Communications Dissertation Topics


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In the course of establishing the self as a true research scholar an individual has to master the art of composing several genres of writing among which dissertation should be given much importance. It is not so easy to compose a great dissertation without taking help of different valid sources and resources. Dissertations must be evidential in nature and they must be exhaustive and expansive so that in the long run based on such dissertation further studies can be conducted by more and more research scholars. Hence, it can be seen that dissertation is an important part of the regime that is meant for helping a research scholar accomplish her academic objectives in the long-run. To help such dedicated research scholars, some examples of dissertation topics, ideas, and titles are given below:

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 1:

The concept of proportionality was introduced by the European Convention of Human Rights. Does English precedence and legal thought adopt proportionality towards the privacy of journalism and individuals?

Topic Description: As a communications dissertation topic the concept of proportionality can surely become an interesting one. The concept of proportionality was introduced by the European Convention of Human Rights. But despite such introduction it has been seen that English precedence and legal thought not in every situations have adopted proportionality towards the privacy of journalism and individuals. But it must be taken into account that the significance of freedom of expression is not a new idea and this can be argued by citing the fact that in early modern Europe there were thinkers who emphasized opposition to censoring the media through the process of curbing the right to free speech. Freedom of speech has always been considered a major issue in this respect.

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 2:

Both Germany and Canada have an extremely balanced approach towards journalism and its definition of freedom of expression. Should this approach be adopted in the UK?

Topic Description: Whenever a communications dissertation title depicting freedom of speech or freedom of expression is composed, the mentioning of few nations becomes quite inevitable. For an instance, both Canada and Germany have shown a balanced approach towards journalism and its definition of freedom of speech. But such approach is lacking when it comes to the United Kingdom (UK). The UK must also become proactive in sustaining a balance in the context of providing journalism and the press the freedom of speech and expression in a thorough manner. It has been noted that with the passage of time the freedom of press in the UK has been deteriorating. This declination should be addressed and the problem must be mitigated.

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 3:

A balanced approach to the news is the moral right of journalists, although criticism of the media taking a political leaning is hotly debated. A case study of CNN.

Topic Description: While deciding a case study of CNN as a topic of communication dissertation in the context of moral right of journalists it can be said that the entire approach is a bit complicated and difficult as well. A balanced approach towards the press is very much necessary and more than that if a news media lacks the vigour of providing its journalists the freedom of expression then the entire scenario becomes bleak. There have been cases where it has been found that news media houses lean toward some specific political parties in order to uphold those parties’ good will despite having the knowledge of the corruption that is going within such political parties.

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 4:

Getting to the Heart of It: Examining Intergenerational Sensemaking of Heart Disease

Topic Description: A communication dissertation idea dealing with communicated narrative sense-making theory can be found to be bridging the generation gap in terms of ascertaining the propensity of genetic diseases as well as diseases that have been continuously affecting a particular family generation-wise. In this regard the case of heart diseases deserves special mention. Several studies have found that grandchildren’s perceptions of risk of heart disease in the family might change over time but the risk factor’s evaluation continues to run within the family generation after generation. Studies have shown that in many cases grandparents may have the potential to help their grandchildren to socialize in terms of understanding the relationship between the heart disease risk factors and the resulting anxiety.


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Example Communications Dissertation Topic 5:

Evaluating Family Caregivers' Memorable Messages of Social Support in the Context of Cancer

Topic Description: Communications dissertation ideas that are related to terminal diseases like cancer must be ingrained with some specific aspects among which the value and importance of social support must be highlighted. Family caregivers’ memorable messages of social support in the context of cancer deserves special mention owing to the fact that cancer patients are always and thoroughly in need of social support rendered by family members and close friends. Cancer patients are always in want of caring and compassion and these two factors must be present within the treatment regime meant for infusing hope in the minds of the concerned cancer patients.

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 6:

You Bring Yourself to Work: An Exploration LGB/TQ Experiences of (In)Dignity and Identity

Topic Description: A communications dissertation topic on the social identity of individuals belonging to the LGBT community must deal with majority of their experiences in terms of securing a social position either in the social life or in the professional sphere. Social indignity has been a common experience for many such individuals and the mainstream society must render painstaking effort to provide those individuals with a scope to lead a quality life by the dint of getting the chance of accommodating themselves into the mainstream society without experiencing any social stigma or prejudices. In this respect the workplace arrangements must also be taken into consideration.

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 7:

The Role of Internet Advertisements in Shaping Buying Habits

Topic Description: A communications dissertation topic dealing with the role of internet advertisements must also talk about how such advertisements entice target consumers to buy different products and how such advertisements can change the buying habits of such customers in a specific manner. In the age of globalization and technological advancement, internet advertisements play a vital role in appealing to the senses and rationality of the customers to a large extent. In this respect the power of internet advertisements can never be undermined. Quite interestingly, if internet advertisement, through effective projection can enhance the demand for certain item then an ineffective internet advertisement can eventually bring about declination in the rate of demand of a particular product.

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 8:

The Growth of the Internet and Its Effect on Employee Productivity

Topic Description: A communication dissertation title, “The Growth of Internet and Its Effect on Employee Productivity,” should first of all detail about the potential of Internet in easing the communication processes. Internet has paved the way for the inception and growth and development of social networking platforms on which users can interact with each other and employee of one company can communicate with employee of another company within the same industry thereby paving the way of knowledge exchange and knowledge sharing. This eventually makes the employees capable of learning new skills that can ultimately enhance their productivity. This is how in a way internet is contributing to the rise in employee productivity.

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 9:

Media as compromise: a cultural history of Mormonism and new communication technology in twentieth-century America

Topic Description: A communication dissertation topic about the new communication technology in twentieth century America can be assumed to have some discussion about the evolution of technology over the years. But such story of evolution has also been associated with some religious aspects. Moreover, quite interestingly the new communication processes and technology has been doing its work in bridging the gap between religious ideologies and the social identification of myriads of individuals. It must be noted that for long many religious institutions have rendered efforts to survive the threat posed by advanced technologies. In this regard the effort of the Mormons deserves special mention.

Example Communications Dissertation Topic 10:

Vortices of forgetting: the technogenesis of flushing media

Topic Description: A communication dissertation idea ingrained with the objective of showcasing the impact of flushing technologies on human beings is bound to include the inverse relationship between the flushing technologies and the human empathy towards their own nature and towards the environment. An expansive flushing media that has emerged in the United States has been instigating cultural obscurities having the potential to render some specific environmental and physical consequences that can be traced owing to the development of certain specific waste flushing technologies. It is noteworthy that some specific technical circumstances have the potential to diminish individual’s comfort in the process of understanding of waste processes.

A good dissertation paper must be ingrained with appropriate information and it must be infused with evidence to support the information provided within the paper. Hence, to strive for composing a good dissertation means the intention to obtain appropriate resources and employ them in the right way so that an informative paper can be composed.

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