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Abstract in a dissertation is generally written at the end after preparing the whole dissertation as it needs to be a precise summary of the whole dissertation. Drawing your reader’s attention is an art. One must write in a persuasive manner otherwise the abstract may sound boring to the reader. Sometimes students do not have an idea what an abstract is. They even fail to understand the guidelines provided by their college or university. As a result, their supervisors might reject their dissertation. Our dissertation experts guide the students so that they are able to prepare a clear and concise dissertation abstract.

At GoDissertationHelp students can find dissertation abstract examples for their reference and can, therefore, get started with their abstract writing process. We have a team of highly qualified dissertation writing experts and subject specialists who help students with the problems that they may face while writing the abstract of a dissertation.

Help with How to Write a Dissertation Abstract

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Free Dissertation Abstract Sample

Want to learn how to write a dissertation abstract? Grab a dissertation abstract sample form us! Just submit us your dissertation topic and other necessary details and we will provide you with a sample abstract related to your field of research. This will give you an idea of how you should prepare the abstract for your dissertation.

Here are a few dissertation abstract sample sentences that will help you understand how to write a dissertation abstract:

1. Introduction

This dissertation investigates…

This dissertation assesses the effects of…

This paper extended the prior research conducted on…

This paper will propose a model of…

2. Research questions

This research is inspired by the research question…[state the research question here]

3. Hypotheses

This paper proposes two hypotheses… [hypotheses 1], [hypotheses 2]

4. Aims and Goals

The study has two major goals… [goal 1], [goal 2]

5. Significance of the research

Through this research, we have developed the theory to…

This paper will advance the understanding of…

6. Research Strategy

In this paper, we conducted case studies of…

This research is based on the experiments conducted on…

The data has been gathered for this study through…

7. Findings

The findings from the research illustrate the following…

The research addresses the issues being faced…

The dissertation predicts that…


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Dissertation Abstract Online - A Guide to Writing Abstract of dissertation

Where does an abstract go in a dissertation?

The abstract should be prepared only after writing the whole dissertation. Students often get confused between an abstract and an introduction of a dissertation. Students often think that the dissertation abstract is just an introduction to the dissertation. By reading our dissertation abstract examples students can understand what it should contain. An abstract not only introduces the research question but provides a complete overview of the results obtained, objectives, the significance of research etc.

Although it is recommended that the dissertation abstract should be prepared after the completion of the whole dissertation but it is placed at the beginning of the dissertation. This helps the readers in understanding why the research has been done and what results have been achieved by that research.

How long should be an abstract for a 10000-word dissertation?

The abstract for dissertation, in general, can be from 100 to 500 words long. However, the exact requirement depends upon the discipline chosen. Some universities might provide the word count explicitly to the students while others provide them with a range based upon the formatting they chose. For instance, the abstract length should be around 150 to 250 words for APA format. The length of the abstract can also vary depending upon the length of the dissertation. Generally, for a 10000-word dissertation, the abstract is expected to be 300 to 350 words long.

What should the abstract of a dissertation include?

  • The purpose of writing the dissertation
  • The problems being addressed or solved in the dissertation
  • The research methodology used in the dissertation
  • Results obtained through the research
  • Conclusions and implications

What not to include in a dissertation abstract?

An abstract is all about the work done by you in your dissertation. Hence, you should not refer to any other external work. References are not included in a dissertation abstract. The abstract should not contain anything that has not been discussed in the dissertation. Do not provide explanations in the abstract. The definitions are to be mentioned in the dissertation only as and when required. Do not explain what you did in the dissertation. Just tell what results you obtained.

Which type of abstract you must choose?

Abstracts in dissertations are of two types – descriptive and informative. Descriptive dissertation abstracts are used for short papers while informative abstracts are used for technical and lengthy papers. The descriptive abstracts do not include the results section. They only explain the purpose and significance of the study. Informative dissertation abstracts include everything as mentioned above. They are a complete, short, summarized version of the dissertation. One must understand the nature of their dissertation and hence chose the type of abstract accordingly. Many times students are guided in advance for the type of abstract they need to choose.

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