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A dissertation conclusion is written at the end of the dissertation. It is the last part of the dissertation that marks the ending of the paper. The main purpose of writing this conclusion is to clearly state that the solution to the research question that was proposed at the beginning of the dissertation. It also summarizes the dissertation and shows what new you have presented here. If the researcher wants to present some future recommendations, that can also be included in the dissertation conclusion. At GoDissertationHelp students can find dissertation conclusion samples that will include all the points that must be mentioned in a dissertation conclusion.

Help with How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion

Don’t know how to write a dissertation conclusion? Confused with what to include in a dissertation conclusion? It is time to find answers to all such queries that might be troubling you now. Our expert dissertation writers are here to guide you at every step of building the perfect ending of your dissertation.

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Many times students have no idea how long should a dissertation conclusion be. So why fall into the trap of writing an extremely long or an extremely short dissertation? Our dissertation conclusion examples will help you in understanding how to finish your dissertation appropriately.

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Free Dissertation Conclusion Sample

Writing a dissertation conclusion can become super easy once you know how to write it. Our dissertation writing experts always say that before we start writing a dissertation conclusion, we must understand why we actually need it and how a simple conclusion will contribute to making the dissertation flawless.

The conclusion is the key!

Think of your dissertation conclusion as the key to your dissertation. Anyone who reads this conclusion should get the complete picture of what was your research question and what is its solution. It should highlight the important idea(s) of your study so that even if your readers have missed a certain aspect. In the end, they understand everything.

Building the conclusion

Preparing a conclusion for the dissertation is not straightforward. You must understand the whole structure of your dissertation if you want to create a good dissertation conclusion structure. Sometimes students use this trick of writing the summary of the dissertation on a general basis in which they only highlight the crucial aspects.

How our free dissertation conclusion sample will help?

Students can find free dissertation conclusion samples at GoDissertationHelp to understand how to write dissertation collusion. Our dissertation conclusion sample will not only help you in understanding the structure of the conclusion but will give you an idea what things you should avoid including in your dissertation conclusion.

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Dissertation Conclusion Structure and Length Guide

What to include in a dissertation conclusion?

A dissertation conclusion comprises of the following parts:

  1. Summary of the dissertation – in a few paragraphs, one must state the key findings of the research, what all you expected from the research and have you been able to achieve the same or not. 
  2. Conclusions drawn from the research – how would you sum up your research? What would you like the reader to take away with them? Write answers to these queries here. 
  3. The importance of your research – Why your research is so unique? What have the readers achieved by reading your paper? Present solutions to such questions in this section.
  4. Recommendations for future research – This is a crucial part of your dissertation conclusion where you can present your recommendations for future researchers.

How long should be a dissertation conclusion?

Dissertation conclusion length might vary depending upon a student’s institution or university. But in general, the conclusion can be 800 to 1000 words long. Some institutions recommend the students to keep the length of the dissertation conclusion around 5 to 7% of the total word count of the dissertation. Sometimes the length of the conclusion can also depend upon the type of study involved. For instance, in empirical studies, the conclusion is relatively shorter as compared to a humanities study.

Can you cite a source in the conclusion?

Citation is done in the dissertation to acknowledge that the writer has used someone else’s work in their paper. Since a dissertation conclusion is a summary of the dissertation, it is advised that the writers should not cite any sources here. It is assumed that all such sources would have been cited earlier in the dissertation when they were discussed in the first place.


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Undergraduate Dissertation Conclusion Help

Undergraduate students face the most difficulties in preparing their dissertation conclusion since dissertation writing is a new concept for them. Dissertations for undergraduates are just like an extended version of a research paper on one subject. One of the major differences between undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation is that the undergraduate dissertation is shorter. Hence undergraduate dissertation conclusion is also much shorter as compared to postgraduate or PhD dissertation conclusion structure.

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