissertation.


A glossary is a mini dictionary explaining all the technical and new words that have been used in your paper.


You introduce the topic here to give a deep insight into the thought process and research that went into the dissertation. Keep your introduction vivid and interesting that could entice the readers to read your paper further. You can take help from custom dissertation writing services to enhance your introduction.

Literature Review/Theoretical Framework

In this part, you will review the research questions and process in separate segments addressing every question with relevant theory. If you have drafted any hypothesis in your dissertation, you will address it here using the background literature review of the research process. You can either support, reject, criticize, formulate, or test a hypothesis based on the literary background.

 How to do Theoretical Framework in Dissertation Writing


Dissertation methodology writing will mainly focus on the resources, the ways you collected the resources, and the methods to implement the results. If it is qualitative research, you will talk about the data collection and analysis process, the research questions, the people involved in your survey, and the location preferences. However, if your dissertation is a quantitative one, it will cover the primary and secondary data resource, the samples collected through surveys, statistics about the population, the research questions and the formulated hypothesis, the devices or instruments used, and the data analysis.


This is the most intellectual segment in your whole dissertation. Here you are going to answer all the research questions based on your findings. You will widely demonstrate your reasoning capacity discussing the results you found. Also, emphasize on the course along which these results led you to.


This is the final sheet where you are going to summarize the problems and the results achieved. The conclusions are often oriented towards multiple interpretations. Establish a connection with the topic by stating the differences your findings are going to make in the academic forum, mentioning its practical application too.  


In the discussions part, the debate on all the possible interpretations and view-points proposing ideas of any future research. Keep this as an open forum to welcome suggestions and critiques.
Explain the logic behind suggesting follow-up research under the recommendations topic.


Clearly, state all the resources and references that you have used in your dissertation paper. Use the proposed citation and referencing style for your stream of study. List the sources that provided your dissertation writing help.

Design your own timeline to complete each of these chapters systematically without getting swamped with its complexity and order. Your dissertation paper is going to be lengthy, so patience is the key here.

Prepare your first dissertation draft keeping in mind this outline. Just stay calm, work harder, be consistent, and study a few good dissertation examples on the Internet.

I am sure the final submission will be your best masterpiece ever.
All the best!

September 10, 2018

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