Cultural Studies Dissertation Topics


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Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 1:

A comparative study of the rate of suicide amongst girls aged fifteen to nineteen in South Korea and the United Kingdom: Is academic stress a significant factor?

Topic Description: The advent of crises related to the academic and social realms the propensity towards committing suicide among teenagers has doubled. It has been found that being unable to sustain pressure rendered by social and academic forces many teenagers commit suicide. Considering the need of ascertaining the primary reasons behind such rise in the rate of suicide among teenagers in some specific countries this cultural studies dissertation topic has been about the comparison of the rate of suicide amongst girls aged fifteen to nineteen in South Korea and the United Kingdom. Hence, the primary objective of this dissertation is to find out if stress of different nature actually contributes to the rise in the rate of suicide among the concerned population.

Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 2:

Methods of resilience in coping with adversity: An examination of the differences between the elderly and youth.

Topic Description: There are certain specific differences between the ideologies possessed by the youth and by the elderly. In this context this cultural studies dissertation title reflects the methods of resilience in coping with adversity as found to be practiced by the elderly population and the youth. It has been found that the two concerned demography have their own ways of coping with adversity, and the processes and mechanisms of such coping strategies differ from one another. It has been observed that there are elderly individuals who have shown absolutely astounding propensity towards managing adversity and coping with the same in order to stay afloat emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 3:

Adopting the model of widening participation in Britain's elite universities to professional football.

Topic Description: This cultural studies dissertation idea has its inception in the quest for ascertaining how a model is gradually emerging that is widening participation in Britain’s elite universities to professional football. The rising popularity of football in the United Kingdom is the outcome of the involvement of the country’s elite universities in motivating students to participate in football leagues and in other kinds of football tournaments including college and university football matches. It has also been found that such encouragement has helped many university students in Britain to establish themselves as professional football player in the long run, prospering more in their professional life.

Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 4:

New frontiers: Expatriate women engineers in the oil industry working in the Middle East.

Topic Description: Surpassing the barriers of the glass ceiling, women now are progressing towards a bright future that is ingrained with opportunities, and this has urged many researchers to compose their cultural studies dissertation on the topic of women’s progress in the professional sphere. Such opportunities can take women professionals to a different level of economic prosperity in the long run. The growing importance of women in the professional field has fuelled the urge to compose a cultural studies dissertation on the issue of expatriate women engineers progressing in the oil industry while working in the Middle East. Once it was a social norm in the Middle Eastern countries that women should only be designated with domestic role and they were kept aside in terms allocating job opportunities. Women in the Middle Eastern nations were only considered capable of managing the home frontier. But with the passage of time the ideology and the point of view, as discussed above, has been gradually changing.


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Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 5:

Impact of stigma on stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases

Topic Description: Even though stigma of almost every nature is seen from a negative perspective, in some cases it has been seen that stigma has played a positive role. One of such contexts is the sphere of prohibiting and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. It has been observed that social stigma that emerges against people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases has rendered deterrent effects. This has influenced many scholars to compose their cultural studies dissertation title clearly conveying the role of social stigmas in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It has also been observed that the deterrent effect that is rendered by certain social stigmas eventually play a significant role in making the populace aware of the negative outcomes of certain sexually transmitted diseases.

Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 6:

Living in the closet: Challenges faced by individuals with anxiety and social disorders

Topic Description: The cultural dissertation idea about exploring the challenges faced by individuals with anxiety and social disorders should be given much importance in order to bring before the mainstream society the sufferings faced by such individuals. There are certain specific challenges that are faced by such individuals. As anxiety and social disorders are thoroughly related to psychological disorders, such conditions must be addressed and mitigated as distinctly as possible. Researchers must strive for documenting such cases of social alienation owing to social disorders coupled with anxiety disorders for the sake of conveying to the majority of the members of the society that such disorders must be treated properly and those should not be prejudiced.

Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 7:

Influence of films, songs, and feminism on promoting women equality

Topic Description: An egalitarian society must be such that promotes equal distribution of power and authority among men and women. But unfortunately many cultural studies dissertation topics and ideas have conveyed how in the mainstream societies of numerous developed countries the distribution of power and authority suffers from disparity. In respect of exploring the means of eradicating such inequality scholars have suggested that the role of songs and movies projecting feminist ideologies (in a practical way) should be upheld and discussed on a wider basis. Putting much emphasis on such association would pave the way for researchers in the future to employ certain means in the course of making the society more egalitarian.

Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 8:

Differentiation and comparison between ideal and real culture

Topic Description: Any cultural dissertation topic embodying the tension between ideal and real culture is, to a large extent, infused with certain socio-cultural aspects. Such aspects primarily have to be analysed and then interpreted in a way that should address the dilemma in a thorough manner. Ideal cultural hypothesis and real cultural phenomena has often been found to be colliding against each other. This collision sometimes becomes the reason of social and economic disparity, and hence, such collisions must be analysed and whenever possible, combated. Such steps are essential to be taken in order to strike a balance between the ideal and the real in almost every society across the globe.

Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 9:

Cultural relativism: explains why one culture is acceptable in one society but it is taboo in another

Topic Description: For a cultural studies dissertation the topic of cultural relativism must get a special preference. This is owing to the fact that cultural relativism has always remained a hot topic of debate and discussion among scholars and laymen alike. It is a universal truth that certain norms and conventions that are acceptable naturally in some cultures are actually considered as taboos in some other cultures. This difference in point of view should be studied in order to find out if the claim of cultural relativism is actually true and acceptable. Moreover, any dissertation on the topic should be composed carefully in order to ensure that all the paradoxes are addressed thoroughly in terms of suggesting that really there are certain differences existing between different cultures that make cultural relativism an interesting topic to discuss about.

Example Cultural Studies Dissertation Topic 10:

Major Aspects of cultural science is explained by Elements of culture

Topic Description: In a cultural studies dissertation topic on cultural science one is sure to find elongated discussion about the elements of culture. This is primarily because the major aspects of cultural science is explained and interpreted by elements of culture. In this respect the theory of cultural relativism plays a major role. This can be argued by citing the fact that the cultural science meant for one particular culture’s analysis might not be appropriate for another culture, and this is pivotally because; the other culture’s elements might not be in alignment with the cultural science prevailing in the other culture in an explicit manner.

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