Construction Dissertation Topics


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Construction is one of the fastest growing industry which has huge number of research areas under its ambit. The construction decoration topics Orwell sought-after and dissertation topic ideas are influenced by number of factors which are important in the modern construction sites form building energy efficient homes and offices which are cost effective and also help Enterprises to maximize the profit. The construction dissertation topic will include an introduction chapter introducing the topic followed by a literature review which will focus on theories and models of construction management project. Research methodology chapter will focus on incorporation of adequate research methods to be adopted for data analysis. The finding and analysis chapter will discuss the primary and secondary data collected. The conclusion chapter will summarize the study and provide for recommendations that can be utilised by enterprises engaged in construction work.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 1:

Development of Sustainability in Urban Living

Topic Description: The urban living has grown in prominence given the fact the spurt in the growth in urban population has been practical growth manifold in the last five decades. The study will focus on tools and technology that can be incorporated to urban cities that can make it radically sustainable in response to its ecology. The stress has been increasing laid on sustainable living. The dissertation will include primary and secondary data to derive valid results to show the interlinking between urban living and sustained living. The experts writers will help in providing a comprehensive analysis to emphasise the importance of sustainability in urban living.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 2:

Solar Water Heating System in Malaysian Homes

Topic Description: The equatorial location of Malaysia has been can fishes for Malaysia as it has abundant Sunshine which can be used for harnessing energy of the Sun. The Solar water heating system can prove to be cost effective and economic for cutting down large as energy consumption in Malaysian households. The study collect primary and secondary data from Malaysian households understand factors that affect the application of solar heating systems focusing on high initial cost of solar lighting system. The team of Writers have adequate expertise to present well research study highlighting price durability and maintenance cost important Solar water heating system and its impact on environment.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 3:

Location, location, location. If all the good locations are taken, what can be done to add more spaces?

Topic Description: Rapid industrialisation and expanding globalisation that has been going increase on procuring good location for making the brand presence felt by established brands. This is a point of consideration that if all good locations are taken up the factors that can be taken up as an alternative for expanding city limits and developing new prime locations that can be utilised as business centres and provide opportunities for further development. The study incorporate primary data and secondary data collected from various sources and dieting needs of developing prime locations and utilisation of space economically. The team of expert writers can help in providing and inclusive study which can highlight recommendations to be served as a guideline for factors that can be incorporated to add more space.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 4:

Diversity in the construction trade. Are women and minorities getting involved in the industry? What can be done to increase their participation and decision-making?

Topic Description: Diversity in gender equality has also spread in construction industry where women and minority groups are getting involved in construction working from working at the sites to holding responsible production and management of projects. The dissertation study will focus on understanding factors that can be utilised for increasing participation and decision making of women and minority groups in construction industry. The primary data and secondary data can be utilised for dividing equal opportunity and rights to women and minorities to actively participate in decision making processes. The team of experts can help in designing a vegetation at home analyse the factors responsible for increasing participation of women and mountains in construction industry along with providing recommendations for helping them to take a role of decision making.


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Example Construction Dissertation Topic 5:

Enhancing profitability. People do build homes and buildings to make money, but how can they increase their profitability without charging their customers higher prices?

Topic Description: The construction industry has become a highly competitive market and is given by profit maximization. In such a market is very essential that construction industries in corporate techniques and economy of scale that can be utilised in construction homes and buildings that may prove profitable for the enterprise without causing a burden on customers. Study will undertake analysis of secondary sources for reaching upon reasons that can help in enhancing profitability for construction Enterprises without charging the consumers to pay extra higher prices. The team of expert writers are aptly equipped with handling projects and forwarding recommendations that can serve as a guideline and designer presentation that can be exemplary in the field of enhancing profitability for construction Enterprises without causing additional cost to consumers.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 6:

The Labour Shortages In The UK Construction Industry And Its Implications

Topic Description: Labour forms the core component of any construction industry. Currently UK construction industry is undergoing labour shortage and it can have a very negative impact upon the industry in short and long run. The dissertation will focus on secondary data from various construction industries for understanding implications and impact of labour shortage in construction industry. The team of Writers well experienced to bring forward a well-documented and well research study relating to implications of labour shortage in UK construction industry.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 7:

Project Management within UK & Indian Construction Industry

Topic Description: Project management is one of the essential factors which can lead to success or failure of major projects. There has been a growing trend towards emphasizing educate measures for appropriate project management for reducing time and enhancing cost of activity in UK and Indian construction industry. The study will focus on theories of project management which can be Incorporated by UK and Indian construction industry to enhance project management skills among the employees. The team of writer have a sound sense of project management and can meticulously apply theories apt for application in project management for increasing effectiveness of working.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 8:

Establish the Extent In Which Main Contractors Are Trying To Avoid The Adjudication Process

Topic Description: Adjudication process refers written contracts of construction which are statutory in nature. There have been instances where big contractors have tried to evade adjudication processes. The dissertation will provide comprehensive results through primary data collection to establish the extent which main contact us in construction industry try to avoid education processes which can put the interest of clients at stake. The team of export items can help in putting up highly authentic research for that can be used as for the research in the field of establishing the extent in which main contractor avoid adjudication processes.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 9:

An Analysis Into Modular Construction Of Purpose Built Flats - Is This A Valid Solution To Social Housing Within The UK

Topic Description: With increasing population and decreasing space for home the focus of the research has shifted towards adopting modular construction for the purpose of building flats which utilizes minimum space and provides maximum utilisation. The study will focus on evaluating weather modern Constructions can prove to be a valid solution to social housing in UK with help of primary data collected from sources like individuals meaning in social forms and Enterprises engaged in modular construction of flats. The group of expert writers can help in drafting well researched visitation which will help in deriving a justified answer for concluding weather modular construction can be a valid solution for social housing in UK.

Example Construction Dissertation Topic 10:

Review of the best practices in energy efficiency in construction industry.

Topic Description: Energy efficiency and effective use of resources have been the focus point in every industry and specially in construction industry since it involves infrastructure such as houses offices which are one of the maximum consumers of energy. The vegetation study will undertake analysis of secondary sources for reviewing best practices that can be applied to construction industry for efficient use of energy and resources. The team of research process have expertise to conduct a well-researched recitation which will print forward best practices that can be applied by construction industry for efficient use of energy to be incorporated construction purposes.

The construction industry is one of the rising industry which is focusing on incorporating management practices and efficient project management that can be useful for cost effective projects and profit maximization of Enterprises. The construction dissertation topics range from urban sustainability to Energy Efficiency that can provide modern paradigm to the construction dissertation ideas. The construction dissertation titles are interesting enough to generate enough curiosity for making of interesting study. The student can be well a short of the dissertation provided by the expert writers of the team to produce exemplary works that can serve as a guidelines for further studies and help in fulfilment of dissertation requirements of Master level students.

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