Business Dissertation Topics


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Example Business Dissertation Topic 1:

For economic growth within the UK, low levels of customer service within the services industry is a major concern. How can this situation be improved with reference to the views of customers and managers?

Topic Description : We will study the way Jigsaw, Next, and Marks & Spencers do their business on the British high street. The dissertation will conduct street-based interviews as well as face-to-face interviews with the management of these businesses to ascertain the challenges of providing good customer service to customers from different perspectives. We will then analyse the problem using different theories, such as SWOT and Porter's Five Forces.


Example Business Dissertation Topic 2:

An analysis of how oil companies in Kuwait should alter their existing business strategies to attract greater foreign investment.

Topic Description :The dissertation analyses two countries on global parameters – Kuwait which is an oil producer country, and Japan which is a potential investor in the former’s oil companies. Several studies have already taken place in the field, and hence, the research will have a wealth of existing literature to rely upon. The paper will discuss different ways in which investment can be done and which are the most preferred investment models in this case. The paper will also discuss how cultural dimensions, human resources available, and the politico-economic conditions of a country impact different ways in which businesses evolve and the investment strategies they use.


Example Business Dissertation Topic 3:

Nissan's implementation of a coherent internalised system of knowledge management, innovation and learning: To what extent has this been rooted in academic interpretations of SECI models?

Topic Description :This dissertation has three parts. In the first part, we will do a case study on Nissan and analyse how the SECI model evolved in the company in the context of Nonaka and Ichijo, and in the car industry in general. In the second part, we will discuss the current market position of Nissan across the globe. In the third part, we will analyse how incorporating the SECI model theory in its organisational culture has been positive for Nissan as a brand and how we can improve its existing model to increase the company’s profitability in the future.


Example Business Dissertation Topic 4:

Consumer expectations: An analysis of the John Lewis Partnership

Topic Description :Lewis and Booms had hypothesised that the ‘service quality is a way of measuring whether the level of service that was provided matched the expectations of a customer or not. When we talk about delivering quality service, what we mean to say is that we are conforming to customers’ expectations consistently over a period.’ The dissertation will undertake primary research on the inherent culture of John Lewis Partnership of providing quality services to customers. We will conduct interviews with the John Lewis management and conduct extensive surveys of its staff and customers to find out the pros and cons of the John Lewis model. We will also discuss how the model can be improved to meet expectations of the customer in the future.


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Example Business Dissertation Topic 5:

A discursive analysis charting the present position of e-commerce within Iraq with recommendations as to how to facilitate its further usage.

Topic Description :Worldwide, e-commerce has become quite popular because it lowers the costs of businesses and makes them more efficient. In Iraq, however, a large part of its population still has no access to this new form of business and cannot avail its benefits. The dissertation has three primary goals:
a) to explore the infrastructure network within Iraq and find out how it can be adapted to increase the e-commerce accessibility,
b) to analyse different methods which the Iraqi government can use to promote e-commerce in the country, and
c) to identify factors that can attract potential foreign investment to develop the e-commerce in Iraq.

Example Business Dissertation Topic 6:

A market analysis of Sports Direct

Topic Description :This dissertation will look closely at the market environment of Sports Direct – a sports equipment company. Using various analytical tools, it will evaluate the micro and macro environmental factors which impact the firm’s operations. The study will also discuss the firm’s resource capability and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of its present-day business model. Sufficient academic literature and corporate publication series are available to support the research. The analysis techniques that will be employed in the study will include market environment analysis, strategic fit analysis, Porter’s five forces, value chain analysis, and Pestel analysis. The study will conclude with a number of recommendations to increase the profits Sports Direct is making right now.

Example Business Dissertation Topic 7:

An investigation into the business opportunities to Chinese oil companies that the State of Qatar offers

Topic Description :Chinese companies are currently focusing on escalating their business operations abroad. Qatar is an oil-rich country and presents some attractive investment opportunities to the oil companies of China. This dissertation will study the business environment of Qatar, the economic and cultural issues that the two companies may face, and other potential barriers that may deter the Chinese companies from investing in Qatari companies. We will also discuss the options the oil-refining business of Qatar presents, and offer recommendations on whether Qatar should encourage Chinese expansion in this sector or not.

Example Business Dissertation Topic 8:

Supply chain management: A case study based discussion of the management of external resources with especial reference to relationships, risks and communication

Topic Description :This dissertation will focus on the challenges faced in the supply chain management at the time when the Olympic Stadium was being built for London 2012. The study will be grounded in the literature that already exists on the subject and try to find out the multitude of factors that could have affected the successful completion of the project. The study will also conduct several interviews with the key personnel handling the supply chain management for the project and find out the difficulties they faced in coordinating with suppliers, subcontractors, and the project team.

Example Business Dissertation Topic 9:

An analysis of aspects of corporate social responsibility: An investigation into the issues of sustainability and carbon footprints.

Topic Description :Today, green credentials of a company are gaining favour with the buying public. Major food retailers on the British high street, such as Costa Coffee, McDonald’s and Sainsbury, are trying to cast themselves as eco-friendly businesses. This dissertation will look at the initiatives they have undertaken and how they have impacted their target customers. The dissertation will use both the primary research methods as well as the secondary ones to analyse the current standing of the companies mentioned above and include recommendations on how they can boost their green strategies in the future.

Example Business Dissertation Topic 10:

Organisational performance and employee engagement - A review

Topic Description :This dissertation will delve into how investing in employee engagement programs impacts the firm’s ability to achieve its business goals. Many studies have shown in the past that active employee engagement and the nature and level of engagement determines the productivity and safety of employees, helps in retaining the talent, and increases the profitability and customer loyalty of the company. We will do a literature review to highlight the lessons we learn from the past, and how relevant it is to the present-day construction industry in England.

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