The Ideal Font for Dissertation Writing used Widely

Every student in his or her Master’s Degree is required to complete a dissertation paper in order to qualify for the conferral of their degree. Students basically get buried under numerous research materials while framing their dissertation.  The most time-consuming part that haunts every student while composing the dissertation is writing the paper, leveled as the difficult part of dissertation. After the completion of the entire writing part, there comes a crucial time where you need to check the entire dissertation thoroughly for any grammatical errors. You also need to proofread the entire article in order to remove any kind of errors in your dissertation, in such times, a reliable dissertation writing services can help you out with minimum investments on it.  Here comes a small yet very prominent element of your dissertation that includes proper formatting which is significant for any academic writing.  

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Most of the students do not actually know which font has to be used for dissertation writing. This is where most examiners in the dissertation community deduct marks even if the entire dissertation is high in quality in regards to content. Along with highly relevant information in the content, it is very important to focus on the presentation of your paper, after all the hard work you have put in making it.  For some, it may seem very insignificant. But for a serious student, it is a matter of great importance. Dissertation being a very important part of your academic career, you can never afford to compromise on the quality and the presentation as your recognition in the higher degrees is based on it. Hence, you need to take care of all the order and presentation styles with a great deal of perfection in order achieve your objective and online dissertation help availed in the United Kingdom can always help you out dramatically. You, for the matter, need to pay attention to the style of font that you are using for your dissertation and few dissertation examples can always help you out.

Let’s focus on the general mistakes that you need to avoid during selecting a font for your dissertation.

Students generally run short of time in choosing the fonts as they do not realize the importance of visibility in the presentation of information. Moreover, there are numerous choices that are available to you for your dissertation. For getting rid of such confusions, it is very important to realize what should not be done while selecting the font which is described below:

 The Need for Individuality

Many students who are new to dissertation writing select a typeface with a similar orientation that they do while expressing their personal taste in music.  However, you need to understand that font is not at all about representing individuality. You must not pick any kind of font simply because you are fond of it. You need to remember that the font has to appeal to the reader who is going to go through 30 -40 paged contents of your dissertation.

 Use of Various Fonts

Students have the tendency to play with a lot of fonts and try them in various parts of the content by thinking that it appeals to the readers.  This way they tend to use many fonts for the same work. This projects a very cluttering presentation of the dissertation which repels the interest of the readers.  Hence, you need to choose only one font for the entire dissertation.

 Looking for Cooler Fonts

Many fonts have a cool appearance on many websites but they do not have a pleasing appearance on the academic or professional documents. Hence, you need to select the fonts that have a pleasing appearance to the eyes.

 Fonts that Should not be Used

You need to avoid using certain kinds of fonts that make your dissertation have a casual appearance, refer to few dissertation examples and you will find out that Calibri font style is never in use..  You should also avoid using sans serif in the main body of the dissertation. However, you can use this font in the headings. The examiners who shall be assessing your dissertation will expect a font that is not too strayed from the optimum academic standard.

Fonts Those are Ideal for Dissertation

Here are some fonts that are ideal for presenting your dissertation as they provide maximum readability. However, there are some drawbacks associated with selecting them.

 Georgia,  Garamond, Cambria, Palatino, Century

These are very appropriate as they  have a pleasant appearance on Microsoft Word.

DrawbackSome fonts such as Georgia has an aspect of unaligned numerals that means all the numbers in the content will have no specific size.  Basically, this is not much of an issue, however; you shall have issues while creating any table.

Times New Roman

Every student and professional is familiar with it and is probably the safest option to select.  This makes your content to appear very easy to read along with giving a neat appearance to the text.

Drawback : The objective of creating this font is to make space for more words and characters in the columns of a newspaper.   Some professionals discourage the use of this font as they view it to be overused. In the case where you are lacking the time and are unable to think of any option for fonts, you can simply opt for it as it has been a standard font for all the academic works.

Verdana and Arial

These fonts can be widely used while writing dissertations or any other academic papers. These fonts provide a clean and smooth look on the screen of the computer.

DrawbackThough these fonts provide a clean appearance to the screen, basically, they do not provide much readability in the printed form. Moreover, these fonts provide a less formal look at the main body of the dissertation.


Before you make the final decision regarding which font to choose for your dissertation writing, you should make it a point to go through the guidelines of the University for being aware of the fonts that are preferred by the professors. In case you are clueless about it, refer to dissertation editing services for complete help and proper assessment of the dissertation. You might discover that some rules are already provided about font size and typefaces for dissertation writing. In such scenarios, you need to comply with the rules of the university and compose your paper accordingly in order to fetch good grades.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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March 21, 2018

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