These 20 Questions Can Make Your Accounting Dissertation an Interesting Read

Selecting a good topic for your accounting dissertation appears to be a daunting task, mostly when the subject can encompass a broad range of areas.  It is crucial to compose the dissertations by keeping every requirement into consideration. It is increasingly important to have the contents of your dissertations manageable, organized, relevant and potential supportive for your future career endeavours. Despite collecting highly relevant data and information for the dissertation, there are many times when the examiners do not rate the papers according to the expectations of the students that rise due to the high quality data that they have put in. Here comes the real play when they realise to enhance their dissertation writing skills to better levels. One of the ways through which you can enhance the quality of your dissertation is by adding questions that provide a perspective of critical reflection to the paper. Here are some questions that can help you forming a better dissertation

1. Describe the Research

You may find this question to be very straight and simple. Most professors and experts will give you the feedback that most students get startled while answering this simple and straight answer in their dissertation.  However, the question is not very complicated but has more of a technical approach. A student needs to be completely aware of every detail of the dissertation right from the first chapter to the end of the research paper.  This question requires an answer in a format similar to that of a summary of the whole research study, hence, to frame the answer for the question you need to get the details from the abstract.

2. What is the motivation for this research?

This is a question for which you need to be very careful.  It is a very tricky question as well as very significant in convincing the internal and external examiners that your paper is worth good grades. Another way of presenting this question is “What is the issue in the research”

You need to elaborate the issues that were investigated during the conduction of the study.  The zeal that assisted you in resolving the issues is the motivation of the research.

3. How is the dissertation going to contribute to the knowledge body?

During the evaluation of your dissertation, a point will come when there will be a requirement for providing justification of the contribution that your research makes  to the knowledge body in the case it is approved.

4. What is the importance of the research?

Under this section, you need to highlight the way in which your research will help the Government in developing and implementing policies along with the other students who want to conduct research studies.

5. How has the gap in the research reduced?

Here you need to show some level of confidence in order to share the ways you have used to locate the desired resources for your accounting dissertation writing. Along with that give a short brief of the methods you have used to effectively utilize those resources and why. Do not feel shy to disclose the challenges you have faced during dissertation but make share they are reliable and discuss how you have tackled those obstacles. Did you ask for any dissertation help from others or anything.

6. What are research limitations?

Mention simple issues that you faced in combining the projects and lectures and try not to limit your research. Here you get more details of framing accounting dissertation help

7. What are the research findings?

Link the outcomes of your research to the objectives or research questions.

8. What are the data collection methods that were used?

You need to be able to justify the techniques and other parts of research methodology here.

9. What is the purpose of selecting this method?

Justify a very convincing manner.

10. What are the recommendations based on the findings

You need to compose this part in a much-personalized manner.

11. What is the suggestion for the research study in future?

Suggest future areas of research here on the basis of research findings.

12. What are the ways in which the research study can be implemented?

Be realistic while answering this question and relate it to your current environment.

13. Summarise the research study to a practitioner in few words

The answer should reflect your ability to present technical information.  For gaining more understanding about accounting dissertation help in  UK

14. What are the things that can change if the research study is conducted again

This question is tricky to know your weaknesses.  You need to be careful while answering the question.

15. What is the metrics of research?

This question simply means to obtain the methods of sampling or data collection that were used for the conduction of the research study. You need to mention the primary or secondary researches that were used during the research.

16. What are the questions of your research?

This question is very simple to answer as you might have already covered that in the research

17. What are the intended plans with the research study post graduation?

This question provides you with the liberty to speak your mind in this section. If you think of publishing it, this is the best chance to make the committee members know that.

18. What are the data sources that were employed for the research study?

You need to mention the research source from where data was obtained. You need to state if the data was obtained from secondary and primary source or both. You can also projects convincing approach to the examiners regarding the empirical or theoretical approaches that were used in the dissertation literature review.

19. What are the theoretical frameworks or theories upon which the study is based?

This section has to be answered with a technical approach and should be made interesting. There should be a mention of at least two theories upon which you should have conducted the literature review.

20. What are the recommendations for the future research?

You need to look at the question from a perspective of providing resolution for the areas that need in-depth conduction of research.


Accounting dissertations need to be prepared by taking ample amount of time in hand.  There can be no rush for framing a good accounting dissertation. Students must take care of all the criteria or marking along with the instructions provided in the rubrics to fetch good and competitive grades.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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March 23, 2018

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