Economics Dissertation Topics


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Example Economics Dissertation Topic 1:

‘Without fiscal unity- currency unions will always fail' - what lessons can be learnt from a comparative study of the Prussian Zollverein and the present state of the single currency?

Topic Description : The Zollverein was an economic alliance among the German states to facilitate trade and economic policies. It officially came into existence in 1818 and established strong economic bonds between the diversified Hohenzollern and Prussian territories. It made certain of the contact from economic perspective amid the non-adjacent holdings present in the family of Hohenzollern family. It flourished in the time period from 1820 to 1886. When the North German Confederation came into existence in 1866, the Zollverein had most of the German states under its treaty covering about 425,000 square kilometres, signing economic contracts with non-German states like Sweden-Norway and Luxemburg. This study aims to assess the contrasting features between the model of conglomeration of the Zollverein and the union model of the EU while highlighting the comparison between the problems faced by both the unions in different aspects like the management of taxes.


Example Economics Dissertation Topic 2:

An analysis of how capital inflows affect emerging market economies

Topic Description :From a worldwide economic point of view, the increase in capital investments to rising market economies has benefited both the developed and developing countries. Besides, the United States and its quantitative easing policy have a substantial influence on rising economic markets across the globe. This dissertation topic examines the reasons for inflows of money and also the difficulties that these can produce for rising economies. Subsequently, it evaluates a variety of responses to these policies available for those countries having inflows of capital and states the merits and demerits linked with them.


Example Economics Dissertation Topic 3:

‘The time for a return to Keynesianism has returned': A speculation for the future

Topic Description :During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, Keynes suggested that the government spending should be increased to pull the economy out of the depression. As the worldwide financial crisis continues along with the problems arising within the Eurozone, currently France has already elected its first socialist president for seventeen years. Considering this all, this dissertation analyses that it might be time to discard the current fiscal monetarism and adopt the Keynesian economics. To draw a conclusion on the above point, this dissertation takes into consideration both the secondary source of data and primary source of data consisting of interviews with leading economists. .


Example Economics Dissertation Topic 4:

The case for an abandonment of national pay scales - A case study with special reference to teaching and lecturing

Topic Description :The double-dip depression brings into the spotlight the two contrasting economies which exist in the UK, namely, the south-east with the rising housing market and the north-east with a cascading market. With respect to these regional inequalities, this study focuses on evaluating the economic and political aspects for an abolition of national pay scales and replacing it with regionally determined local pay scales. An insight into the teaching sector with their strong inhibition regarding the abolition of national pay scales will be rather helpful in accomplishing the aforementioned task.


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Example Economics Dissertation Topic 5:

On-going foreign direct investment in Russia: A risk too far?

Topic Description :The nation adopting the inward FDI policy does not only benefit profusely as it creates job opportunities leading to increased wages but also transfers capital and technological know-how which helps the country to upgrade its technological processes. But there might be risks associated with the policy. This dissertation explores the effect of FDI policy particularly in relation to Russia and discusses if the risks associated with cons outweighs the pros of FDI. Hence, the discussion not only explores the economic topic of the effectiveness of FDI policy in Russia but also its political stability and the perceived trustworthiness in its institutions and processes of governance.

Example Economics Dissertation Topic 6:

Capital asset pricing model: Its use in investment decisions.

Topic Description :The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is extensively used by investment professionals to evaluate the relationship between risk and return regarding an investment. However, Pike and Neale in 2003 argue against the actual validity of the CAPM model and that it would require the impossible and tedious task of evaluating a market portfolio consisting of all the available assets. This dissertation delves into the assessment of the appropriateness of Pike and Neale’s critiques in the context of events since the ongoing financial crisis that started in 2007 and also puts forward the extent to which CAPM can now be relied upon by the investment professionals in the world.

Example Economics Dissertation Topic 7:

The growth in speculative markets: To what extent did the embracing of an international monetary system based on floating exchange rates lead to loss of control?

Topic Description :The beginning of the era of floating exchange rates was marked with the significant decline of fixed exchange rates and gold standards. With the liberalization of the markets in the Reagan-Thatcher era, currency speculators would be emerged by the latter approach. The ERM debacle at the beginning of the 1990s and the existing developments in the single currency raise concerns regarding the extent of effect of unrestrained speculators not only on the currency markets but also on the economies being speculated. This dissertation discusses the historic events leading to this era and also reviews the contemporary legislations suggested to curb such unchecked speculators.

Example Economics Dissertation Topic 8:

Methods in international accounting: A comparison

Topic Description :Only Slovenia, Slovakia, and Estonia have managed to make it into EMU in 2007, 2009 and 2011 respectively among all the Eastern and Central countries those joined the EU till date. However, it was predicted that once the required fiscal obligations are fulfilled, the joining of other countries to the EU would be successful. Nevertheless, due to the economic implosion in the southern Mediterranean states of the EU, joining the EU following Slovenia, Estonia and Slovakia might not be the desired option for the CEECs considering the fiscal requirements to join the EU. This contemporary economic dissertation being inter-disciplinary provides an opportunity to not only explore the secondary data such as the established theories on benefit of single currency and contemporary comments on the disadvantages of the same but also primary data that can be collected via interview.

Example Economics Dissertation Topic 9:

As the debt is one that is owed to ourselves, thus the present level of government debt within the UK should not unduly concern us - A discussion.

Topic Description :There are two different approach theories regarding the government expenditure in UK. The IMF warns that the rate of current government expenditure is unsustainable and puts the recovery in risk while those on the economic left suggest that the government expenditure should be further increased to encourage growth. This could be justified if the expenditure is balanced in the long term by income and the short term excessive expenditure could be excused if eventually; G+iB≡T+ΔB+ΔH; where G signifies government expenditure, iB denotes interest payments on government debt, T denotes tax, ΔB is newly issued debt , and ΔH is borrowed money from central bank. This dissertation analyses these contradictory approaches to debt management and budget restrictions within UK.

Example Economics Dissertation Topic 10:

An analysis of the purpose of bundling within business stratagems

Topic Description :Bundling in this particular context implies selling multiple products as a package and by adopting bundling, organizations aim to increase their revenue or profit. For bundling to be successful, certain pre-requisite conditions must be fulfilled. Firstly, the arbitrage should be limited within the desired market. Secondly, the customers should exhibit heterogeneous demand. Lastly, the marginal costs including the cost of bundling should be low. This dissertation explores the different type of bundling (pure and mixed), the limitations of each bundling method on the organization and also the diversified ways to maximize the potential for the successful bundling through market manipulation.

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