30 Psychology Dissertation Topic Examples

Psychology is the study of the Mind and Behavior. Being a multi-faceted discipline, its sub-fields include Sports Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Human Development and so on. It is quite a popular course as it offers a number of transferable skills that one can use in a wide range of chosen career fields such as HR, marketing, and management.

Many Psychology major students who seek psychology dissertation help from outside are confused about what dissertation topics to choose. A good dissertation topic is crucial to help you earn your graduation degree with good grades and be able to get the right platform to launch your career. It needs to be interesting enough to keep you engaged and motivated for at least one or two years, is unique in itself and yet has enough literature for you to check out, should be publishable by the leading journals, and can be completed by the given deadline.

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Go through the list of Dissertation examples below and choose a good title according to your chosen sub-field:

Dissertation Topics for Consumer & Industrial Psychology

 Decoding International Branding with the help of Hofstede’s concept of cultural dimensions – A Comparative Study of Three Global Fashion Brands

 Do high-street fashion retailers use Cova’s Tribal Marketing techniques? – A Case Study of UK brands

 Does the color of packaging impact shoppers’ buying decision? – A Quantitative Study of Leading UK Supermarkets

 How does Hierarchy affect productivity in the workplace? – A Comparative Study of a UK Workplace with Rigid

 Hierarchy to that of One with Egalitarian Culture

 How do looks of an office or factory impact the motivation level and productivity level of employees? – A Critical and Historical Review

 How to predict ‘burnout’ of Executives? – A Literature Review Dissertation

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Psychology Dissertation Topics for Counselling & Therapy

 Are self-help techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy useful for kids under 13? – A Quantitative Study

 Do current UK health professionals still follow Freudian psychoanalysis techniques? – A Qualitative Study

 How does Counselor-Client relationship measure up on the balance of power? – A Literature Review

 How does the length of treatment impact the outcomes of cognitive behavioral therapy in patients? – A Quantitative Study

 Is Projective Testing not used anymore? – A Critical Overview of current UK Counselling and Therapy Practices

 Which theoretical models advocate the role of ‘Unconscious’ in Life Coaching? – A Literature Review

Psychology Dissertation Topics for Developmental & Educational

 Are Eating Disorders Genetic in Nature? – A Quantitative Study

 Can Identifying a Child’s Learning Style Improve His or Her Academic Outcome? – A Quantitative Study on Primary School Kids

 Children Internalization of ‘Others’ and the Threat of Stranger Danger – A Qualitative Study

 Is Attachment Theory the Right Explanation of the Child’s View of ‘Self’? – A Literature Review

 Pre-Teens with Single Mother and Their Perception of Father Figures and Male Authority – A Qualitative Study

 Should Reflective Practice be adopted in UK School Pedagogy Practices? – A Qualitative Study

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Psychology Dissertation Topics for Mental Health & Abnormal

 Are learning difficulties related to one’s phobias? How? – A Literature Review

 Can ‘Mediterranean’ diet control or prevent Depression? – A Literature Review

 Can Yoga and Meditation treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – A Controlled Study on OCD patients

 Do food-related conflicts in childhood impact eating habits in adolescence? – A Qualitative Study on Anorexia Patients

 How does social stigma impact one’s coping strategies? – A Quantitative Study

 Is self-harm in British teenagers linked to their use of social networking websites? – A Qualitative Study

Psychology Dissertation Topics for Social

 Can music prevent criminal behavior in public places? – A Quantitative Study of an Urban Subway Station

 Do work uniforms help in establishing authority and control? –A Qualitative Study on UK Banks, Supermarkets, and Council Workers

 Gender in the Corporate Marketing and Advertising Strategies – A Critical Analysis of Use of Images of Women in Corporate Branding

 Gendered Behaviours in Fetish Club and Bars –An Ethnographic Study of Fetish Clubs and Bars in London, Manchester, and Swansea

 How is the social attitude towards mental illnesses changing? – A Study of Magazine and TV Advertisements, News, and Media Reports

 Is the use of social media promoting Narcissism in UK students? – A Quantitative Study

Dissertation writing services online grapple with the issue of coming up with ‘wow’ topics for each of their client – quickly and consistently. So, they generally have a system in place. They go through the topics being studied by their clients and their interest areas, the teachers’ instructions, and the studies accessible to them to try and come up with a topic that sounds challenging and fun but can be completed quickly.

A dissertation help UK provider shared on the promise of anonymity that many UK students fail to write a dissertation in time because they choose a topic that seems very important to them but then fail to find enough studies or research papers to support their arguments. Hence, it is important that they do a quick study of resources available on the topic before they suggest it to their teachers.

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