Theoretical Framework in Dissertation Writing

All dissertations need to have a theoretical groundwork that is discussed in the dissertation literature review sector. The theoretical framework is essential because, through it, you will be able to assess your research problems and research questions. All the theories you will be using, will be identified in the theoretical framework section, then this will allow you to know all about the information you need to include and the best way to include them.

A well written theoretical framework provides you with a durable scientific research base for your dissertation. As a start, you should ascertain any selected theory or theories; any information concerning the study, such as the population, aim, and outcomes. This information will make it easier for you to prove how the theory relates to your dissertation.

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After introducing your theories in the literature review section, you have to state and outline the relevance of these theories to your study with high lightening your findings and evaluate your study.

The objective of a Theoretical Framework

By presenting the research question, research problem and your thesis theories, you displayed that you are well-informed about the main concepts, and theories, that is related to your topic. The theoretical framework also offers a scientific defense for your study; it shows that your research is based on scientific theory. For example, shown in the image below,

Developing an Effective Theoretical Framework Strategy

Constructing the Framework

1. Observe your thesis title and research question. The research question announces your whole study and forms the foundation from which you build your theoretical framework.

2. Think about all the variables in the dissertation. All the factors that might contribute to the supposed effect.

3.Review connected literature. Identify the hypothesis from which other researchers addressed their thesis study question.

4. Collect and divide your dissertation variables into independent and dependent groups.

5. Evaluation of the thesis theories that are presented to you in your readings to choose from them the ideal one or many that will best explain and correlate your variables. These theories are the theoretical basis for understanding, investigating, and correlating your dissertation outcomes. It was the guide to the development of your framework.

  • Through interpreting new research information for future use,
  • Through recognizing research problems,
  • By providing old data with new explanations
  • Through sharing a common language with other researchers, and
  • Through guiding the research for the benefit of better-qualified practice.

6. Discuss the proposals of this theory and highlight their significance to your research.

How does the Theoretical Framework Support the Study?

  1. The theoretical framework links the investigator to the knowledge. The hypotheses of the research methods are directed by a related theory.
  2. Theoretical assumptions allow you to knowledgeably change from simply relating a theory you have experimented with taking a broad view of that theory.
  3. A theoretical framework lay down which variables influence your theories, and focus on the need to inspect how those variables are exposed to different situations that make them change.
  4. A theoretical framework is used to add a boundary to the possibility of the relevant data by concentrating on certain variables that the researcher will use in studying and analyzing the data.
  5. Theoretical framework also enables the understanding of theories and constructs new knowledge by authenticating theoretical assumptions.

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How long should the Theoretical Framework be?

The theoretical framework is about three to five pages long. You might find it useful to include models or other graphics within the theoretical framework. All of this can be provided through dissertation writing services.

Dissertation help in the UK can help in your Research Paper through:

  1. Undoubtedly designate the framework, theories, that reinforce your study. This includes noticing the key theorists who have piloted the same research on the research question you are studying and, when essential, also analyze the old context that back-up the origination of that theory.
  2. Place your theoretical framework within a larger perspective of related frameworks, theories, and representations. Dissertation examples will be provided that will display several concepts, theories that can be used to aid in the development of the perfect framework that will be the key to understanding the research problem. Therefore, choose the dissertation online help that will provide you with the most appropriate theoretical framework needed.
  3. Will make your theoretical assumptions as clear as possible. Discussion of the methodology will be correlated to the theoretical framework later.
  4. Proving that theories are just assumptions that are not to be taken as a given.

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The theoretical framework works as the backbone that can also be used to additionally investigate conclusions and hypotheses. It is also be used to communicate and form your own hypotheses, which will help you to analyze the qualitative and quantitative assumptions of your study. A complete theoretical framework can be provided dissertation help online after completing with you the review of the literature.

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