What Examiners Look for in Your Dissertation Proposal Writing?

One of the most important assignments that you will undertake while at your university is your dissertation or research project. It is an independent piece of research work where students must take a great deal of responsibility for their own learning during the program. It reveals a student’s competencies as a student and researcher during the program.

However, it can be confusing for students to determine, what their supervisors are looking for in their dissertation, which they can finally present at the end of the year. With dissertation proposal writing services, you can easily manage it but it is advisable to manage on your own. Well, it’s alright to be confused and to have and make changes every now and then. That is how dissertations take their final shape and you can take dissertation proposal help online while drafting them on your own . However, what is not right is to go completely out of track and be confused about the final output as opposed to what the examiner might be expecting. After all, they will be judging you based on the quality of your final work.

Nevertheless, the path is not as difficult as it seems because there are certain common points that examiners are looking forward to in your dissertation and if you have started early, then you will not have a problem implementing them. So, to make your head forward with your work, here are some points that you must keep in mind before you go all out and get ready for your final presentation. Let’s take a look.

Keep Your Dissertation Interesting

As a student, you must know that your examiners will read your dissertation as any normal book. So, you must keep it enjoyable to keep the reader (in this case the examiner) engaged. Just as a reader will leave a book halfway if the first few chapters cannot grab his/her attention, the same will be the case for your dissertation if your examiner is not hooked. Ensure that your dissertation meets the examiner’s expectation. In this case, your examiner will expect that your final dissertation has good literature, relevant methodology, and a sound and logical structure. Keep it as reader-friendly as possible.

Your Dissertation Should Pass Easily

As  a student, you might  want that your dissertation is passed off easily, believe it or not, examiners want the same too. When a dissertation falls into their hands, they expect it to be worthy of reading and passing off easily. They expect your study to match their enthusiasm such that it makes it an enjoyable task for them as they skim through each page. It might not have been easy to write a 10000-word dissertation, but imagine the pain of having to read one, which has not been researched or structured well. Plagiarism is the biggest threat to you and a turn-off for examiners. Hence, ensure that that is taken care of too. Dissertation help in UK can help you figure that out.

Your Dissertation should be Worth Publishing

Out of all the criteria that examiners take consideration when checking your dissertation, the main one lies in its worthiness of being published. It does not matter as to which country or university you belong to as long as your work is original and to the point. If it can make a strong impact on the reader and can be published, your examiner is pleased.

The First Two Chapters of Your Dissertation Are Crucial

Since the examiner is the main reader of your book, he/she will judge your dissertation just by reading through the first and second chapters of your dissertation, respectively the introduction and the literature review. These two chapters are the most crucial as they reflect what your work is all about, thus also determining whether they should continue with it or leave it as it is. You would not want the later to happen, so ensure that you make the best of first impressions, as that is what is most important to your examiner.

Presentation Errors are a Big turn-off

Try reading a novel that is filled with grammatical errors and misspelt words. Would you like to read the rest of the book? No. Similarly, when your examiner reads your dissertation, it becomes an irritating task when there are continuous grammatical errors or spelling mistakes all throughout. Presentation errors are the main factors that can ruin first impression. A well-presented dissertation, on the other hand, gives them a sense of relief.

Examiners want to Engage with Literature

As a student, you must understand that your examiners are not just looking for heavy content. They are looking forward to seeing that you have a complete understanding of the literature that you have put into words into your dissertation and that you have been able to draw relevant conclusions from them. They would also like to see students categorizing their work, interpreting the literature, and applying it. In simple words, the dissertation must make sense.

Your Dissertation Must be Convincing

The next best thing that your examiners are looking for in your dissertation is clarity and conviction. The dissertation that you present before them must be self-explanatory and must justify your dissertation methodology writing. It must also clearly reflect your strengths and limitations as well.


You must remember that your examiner will give you feedback on your final dissertation not only based on its quality. They will give you constructive feedback that can be helpful in your pursuit as a researcher. It’s their way of advising you and telling you about the points that you might have missed out on and could have implemented to make your paper a better read.

There is nothing to be disheartened about. After all, no one is perfect and mistakes will happen or something might be left out irrespective of all the efforts put in. Examiners are the gatekeepers, who are responsible for ensuring your Master’s or Doctorate standards.

The above mentioned ways can improve the readability and acceptance of the dissertation, other than all of these,  just ensure that you work on your dissertation is done way before time, so that you can get also get ample help from your supervisor or any professional dissertation writer online.

Good Luck for Your Exam!

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March 26, 2018

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