Eastman Kodak Case Study


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Eastman Kodak Case Study

Eastman Kodak


Type of Industry



Rochester, New York, United States of America


US$ 1.325 billion

Area Served


Number of Stores



FUJIFILM, Agfa-Gevaert, Canon and Photo-Me International.


Wider product portfolio

Target Group

People of all ages


Cameras and camera and photography related products. 



Eastman Kodak Case Study Introduction

One of the most renowned technology companies in the world, the American technology company, Eastman Kodak produces camera-related products, having a legacy in the art of photography. Sustaining a market reputation for long on a global basis, Eastman Kodak Company (Eastman Kodak) has continued to provide packaging, functional printing, graphic communications and other professional services for businesses that operate either domestically or internationally. The Eastman Kodak case study should be conducted to ascertain the factors that have contributed to the growth and development of the business. A SWOT and PESTLE analysis will be performed thoroughly to strengthen the Eastman Kodak case study.

Eastman Kodak SWOT Analysis


The Eastman Kodak case study has revealed that the brand image of Eastman Kodak is the Company’s primary strength. Eastman Kodak, for long, has been able to sustain its global market reputation as a renowned brand in the technology and camera industry. Moreover, as the Eastman Kodak case study has revealed, the Company has been able to strengthen its business worldwide owing to its market reputation of being a major brand in the sphere of imaging technology. A diversified and broad product portfolio is yet another factor that has contributed to the process of strengthening the Company’s global business. A wider product portfolio has helped Eastman Kodak in establishing a customer base that is well diversified and widely spread across the globe. The Company, by the dint of its diversified product portfolio, has been able to cater to the different needs of different customers belonging to different customer segments. For different problems of different industries, Eastman Kodak has solutions. This is the Company’s major strength.


The primary weakness of Eastman Kodak, as the Eastman Kodak case study has revealed, is that, the Company has failed to take the advantages of ecommerce by not showing interest in establishing its strong presence online. Though there are many different companies dealing in imaging, photography and camera that have established online stores and trading channels; Eastman Kodak has limited itself to conventional business promotion and development channels. Eastman Kodak has not integrated its Company website in order to make its products available to the customer online. Moreover, the Eastman Kodak case study has revealed that, the Company suffered from marketing myopia in the consumer inkjet market and this incurred huge financial losses to the Company.


Despite weaknesses, Eastman Kodak is provided with different opportunities by the changing market scenarios. For instance, as the Eastman Kodak case study has revealed, the Company has a great opportunity to integrate in its marketing process innovative technologies that can help Eastman Kodak in establishing a strong online presence. Moreover, the Company has the opportunity to use social media platforms to enhance its businesses. Also, it has to be noted that the Company has the opportunity to establish strategic alliances with major smartphone producing companies in order to promote its innovative products. Moreover, the Company has the opportunity to expand its product line by stepping into the mobile phone application industry.


Apathy towards online presence and meagre use of the social media must be considered as two major threats to the business of Eastman Kodak. Moreover, an aggressive competition within the imaging and camera technology industry should also be considered a serious threat to Eastman Kodak’s business. Also, it should be taken into account that, easily availability of substitute products has put the business of Eastman Kodak in utter jeopardy.

Eastman Kodak PESTLE Analysis

Political Environment

Political environment plays a crucial role in determining the future of a business. Political environment often plays the role of the decided of the fate of a business. This holds true for Eastman Kodak. The Eastman Kodak case study has revealed that, in majority of countries where the Company operates, there is political stability and political stability in those countries has contributed to the stability in Eastman Kodak’s business. It has also been observed that political stability in the United States with a stable and strong government have also contributed to the growth and expansion of Eastman Kodak’s overall business across the United States. Besides, as the Eastman Kodak case study has revealed, moderate and reasonable government intervention in the free market has also encouraged the growth and development of Eastman Kodak’s business particularly in the United States.

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Economic Environment

Economic factors like demand and supply of products can impact a business in a thorough manner, and in this respect, Eastman Kodak is no exception. In this respect, it can be observed that, the gradual increase in demand for digital cameras since 2002 had already hampered the business of Eastman Kodak as the Company faced huge loss in the conventional camera films and negatives. The shift in the demand of customers from analogue to digital imaging also incurred huge loss to Eastman Kodak. Moreover, the huge market share captured by the digital print and digital camera companies also contributed to the losses faced by Eastman Kodak since 2002.

Social/Socio-Cultural Environment

The through change in the way societies used to view the importance of capturing and storing images/photos has brought about a steady decline in the traditional businesses of Eastman Kodak like production of items related to conventional image development process. Today, majority of the members of societies across globe give preference to the use of mobile phones or smartphones to capture and store images, and this inclination on the part of customers has compelled Eastman Kodak to reconsider its production and marketing policies.

Technological Environment

Technological environment has played a major role in determining the condition of Eastman Kodak’s global business. The Eastman Kodak case study has revealed that, the rapid development in camera products and in the photography technology has compelled Eastman Kodak to invest more in innovations and in employing innovative technologies to develop its cameras and related products. This compulsion has provided growth and development opportunities to Eastman Kodak in a thorough manner.

Legal Environment

Copyright laws and related image protection laws have made it easier for individuals to demonstrate their photography talents. This has motivated millions of individuals to indulge in the hobby of photography. This in turn has enhanced the sales of digital cameras, paving the way for Eastman Kodak to concentrate more on improving its digital products to sustain its market hold and profitability.

Environmental Factors

Digitalization has provided opportunities to Eastman Kodak to focus on production and marketing strategies that are more carbon neutral. This has provided ample scopes to the Company to emerge as a business entity that cares for the environment and that contributes to the growth and development of a greener economy.

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