Computer Science Dissertation Topics


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Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 1:

Visual Information Encryption by D-H Key Agreement

Topic Description :The single-use visual cryptography provides one way to provide secure digital transmission. There is, however, a way to make them reusable by using a Diffie and Hellman key (D-H). The original images reusing by doing this scheme are called “shadow images”. To make it simple, they are shrunken pictures in which a secret image is embedded, and they are distributed all over the original image. This technique is used to secure data and secret images on the internet in a way that is inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. To recover the secret image, it needs to be done by a human that pile up all the shadow images. This visual cryptography is reusable by switching the D-H key agreement each time.
The objectives of this essay are the provision of security for hidden images, the reusing of the original image if possible by this technology and the visibility of the images to a human visual system.


Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 2:

H.264 Video Streaming System on Embedded Platform.

Topic Description :The spread of technologies such as video conferencing and digital television reinforced the interest in the area of research about video-streaming.
The primary objective of this project is to accomplish the use of a baseline H.264/AVC video with a LAN (local area network) in a video-surveillance system in a real-time streaming basis. This report presents how the baseline H.264/AVC runs with a TMSDM6446EVM embedded platform with the integration of a video streamer module.
An H.264/AVC baseline with the hardware component of the platform encoding need to be discussed in priority; while multiple protocols concerning video-streaming on a DM6446 board are studied; a multi-threaded application can provide the raw encoding of the frames into the H.264/AVC format. Open live sources such as Live555 MediaServer was used to stream video data over a LAN.
While file streaming in a peer-to-peer was implemented, a successful implementation on a computer of the video streamer was ported on the board. It included porting the Live555 application in which the steps are told in the report. Both type of file streaming, unicast and multicast, were implemented in the video streamer.
Several methodologies were tested in the integration of the video streamer and the encoder program because of multiple problems of compatibility. In the end, a modification was made to the encoder program and the Live555 to achieve the right results to be used as a video surveillance system which is shown in this report.


Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 3:

Password Management System Advantages and Disadvantages

Topic Description :While thinking about computer security, password management is one of the first things that come to mind. This is the first line of protection of the terminal and the most spread security form of computing. A weak password increases the chances to have the documents and files on the computer compromised. This is why, in most companies employees are not responsible for the choice of their password, they use a generator. These generators can be programmed to answer a standard, and this project aims to help the users to remember those strong passwords easily


Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 4:

Mobile Messaging System Development for Higher Education

Topic Description :Mobile phones are the most used intercommunication tool. This gives us the possibility to communicate regularly wherever we are, another city or another country, it keeps the users connected wherever the distance. The objective of this paper is to show the advantages of mobile phones in an educational environment to close the gap between management, teachers, and students and encourage interaction.


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Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 5:

Effects of Social Networking on Everyday Life

Topic Description :Nowadays most of the discussions and chats are over social network websites, the Internet connected the individuals all over the world and made us more available to each other. At the same time, it made the relations between each other more impersonal.
Social networks work by exchanging human relationship and communication; this is the biggest revolution in this area since the telephone and the television.
They cover all the basic needs of the modern life such as friends, lovers, looking for information, looking for work; all of that without leaving our home. This gives an actual social life without the time needed in real life.
The objective of this paper is to show how we became dependent on them and how common it became to use them. Have relationships changed forever since the introduction of social networks?

Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 6:

Identifying Clusters in High Dimensional Data

Topic Description :Data mining is an incredible tool when it comes to extracting data from large databases. Algorithms have been introduced by researchers to explore the databases and discover multiple patterns of information. Due to the development of storage capacities, processing and improved algorithms in several areas of data mining, more and more multi-dimensional and complex databases can exist. Data mining has a variety of uses in multiple industries and services such as banking or engineering to detect fraud for example. This research aims to find a way to identify the clusters in complex data that can create noise in the new databases. Techniques used to run this project include strength projection on specific data points and the identification of the clusters by intensity projection.

Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 7:

Six Thinking Hats Model for Learning Tool

Topic Description :This project aims to find a solution to implement a more efficient chatting tool by implementing the six thinking hats model as a mechanism to answer the need as a self-learning tool for the Hong Kong education. Most of the solutions discussed are available on the Internet but not explicitly developed for education. The six thinking hats model while facilitate online chatting by permitting the development of a platform to assist in collaborative learning. This paper will also show you how a student can learn in a specific environment.

Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 8:

Biometric Technologies: Advantages and Disadvantages

Topic Description :This project has two aims:
The first is about on hand biometric technologies, evaluating their strengths and weak points as well as scenario testing to find out where such technologies have the upper hand on traditional methods.
The other goal is to develop a product. Most online banking and financial organizations are using a Java platform and other open sources options but those are not very secure, and most hackers could crack into their security. The product in question would be to insert a hidden Keylogger instead of the traditional ID/Password-based security to add another layer of protection and avoid the stealing of passwords. From an analysis, 70% of the people are generally at risk of having their loggers stolen because they write it down or lose it. The new product model of protected net service incorporated with the fingerprint identification of the user so the users do not need the traditional system and the need to remember the loggers. To run the tests, Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition, Netbeans, JBoss server, SQL database and open source bio-SDK have been used.

Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 9:

Analysis of Performance Appraisal System

Topic Description :This article observes the system of Opsonin Pharma Ltd., which is about performance appraisal and how it compares to the previous version. This paper tries to measure the motivation of the employee to achieve better goals if such a system is implemented in the company. The researcher in charge of the survey has conducted it at the head office to have an idea of the results wanted by the management staff. The results presented are mainly about the use of primary and secondary data compiling about performance, motivation and human resources.
The results that came out of the survey are mainly positive but present some room for improvement and need to have the system tested in a real environment.

Example Computer Science Dissertation Topic 10:

Concepts of Object Oriented Techniques with OO Issues

Topic Description :This dissertation is about an object-oriented framework and how to define them in addition to the OO(Object-oriented) issues, development techniques as well as looking into perspective that the frameworks can be used in object-oriented techniques. UML has been introduced as a primary key tool for designing object-oriented program. Object-oriented frameworks present promising benefits to the development of complex systems; the results presented show the possible future of such frameworks with the current technology and frameworks.

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