Designing Dissertation Topics


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Example Designing Dissertation Topic 1:

Interior design: A profession at risk of debasement by television

Topic Description : This dissertation discusses how the television ‘make-over’ show are promoting unrealistic expectations from interior design professionals by the general public. An interior designing project includes a number of sub-tasks. To bring it to fruition, one should have the ability to conceptualise and visualise ideas, coordinate with various stakeholders of the given project, and manage the designing and the building process. The TV shows that showcase that the ‘room’ or ‘home’ makeovers are possible from anywhere between 60 minutes to 2 days – are actually misguiding the viewers how such things work. We’ll conduct interviews with interior designers and conduct primary research to see how these programmes are impacting the interior designing field.


Example Designing Dissertation Topic 2:

Twentieth-century graphic design: A tribute to William Addison Dwiggins.

Topic Description :The study seeks to highlight the role of William Dwiggins in laying the foundation of the field of graphic designing. Dwiggins was the first person to coin the term ‘graphic design’ in an article he wrote in 1922. He explained it as the new design needed for new kind of printing. This dissertation will study his life and career, look into his work in typography, review his work as an illustrator, and evaluate how his work ‘Layout in Advertising’ is still relevant to this day. We seek to fill the gap in the literature about the Dwiggins’ legacy the modern-day designers are indebted to.


Example Designing Dissertation Topic 3:

A question of typeface: Perceptions of readability in the digital age.

Topic Description :In academic communities, the two most-used typefaces are ‘Arial’ and ‘Times New Roman’ and ‘Arial’. Students use them while typing their essays as well as their dissertations – mostly, in font size ‘12’. This dissertation seeks to find an answer to the ongoing debate amongst older adults and young people about which fonts are easier to read online – serif fonts or sans-serif fonts. It will evaluate different fonts in the online context and determine which ones are best for e-journals, Kindle, iPads, and digital form of theses writing. For this purpose, the dissertation will use primary research methods. Semi-structured interviews and face-to-face interviews (street-based) will be conducted with the general public. Our sample will consist of 200 people in London – categorized into three categories age-wise (18 to 25 years old, 25 to 50 years old, and 50 to 75 years old). The public will share their opinion on the ten most common typefaces in use today. We will review the characteristics of the ‘Top 3’ fonts based on the public opinion, chart their history, and try to find any similarities between them. Based on our research, we will make recommendations on the fonts digital print media may use in the future.


Example Designing Dissertation Topic 4:

Fashion design: A return of men's bespoke tailoring through the internet.



Topic Description :The rise of internet shopping has revitalised the ‘tailored’ clothes for men and women. At the time when readymade clothes were in trend, the e-commerce industry brought a revolution in the custom-made fashion industry, especially in the formal attire of men. An increasing number of fashion brands are now offering only made-to-order apparels and are solely operating online. Besides online firms, the study will also focus on how we are seeing a rising demand for bespoke tweed suits and jackets, which has given a new lease of life to the tweed industry which was on the verge of collapse earlier.


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Example Designing Dissertation Topic 5:

Textile design: A survey into the cyclical nature of colours in Britain's carpet industry.

Topic Description :For more than twenty years, carpets have dominated the floor coverings market in Britain, in terms of its share in the total sales volume. However, it is expected that as the real estate market (especially the market of residential properties) improves, the other types of floor coverings – such as laminates, wood, and vinyl – may see a rise in demand and emerge as mighty competitors to the carpet industry. It has also been noted that the carpet industry is changing over the years too. Polypropylene has replaced ‘100% wool’ as the most popular fabric for carpets, especially when it comes to ‘bargain’ end of the carpet market. We also notice that the rich ornamental patterns (like the ones made famous by Wilton and Axminster) gave way to plain block colours, and then saw a comeback of the patterns in 2012. This dissertation will conduct interviews with professional designers and customer surveys to explore how the carpet industry in the UK has changed in the last two decades, and study the supply and demand trends in a city. It will also seek to analyse and explain how the demand of carpet patterns (pattern-plain-pattern) is cyclical in nature.

Example Designing Dissertation Topic 6:

Iconic industrial designs: An evaluation of the KitchenAid.

Topic Description :Since 1937, when Egmont Arens first designed the KitchenAid 5 qt. Stand Mixer, it has remained one of the most desirable kitchen appliances. The product excellence, classic design, durability of the product, and pretty looks make it an iconic product. Today, it is available in several colours, besides the original black one. This study will study the existing literature on the brand and will also conduct interviews of the KitchenAid users and potential buyers to chart the brand’s history and find out the best of the industrial designing techniques it employs.

Example Designing Dissertation Topic 7:

Trans-generational design: Redesigning the mobile phone for the over 70s - an investigative study.

Topic Description :According to Pirkl, a trans-generational design is about making products and building environments that make life easier for the elderly. Such products need to be compatible with the physical and sensory impairments that strike us as we age and limit our capabilities to activities we perform on a daily basis. This dissertation will conduct interviews and do tick-box surveys of 400 people who are more than 70 years old and living in Winchester to study their mobile phone demands. We will employ quantitative analysis techniques to determine how slimmer and smaller mobile phones may not be suitable for an ageing demographic, and make recommendations on how the leading manufacturers can design better mobile phones for the elderly.

Example Designing Dissertation Topic 8:

Interior architectural design: The possibilities of redevelopment.



Topic Description :Interior architecture is quite different from interior designing – and refers to the architectural features of the internal side of a building. This dissertation will study the new opportunities for the interior architecture designers as the key areas within the UK cities are being repurposed in different ways. For example, buildings which had been used as factories earlier might be redeveloped as homes, or banks may be redesigned as wine bars. The study will focus on the Grainger Market area in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the lessons it imparts to the future generation who would like to make their career in interior architectural designing. It will also throw a light on similar schemes in other cities to redevelop an area according to the new trend.

Example Designing Dissertation Topic 9:

Adaptive reuse in interior architectural design: Battersea power station - a Pandora's box of opportunities.

Topic Description :Ever since the Battersea power station has been decommissioned, a number of suggestions have been made on how it can be redeveloped into a theme park or as affordable housing society for the city’s key workers. Presently, the plans have been laid out to use the area for mixed usage – as a residential area as well as offices. The dissertation will overview the design proposals of the last two decades and will determine why they failed. It will also critically evaluate the design proposals of the current project for the Battersea and how they will make a difference to the site’s future.

Example Designing Dissertation Topic 10:

'See it, want it, got to have it' - emotion and experience design: A case study of the MacBook Pro.



Topic Description :The dissertation will study experience design in relation to MacBook Pro as the key product ‘desired’ by consumers. Experience designing is on the rise within the broader discipline of Design where the focus is on how people will emotionally interact with the product. The study will show the product to potential buyers and chart their responses to questions which seek to find out why they would like to buy the product. Besides the processor and the technology, the study will try to find out how the brand identity, the gleaming exterior of the product, and the ‘power’ image that its ownership may conjure in one’s mind can influence a user’s buying decisions.

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