Word Limit and Requirements of Dissertation Writing

The word limit in Ph.D. dissertation writing can vary subject-wise. It largely depends on your stream of study because every stream has its own dissertation writing styles and requirements. For example, if you are writing a PhD dissertation for mathematics, the use of formulas and numbers will be more, wrapping it up to 50-60 pages. If your dissertation is related to a subject of humanities, it will have more theories making the paper quite lengthy.
Another aspect that will decide your word limit is the structure of your PhD dissertation. The sections such as dissertation literature review, dissertation methodologies, results and discussions will have variety and typicality depending on the dissertation topics. These pages can have more content in comparison to others.

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Most of the top universities prescribe a set of guidelines for PhD dissertation writing. You can go through these guidelines to know about the word limit and the style guide to be used. Usually, a minimum and maximum word limit are set for PhD dissertation writing.

We have compiled here a list of some major subjects, and the number of words you can use when writing your dissertation in these respective fields.

Biology Dissertation

A biology Ph.D. dissertation should not exceed 60,000 words excluding the references, tables, footnotes, and appendices. In some cases, special permission up to 80,000 words is allowed. Spacing should be doubled or one-and-a-half keeping single or double-sided printing.

Economics Dissertation

A Ph.D. thesis should not go beyond 60,000 words in any case including the footnotes, bibliography, appendix, and tables of content. This should be strictly followed and special permission is required from the dissertation panel if you need to exceed this limit. All the tables, diagrams, charts, etc. included in the dissertation writing will be equivalent to text embedded in a page. There are many dissertation writing services that can guide you on how to adhere to this word limit to produce some of the best thesis.

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Engineering Dissertation

The thesis should not be more than 65,000 words that include the footnotes, appendices, bibliography, and tables. The equations should not have more than 150 figures. A declaration certificate has to be signed by the student and submitted in the end stating the number of words and figures used in the dissertation work.

Law Dissertation

The theses can have a minimum of 80,000 words and a maximum of 100,000 words exclusive of the citations, appendices, tables of content, and footnotes. You can take PPh.D.dissertation help from your mentor to include the primary and secondary data within the assigned word limit. The students have to sign a declaration certificate stating that the thesis is not exceeding the word length.

History Dissertation

If you are writing a history dissertation for your PhD degree, the word length must range from 70,000 to 80,000 inclusive of the content pages and the appendices. The footnotes, abstract, abbreviations, and glossary, citations, bibliography are not included under this limit. The graphs and tables have been fixed to 150 words each. Maps, diagrams, and any illustration are counted as 0 words. Since history is completely a theoretical paper, you might face difficulty in sticking to the limits. For this, you can take assistance from dissertation writing services in the UK to adjust your paper in the prescribed limit without missing out on crucial information.

Mathematics Dissertation

For this subject, the candidates can discuss the structure and outline with their mentor based on the topic selected. There is no standard word limit fixed for mathematics dissertation writing.

Music Dissertation

The dissertation should have nearly 80,000 words excluding bibliography, notes, references, and musical nodes and examples. Students who have done some practical work can include an audio or video of their performances or a portfolio of their musical compositions.

Philosophy Dissertation

The word limit for a philosophy degree has been set to 50,000-80,000 words including all the references and footnotes.

Physics and Chemistry

Without legit permission from the degree committee, the paper shall not exceed a word limit of 60,000. The abstract, footnotes, and appendices are included in this limit whereas the diagrams, graphs, tables of content, figures, glossary, acronyms, and citations are mostly not counted under this limit.

For chemistry, the thesis should not be more than 60,000 words inclusive of all the tables, notes, and summary. The diagrams, table of content, abbreviations, bibliography, and citations are excluded from this list. Appendices can be separately included containing the formulas, derivations, codes, and molecular structures.

Sociology Dissertation

The thesis must not exceed 80,000 words including appendices and excluding bibliography, footnotes, and references. The graphical or statistical tables are granted a limit of 150 words in total. Consult your supervisor for PhD dissertation help if in any case, you feel a need to increase this word limit.

English Dissertation

It is preferred to stick to a word limit of 80,000 words for your English dissertation containing all the notes and appendices and excluding the bibliography. A signed statement declaring the adherence to the word limit has to be included in the preface section of the paper. The thesis must be written in the MHRA or MLA citation style.

This guideline is mainly in accordance with the dissertation requirements set by the ‘University of Cambridge’. The university reserves the right to send back the paper to the student in case the dissertation is not following these word limits. If you require to write extra words, special permission could be taken from the stakeholders by submitting an application beforehand. Approaching dissertation help online can help you in binding your entire paper within these prescribed limits.

Remember, your Ph.D. dissertation should focus on quality and not quantity.

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