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English though had its inception as the language of a particular nation, is no longer confined within the boundaries of that concerned nation. Today English is a global language and it has attained such an important position in linguistics that the official language of many countries is English despite the fact that such countries have their own diversity of native languages. It is an undeniable truth that English is a global language or lingua franca primarily because of the number of people speaking the language. Research studies have found that more than 350 million people globally speak English as their native language and first language and more than 430 million people speak English as their second language. Such statistics are pointers to the fact that English, as a language, has surpassed the boundaries of the United Kingdom and has spread worldwide.

Example English Dissertation Topic 1:

Impact of digital media on reflecting modern English literature

Topic Description: Modern media has played a crucial role in helping numerous languages escape extinction. But in the case of English literature the story is a bit different. An English dissertation topic on role of media in promoting language should include the role of digital media in popularizing English literature. Media, and particularly digital media, has been playing a significant role in enhancing the popularity of English that has already become a global language. English literature has become popular irrespective of any country, and digital media has added to the popularity of English literature in a substantial manner. Digital media has made it possible for English novels and English short stories reach readers residing in different corners of the world and this has added to the popularity of English literature worldwide in an explicit manner.

Example English Dissertation Topic 2:

Critical analysis of the work of Ruskin Bond and how it has contributed towards modern English literature

Topic Description: Any English dissertation topic depicting the importance of Ruskin Bond in the course of promoting English literature cannot undermine the need of putting much emphasis on the life of the great writer. Ruskin Bond’s writings have a universal appeal that is undeniable. His writings have not only moved the minds of adult readers but they have also magically mesmerized young readers too in a thorough manner. The Indian English novelist Ruskin Bond is not only known for his novels, but his popularity is quite substantial in the sphere of short-stories. As a writer, Ruskin Bond possesses a charm that acts like a spell over the readers and readers become quite paralyzed and thereby fail to get out of the spell easily.

Example English Dissertation Topic 3:

Analysing the modern representation of power, ideology and women in dynasty China

Topic Description: An English Dissertation on the topic of modern representation of women in dynasty China is quite obvious to include the modern representation of power and ideology in China in the age of globalization. The modern representation of women in Chinese theatre is a pointer to the fact that conventions are gradually changing and Chinese women are gradually gaining more attention in terms of the important role they play in popularizing Chinese drama. In this regard it must also be noted that there is a shift of power. Today, in modern China women has been gifted with more representation power and this has paved the way for the emergence of a new ideology that is quite in alignment with the feminist ideologies.

Example English Dissertation Topic 4:

The Role of Online Reading and Writing in the Literacy Practices of First-Year Writing Students

Topic Description: An English Dissertation title embodying the importance of online reading and writing in the literacy practices of first year writing students can definitely include within its boundary the role of internet and the role of the resources offered by the internet in specific. Online reading and writing exposes the first year writing students to the ocean of knowledge and this opportunity, if grabbed and utilized correctly, can eventually help such writers in strengthening their writing and reading skills in a thorough manner. Online reading and writing has the potential to introduce new topics to the concerned group of writers and this can open new doors of opportunity for such writers who strive for developing their writing and reading skills in an explicit manner.


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Example English Dissertation Topic 5:

Walter Scott and the carving of brutishness: Nationalism and regionalism within his novels.

Topic Description: An English dissertation topic on the writings of Walter Scott can hardly get the chance to escape the need of discussing Scott’s views about nationalism and regionalism. It has been observed that some critics of Scott have blatantly accused Scott to be ethnocentric. Though such arguments are not always thoroughly right, there are some arguments in this regard that cannot be undermined from the perspective of rationality. Quite interestingly, prior to explaining and interpreting the novels of Scott one must throw some lights on his poems. Going through his poems and later on relating the gist of many of his poems to the subject matter of many of his novels a reader can eventually see how Scott was both a nationalist and a patriot.

Example English Dissertation Topic 6:

An analysis of the roles of nature and blindness in Shakespeare's King Lear and Chaucer's The Merchant's Tale

Topic Description: Any English dissertation topic about Shakespeare and Chaucer is prone to include some comparison and contrast between the works of the two pillars of English literature on which the partial edifice of English literature rests. It must be taken into account that in King Lear there are recurring images of sight and blindness and such images are directly associated with the characters of Lear and Gloucester. Such association is a pointer to the fact that Shakespeare used the tool of blindness as a theme of self-knowledge and self-consciousness that actually exists in King Lear. To some extent this idea of self-consciousness is also to be found in Chaucer’s The Merchant’s Tale.

Example English Dissertation Topic 7:

A changing language - The value of text speech.

Topic Description: An English dissertation topic about changing role of language and changing nature of language has the scope to include a comprehensive discussion about the role of text speech in changing the nature and character of language. For some scholars the excessive use of text speech is a sign of deterioration of the skill of learning the conventional language. But for some other scholars it is a means of enriching bilingualism to a large extent. It is an undeniable fact that text speech is reaching the mind of myriads of school children and college goers through their smart phones and such intrusion is actually related to the process of exposing the domain of conventional language.

Example English Dissertation Topic 8:

The female voice: How girls became women in seventeenth century fiction

Topic Description: Indulging in the composition of an English Dissertation topic about how girls became women in seventeenth century fiction, a researcher can find many scopes of revisiting the concerned era and the role played by the society in the concerned era in suppressing women. Though some scholar might argue that the seventeenth century was not the right time for acknowledging feminism, it is a truth that some serious efforts were rendered to echo the female voice and bring women in front in the sphere of fiction and other literary genres. It is an undeniable fact that women had little chance to establish themselves as good writers in seventeenth century England and research studies claim that compared to men the number of published works (by female writers) were hugely lesser.

Example English Dissertation Topic 9:

How and why Laurence Sterne exposed the artifices of fiction

Topic Description: Laurence Sterne is often judged from the perspective of exposing the artifices of fiction. Such judgment though sometimes seems befitted is actually an incomplete one. An English dissertation title dealing with Sterne’s writings may have the opportunity to explore the writer’s inclinations on a broader basis. It must be noted that Laurence Sterne’s novels were infused with post-modern gimmickry that looked like a thin stuff, but eventually such thin stuff was enough to delight the Georgian readers in the concerned period of time. It should be noted that Sterne exposed the artifices of fiction in order to generate wit. Sterne was known for his witty remarks and his novels were known for their idiosyncratic, funny and conversational character and nature.

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